Instrumental Club (2018-19)

Classes 4- 6

The students practiced their hands on tabla. They played teen taal. The children tried to play in sync with their classmates. The children also gave a try to play rock beats on drum on the teacher’s guidance. We made sure that each child at least gets one chance.

We at Arwachin make sure that no area is left out,  Therefore, we taught them to play ‘Raag Bhoplai’ on Harmonium. The children also practiced cords on Guitar and Keyboard. C major, A minor, F major and G minor are to name a few.  Few children are also under training for playing flute.

Apart from all this, the children altogether practice  bollywood songs on Orchestra. 




The Instrumental Music club is divided into two categories.

  1. Junior – 4 to 6
  2. Senior-  7 to 11


Junior club- As the children are very new to the instruments at this stage they are trained in different Taals such as keharva, dadra, Rupak, Teentaal etc on Tabla.They are also given training in congo ,keyboard, harmonium and drums.


Senior club

They are given extensive training in different taals and kaidas of tabla. They are being trained in various musical instruments such as drums(Twist, cha cha, Rock and roll), flute, guitar(chords and strumming pattern),Piano(staff notation) etc. which are thoroughly enjoyed by them.


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