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Sports For All

The organization, Physical Education Foundation Of India, organized an online session for the under privileged children, on September, 30, 2020. The session was conducted by Mr. Dinesh Chand Papnay, PET (Arwachin International School). Fitness training along with the knowledge about kho-kho and tug of war was provided to the participants. Various yoga activities were also conducted.

The one hour session was very interactive and informative.

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    On the occasion of World Heart Day, a cyclothon was organised by Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj on 26 and 27 September 2020 from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. Mr Dinesh Chand Papnay, PET, Arwachin International School, enthusiastically participated in the event and successfully completed the Cyclothon. The event was organised with an aim to inspire people to take up cycling amidst Covid-19 pandemic to stay fit, both physically and mentally. Cycling is an aerobic activity; regular cycling increases not cardiovascular fitness but also improves overall fitness.



      Sanskar Bharti, Noida, organized an online competition for classical and light music. 51 students from different schools of Delhi NCR participated in it to showcase their talent. The jury consisted of Kumar Pankaj, Ms. Poonam Duve, Ms. Antima Sharma. The program coordinator, Mr. RakshaTripathi and Ms. Shipra Srivastava infused lot of energy in the students. The program was attended by District coordinator, Mr. J.P Rawat of Sanskar Bharti, Department Convenor, Mr. K.C Srivastava, Mr. Satish Dixit, Mr. Dharamvir Sharma and Provincial Assistant General Secretary, Mr. Chandra Bhanu Mishra and the guardians of the students.
      Two students from Arwachin International School named,
      Kokila Rohatgi, class 9A, and Hansika Rohatgi, 5C, participated in the competition and excelled in their categories of light music of Age group 13 to 17 and 9 to 12 by securing the 1st position. Both the winners were awarded with E-certificates of appreciation and trophies.


        Arwachin International School,
        Dlishad Garden, Delhi-95 
        Date: 16/09/2020
        Dear students,

        Subject: Celebration of World Ozone Day 2020

         Hello children are you a pro activist of the earth, or want to be an environment ambassador? Then you can start that with us at Arwachin International School, as we are celebrating the ‘World Ozone Day’ on 16th September. The theme for this year celebration given by United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) is “ Ozone for life: 35 years of ozone layer protection”. This year due to CIVID-19 pandemic, we are celebrating the day with  students through virtual mode. 

        Ozone depleting substances (ODSs) such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), Carbon tetra chloride (CTC) and Halon have deteriorating effects on atmosphere and living beings. Ozone depletion and ozone hole have generated worldwide concern over increased cancer risk and other negative effects.

        School is conducting the awareness activity towards”Protection of Ozone” through online poster making competition on the topic ‘Ozone for life’ . Classes from 5th to 12th can make the attractive and innovative  posters and submit it till 25th September 2020 to their respective Eco club teacher.

        We advice you to follow these instructions in your daily life to make earth a better place for living.
        Buy air- conditioning and refrigerator equipment that do not use HCFCs as refrigerant.
        Avoid buying and using aerosols and sprays having CFC.
        Discourage driving of private vehicles.
        Use alternative means of transport like buses, carpool, bicycles and walking.
        Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration appliances to prevent and minimize refrigerant leakage. 
        When motor vehicle air- conditioners need to servicing, make sure the refrigerants are properly recovered and recycled of being vented to the atmosphere. 
        Utilizing environmental friendly cleaning products.
        Prohibiting the use of nitrogen oxide.



          Annual Inter School Fest Effusion and Techesta was organized by D.A.V Public School, Sreshtha Vihar, Delhi. In this virtual competition, students of Arwachin International School participated in all the categories.






