Educomp Smart Classes

Living  up  to  its  declared  goal  of  achieving  global  standards,  Arwachin  International  School  launched  Smart  Classes  in  collaboration with Educomp- an Edeucational content  development company- in the month of November. Prior to it serious preparation and demonstration had taken place . Due diligence had been done by the Director, the Principal and the teacher. After finding good merit in the system, the staff gave the project a go-ahead. 

A rigorous training for the teachers was organized and was attended with full zeal by the teachers after the school hours.

We are proud to announce that every class room is now equipped with a Smart Interactive Board, an Overhead Projector and a stylus- an electronic pen that works with the help of ultra violet rays.

The Smart Class consists of forty five thousand modules on various subjects. The system makes learning a real-life experience so that it lasts in the memory of students. It simulates a virtual laboratory for students to carry out experiments without actually touching any substance at all. It makes learning  fun so that students don’t find studies something to look forward to.

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