Promethean Interactive Board



Continuing in the attempt to keep abreast of the latest technologies and move with the modern and latest learning solutions, Arwachin International School collaborated with Promethean Software Company to install an Interactive Board that is essentially an organizer of  educational content as well as provider of educational modules. It has six lakh modules on various subjects to facilitate learning by doing. This system also works like the Interactive Board provided by Educomp. In its library it contains an array of different academic modules to help teachers plan their lessons. This planning is aimed at making their teaching more effective, invigorating and interesting. As with  theEducomp board, teaching and learning situations are simulated without wastage of time , space and material for smooth learning and teaching experiences.



The programme seeks to make learning a real living experience. It enables teachers to create lesson plans that are in keeping with international standards. As member the school can access its modules on its website.

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