Parents Speak About Result

Parents speak (2018-19)

Jayantika (X-B)

My ward Jayantika Singh is an obedient girl. She got 95% in 10th CBSE Board exam. She obeyed the guide lines of the teachers, she believed that the self-study is the best study and so she didn’t join any tuition class. Her mathematics and science teachers had advised her to work harder to get better result. She revised all the topics and practiced sample question papers in given time. We supported her a lot and helped her in every way.

Thanks to all the teachers and administrative staff to motivate Jayantika.

K.D. Singh & Kanchan Singh (Parents)



We are very happy for Nityasha’s good performance. She really worked hard for this. She used to read 3-4 hours a day with a proper time table. Till now she hasn’t taken any kind of tuition. So whatever she achieved is because of her hard work & help she got from the school teachers. I am really thankful to all her subject teachers for their support.

Sachin Malik (Father) & Sikha Malik (Mother)

Parents speak (2017-18)

Respected Principal Ma'am,

We would like to thank you and all the teachers for all the care and effort you have put into my daughter Bhavya Shukla's education over the years. I still don't believe that she would have achieved the results she has without the support of such great teachers & school.

She has grown in confidence and is now seems ready to take on new challenges that life will bring.

Thank you once again for all your kind support.

                                                           - Rahul Shukla/Meenakshi Shukla (Parents of Bhavya Shukla 2017 Batch)

“A dream, which was first visualised by Late Bauji and then Director Mr. Arun Sharma, and supported by Mrs. Swarup and Mrs. Peter, came true when my daughter, Garima Aggarwal, scored a sterling 97.8% in Class XII CBSE Boards 2015.

Behind every success, there's determination to excel, hardwork, perseverence and above all team work. My wife, my elder daughter, Ekta (Inspire Scholarship holder) and my son, Shreet left no stone unturned to support her unconditionally throughout her journey to success.

I would like to extend my gratitude Mr. Francis, Mrs. Sibal, Mrs. Marwah, Mrs. Srijil, Mrs. Pandey and above all the entire French department.

I thank Mr. Sanjeev Kumar and Mrs. Arti Tyagi for encouraging her to play at the National Level.

I thank all the teachers who had taught her for the past 11 years at this school and the entire supportive staff.

I would also like to thank all the juniors who had always loved her as "Garima didi"..
Thank you Arwachin!!!!”

          -Mr. Anil Kumar Aggarwal, Proud father of Garima Aggarwal, the topper of the Science stream

“Many many congratulations to our son Divya Vats for his hard work and

we thank the faculty of Arwachin International School for their support and

guidance. We wish him Good Luck for his life”

  - Mr. Vats (Father of Divya Vats), the topper of the Commerce stream.

“ I thank the Principal, Mrs. Peter and all the teachers who worked very hard

to support my son Abhishek”                                                                                         

                                                       - Mrs. Arora (Mother of Abhishek Arora)                               

“ My son Aditya put in a lot of effort and his perseverance has helped him to

achieve the second rank in the Science stream of the school”                                                               

                                                                        - Mr. Jain (Father of Aditya Jain)    

 “ From the time, my son was admitted in the school,i.e., in class IV, the staff of

Arwachin helped him constantly. He has achieved whatever he could with sheer

hard work of the teachers and an unconditional support by the Principal, Mrs. Peter”’              

                                                         -Mr. Sharma (Father of Himanshu Sharma)


“I want to thank all the teachers who put in a lot of effort to see my son sailing through”

                                   -Mrs. Nair(Mother of Ashrit Nair).              

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