          Solo Song

          Medhavi Rai-VI-C


          Solo Instrumental

          Siddhant Agarwal-XI-B


          Folk Dance

          Arnav Jain-VII-C


          Mono Acting

          Padma Laxmi Panda-XI-A



          Jenya –VI-B




          2.Ishika Sharma-XI-B

          3.Dhwani Bhargava-VII-A

          4.Rachit Sharan-VII-C

          5.Anviksha Prasad-III-C

          6.Dhruv Sharma-V-A


          Poster Making

          1.Charan Kaur-IX-A

          2.Kokila Rohatgi-IX-A

          3.Dishika Sharma-VIII-B

          4.Shriram Srigil-VII-A






          Satyam Kumar Jha-XI-A







          Tux Paint

          Soham Sachdeva-III-B


          Power Point

          1.Armaan Pathak-VI-A

          2.Sanyam Arora-VI-A


          Mine Craft

          1.Sanidhya Tyagi-VIII-D


          Stop Motion Animation

          1.Asmi Vaish-X-A

          2.Suhani Renganathan-X-A


          Web Designing

          1.Parv Arya-XII-A



          Graphic Designing

          Shashwat Bhargava-12B


          Print[Python] Programming

          Nikhil Gupta-XII-A


          Cryptic Hunt[Surprise]

          1.Devansh Singh-XII-A

          2.Anant Jain-XII-A

          3.Anhishek Belwal-XII-A

          4.Nityasha Malik-XII-A



           Dhwani Bhargava of 7A has secured second position in the painting competition and Arnav Jain of class 7C bagged a consolation prize in the Solo Folk Dance category. Both the winners were awarded with E-certificates of Appriciation.


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            Webinar on Pragyata Guidelines

            Study group organised a webinar on felicitating the winners of the Essay writing competition of the teachers on the topic ‘Recalibrating Pedagogy after the lockdown’. Sushanta Kumar Bhattacharya, the President of the Action Committee, congratulated all the winners.
            After this, Dr. Pratibha Kohli oriented the audience about PRAGYATA , which are guidelines for digital education which are given by
            MHRD, Government of India.
            has eight components for the implementation of digital education like Planning, Review, Arrange, Guide, Yak (talk), Assign, Track and Appreciate. Dr. Kohli stressed on the need to orient students, teachers and parents about the Do’s and Don’ts of cyber safety and security. Parents and teachers must talk to students regarding the responsible use of the internet. She emphasised on supporting online learning of children with special needs. She reiterated that all the students should get an opportunity to learn according to their learning styles and needs.
            The session ended on a positive note that no child should be left behind. It was a very informative session.

              Speech of the PM on Shiksha Parv

              The Shiksha Parv is being celebrated from September 8 to 25, 2020. Several webinars, virtual conferences and conclaves are taking place to discuss the action plan of National Education Policy, 2020.
              PM Narendra Modi addressed the principals, teachers, students and other stakeholders at the
              School Education Conclave of National Education policy (NEP) 2020. It was organized by the Ministry of Education as a part of Shiksha Parv. The event was attended by NCERT director, State Education Minister, Mr Sanjay Dhotre , Education Minister, Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal and other dignitaries.
              Mrs Nair, Principal of Arwachin International School along with her team of teachers also attended the conclave virtually.
              PM Modi said that the New Education Policy would sow the seeds of a new era and would give direction to the 21st century India. He spoke about the holistic, multidisciplinary and futuristic education. He stressed on quality research, and equitable use of technology for better reach in education. He emphasised on giving importance to Indian languages. He insisted on developing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, curiosity and communication. He elaborated on all the changes that NEP will bring in the education sector.
              It was a very informative and enlightening session.

                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)
                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)

                ONLINE SWAGATAM! (Japan Foundation Programme)

                 A team of Japanese language students of classes 7 & 8 along with their teachers, Mrs. Vandana Jain,  Mrs. Charandeep Kaur and  Mr. Dinesh Chand Papnay participated in the "Online Swagatam" programme which was conducted by Ms. Mami Imoto, Japanese Language Advisor, Ms. Zingjar Zimik, PR Coordinator, and Mr. Ashish Sharma, Japanese Language Coordinator from the Japan Foundation, New Delhi on September 8, 2020.

                The programme commenced with a brief introduction of the Japan Foundation by Ms. Zimik followed by a quiz on Japan and its culture.

                Thereafter Ms. Imoto talked about a Japanese festival named “Otsukimi”. She highlighted the significance of the festival and performed an origami activity with the students which was followed by a quiz based on Otsukimi conducted by Mr. Ashish Sharma.

