Social Science Laboratory


Environment plays a great role in imparting education .The atmosphere of social studies laboratory will help the students on  the subject more .So the special room will affect the child psychologically and inspire him/her to study the subject more attentively.

                  In our school we have models, samples, sketches, maps, globes and several pictures related to History, Geography and Civics topics. If the teacher moves all this material from one place to other it causes much inconvenience and it may get damaged in the process. More over the laboratory is well ventilated and well lit.

                  We have models and samples of different types of rocks and minerals, solar system, globes, physical features of India, tectonic movements, volcanic eruption,the course of a river ,physical ,political and cultural maps of India and the World etc. In History we have projects and models  on Mughal empire, Harappan  civilization-clothes,artifacts,jewels etc.


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