"Lord Shiva Be Praised"

In Fond Memories of Late Sh. Shriniwas Sharma

Every one born in to this transient world is destined to die but the one who brings prosperity, progress and fame to the clan justifies his birth and his existence.

  On 12th January 1925, the sleepy hamlet of Hisawada felt blessed when it woke to the news of the birth of a baby boy in the family of Shri Devi Singh. The baby was to later grow into a benevolent, amiable, humble and easy going human being. He would turn out to be intelligent, able to take quick decisions, ever active and  to be someone who could maintain his poise with ease even in grave situations. This man of duty , integrity and determination (and someone who consciously kept himself away from dirty politics) was Shri Shriniwas Sharma, now fondly known to the entire Arwachin family as Bauji.


Upon completing his graduation in Hindi, he was appointed as a teacher of Hindi the Commercial School on 24th April 1945.  His father Late Shri Devi Singh and younger brother  Late Shri Kahsiram Sharma  were employed as teachers at “Rohtagi School”. Shri Brahmadutta Sharma, his middle brother was already been working as a teacher at Mahavir Jain School. His wife Mrs. Jain Devi was a simple and religious lady who proved to be an ideal mate for him and made life at home secure and comfortable.

His daughters Mrs. Sudha Vashishtha and Mrs. Vibha Sharma have contributed to the education of the masses. His two daughters in law are working as Principals and his grandsons and grand daughters-in-law are also in the field of education.

In the year 1958 Bauji choose to settle down in Balbir Nagar. During his teaching career,  he was keen on encouraging and enhancing educational activities in the locality , which was of course a praiseworthy intention. The academic and intellectual atmosphere went a long way into putting this idealistic aim into practice. From then on he went about making this social and humanitarian cause a success. He led walks across the length and breadth of Balbir Nagar, established personal contacts and searched for talent that would give practical shape to his concept. Eventually, Dr. D.K. Jain (who later headed the Arwachin Shiksha  Samiti as its Chairman) associated himself not only with the project but also in the implementation of  Bauji’s  plan.

In 1960 Bauji founded Arwachin Bharati (Balbir Nagar) with just 22 students. This sapling would grow into a huge banyan tree spreading it roots out in different directions. Thanks to his incessant labour this number has now multiplied to become 3000. The school continues to flourish exceedingly well and impart education at the Senior Secondary level.

In the year 1984 Bauji opted for voluntary retirement. He went on to become the pioneering founder of the Arwachin group of schools of which he was the Chairman, founder, manager and  pillar of support—all rolled in one. He staunchly believed that one must learn anything and everything from the sources that are available to the individual. From innumerable options open to him, he chose education and with the co-operation of a few select teachers working with him, he proved, beyond any doubt, that it is education that lights up the paths way of progress for any society. His ideals of simplicity, abstinence, assiduousness and dedication to social good continue to be beacons on our journey towards education with a vision.

The Arwachin family has always strived to pay attention to character-formation, games and sports, literary as well as cultural activities along with physical and computer education. Thus the Arwachin family has always ensured that those who are educated at the Arwachin schools are perfectly groomed to become responsible citizens of India.

What the late Shri Shriniwas Sharma sowed as as tiny seed did indeed grow into a huge banyan tree with countless branches. It pleasantly surprised society which sat up, took notice and was highly impressed. Arwachin Bharati Bhawan, Vivek Vihar owes its origin this consciousness. This school was started in a rented hourse with just 273 students in the year 1973.Now the school has 3500 students on its rolls and is housed on a sprawling campus of 4 acres in Vivek Vihar.

The school endeavours to promote, extra and co-curricular activities along with academic excellence. It sponsors scholarships and proudly boasts of having taught students who have received awards at the district, regional and state levels. Our schools foster leadership training among our students. The sole guiding philosophy of the Arwachin Shiksha Samiti is to use the boons and talent given us by the Almighty, not for pleasure but to  seek out the needy and to serve them. No corner of Shahdara, North East District or the East District has been left unserved by our educational facilities and services.

The sudden and sad demise of his wife Shrimati Jain Devi left him and the mourning family devastated. Her co-operation will go into the annals of Arwachin’s history as a remarkable, though simple influence that encouraged her husband to go headlong into social service. Soon afterwards, the “Jain Devi Bal Vidhyalaya” was established to commemorate her dedication and keep eternal her legacy.

Undeterred by hostile conditions,  Bauji founded another branch of Arwachin at Vasundhara,  Ghaziabad,  in the year 1996 . Housed in a fully air-conditioned building and started as a play-way school, this institution has now grown into a Secondary School.

In the year 2002 another milestone was crossed with the building of Arwachin International School that seeks to prepare its students to meet global standards of competition. It employs modern day techniques and educational philosophy in order to impart education based on the noble values of life, Indian culture and character formation. Such an education is meant to gear the students up to meet life and its challenges head on. It also prepares them for self employment later.

Working under the guidance of Late Shri Shriniwas Sharma, his eldest son Shri Anurup Sharma swears by some resolutions and aims which can be summed up as follows:

The Arwachin Schools should touch the very zenith of success.

The entire Arwachin family should be humble, dutiful and religious. They should be occupied with doing good deeds by way of their duty.

Their hearts should be the abode of God.

They should be humanitarians aspiring to do something new and wonderful every moment of their lives.

The younger son of Shri Shriniwas Sharma, Shri Arun Sharma, following in his father’s footsteps, strives with all his energy to illumine the world of education. His personality can be described as one that is gracious, balanced, selfless, industrious, and amiable (traits that he has inherited from his easy going and loving father.)  He exudes an aura of energy, simplicity and easy adroitness. All this bodes well for the world of education as it is his cherished dream to educate as many as possible in Indian values and culture. It is his ardent desire that the teachers working at Arwachin International should be gurus and not mere teachers.

Despite a bypass surgery, Bauji remained ever active with that invincible smile on his lips – a smile that proclaimed the strength of his spirit that was undeterred by the challenges and problems of life. On 18th of July, 2009 a paralytic attack left his body incapacitated although he continued to direct, guide and counsel all his family members.


“Dust thou art and to dust thou returnest”—Signifying the truth of these great words, he left this material world to join his Maker in His heavenly abode.

We pay our respectful homage to the departed soul and pray to the Almighty to let him


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