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Astronomy is the science of life. Our day to day life is governed by time, direction, season, all of which are off springs  of astronomy. Astronomy education is imperative for young minds to understand, learn, explore experiment and experience the wonders of the universe. Not only this, Astronomy with hands-on learning helps in complete development of children.

The club deals with development of multiple intelligences of the participating students and is in line with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education philosophy.

 Some of the activities carried out in the club are:-

Rocket making – In this activity the students use  a bottle to make a rocket by designing it with the help of basic principles of science. It is really an exciting activity.

Making a rocket launcher- is one of the best activities, in which the students use PVC pipes to make the rocket launcher in which air pressure is used  to release the rocket.

Solar heater – To make it, the students use foil papers and black papers, two thermo col cups and the solar heater is  ready by putting the cups in a container which could hold it.  

Pinhole camera- For this the students use  two white charts, a butter paper and black paper, the students make two rolls of the white chart and covere  one with butter  a paper and other with black paper and made a small hole in the black paper so that light could be  transferred.

Making a telescope- The students take two rolls of card board and paint  them black and put them go one inside the other and finally fix the lenses on two sides and complete the activity which also is  one of the amazing activities.

Time and direction- The students make a sun dial using a pencil and clay. Then the shadow is marked at the interval of two minutes before 11:45 am and at that time the sundial is kept in  the north direction.

Safe solar observation- In this activity the students learn different ways to observe the sun safely.

All India Asteroid Search Campaign (AIASC)- It is  a wonderful activity in which the students used a software to search the asteroids from the pictures we get from the satellite.

Earthkam project- In this project the students took the pictures of earth with the help of ISSEarth Kam


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