                The students actively participated in the quiz and got themselves acquainted with the traditions of this festival.

                Ms. Imoto concluded the programme by talking about various Japanese learning tools available online for the students. Moreover, the representatives from the Japan Foundation were highly impressed with the prior knowledge of the students about those topics.

                The programme engaged all the participants throughout.


                   “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader

                  Despite the widespread of the COVID 19 pandemic, the indomitable spirit of young talented leaders of Arwachin International School, Delhi was commemorated through a Virtual Investiture Ceremony held via the virtual platform MS Teams on September 8, 2020.

                  A spirit of unity and dynamism filled the air as the propitious ceremony commenced with the Lighting of the auspicious Lamp of Knowledge followed by a soulful rendition of Saraswati Vandana.

                  The much awaited event began with handing over the duties and responsibilities and the light of wisdom to the newly elected Head Boy, Soumya Sharma  and Head Girl, Deepal Yadav by outgoing Head Boy, Aditya Bhatt and Head Girl, Samriddhi Jain. The newly elected Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captains and Cultural Secretaries acquainted the audience with their future plans for taking the school banner towards higher echelons.  The Head Girl administered the oath to the member of the student council and pledged to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the institution.

                  It was a proud moment for all the teachers to witness their students being invested with great responsibilities while embarking on a new journey as leaders.  

                  A garland of motivational words was delivered by the esteemed Chief Guest, Ms.Vidhi Gupta Anand, a renowned legal expert and Secretary, DLSA, District Shahdara. In her speech, she guided the Student Council Members to be the role models and render their responsibilities sincerely as the nation builders of tomorrow and always be proud to be an Indian. She motivated the children to keep moving forward despite all the obstacles and challenges that life throws in front of us. Ms. Anand appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students to take part in activities like these even during the difficult times of pandemic. 

                  The Principal, Mrs. Swapna Nair congratulated the newly appointed Cabinet members for their preparedness to take up responsibilities entrusted to them and encouraged them to always walk on the correct path and be the change.

                  The spectacular day concluded with a vote of thanks by the Principal followed by the National Anthem. 

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                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India
                    Milo Homeground  Nestle Milo India

                    Milo Homeground

                    Nestle Milo India


                    Nestle Milo India organized a campaign ‘Milo Homeground’ in the month of August. The students from all over India participated in this. To culminate the campaign, a Facebook Live session- Milo Energy Hour on September, 6, 2020 was conducted to spread awareness about physical fitness.

                    Tanmay Papnay of class4A of Arwachin International School participated in the month-long campaign and grabbed a position among the 10 kids who showed tremendous sportsmanship by completing the workout challenges. He has been awarded with Milo Green Card autographed by top athletes. 

                    The children had a workout session with renowned Coach Karan (Head Coach, Indian Track Foundation, Ooty) and National Olympic sprinter Poovamma M R. After the workout session, Ms. Shilpa Wadhwa, leading nutritionist and expertise at Nestle, conducted an informative discussion about the importance of nutrition after workout. At the end of the session, all the Milo Green Card winners had an interaction with the famous Indian cricketer, Mr. R. Ashwin. They asked many questions related to various sports techniques and physical fitness.

                    The Live session was very energetic and imparted a lot of information to the participants and their parents.

                      STUDENTS’ COUNCIL

                      Students have a valuable contribution to make to the effective functioning of the school and their involvement in the operation of the school is itself a valuable part of the education process for the students. Arwachin International School gives this opportunity to its senior students (Class XI and XII) every year with the purpose to give each student an opportunity to hone their leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. This difficult time of pandemic is no different this year also the Students’ Council members were selected by a team of teachers from Pre Primary to Senior Secondary level to check their aptitude as well as attitude which included a preliminary interview followed by the final interview by the Principal Mrs. Swapna Nair.


                      The newly elected students council shall  administer the oath   in the Investiture ceremony which is scheduled for September 8, 2020

                      STUDENT COUNCIL 2020-21
                      1 Deepal Yadav 12 B  Tagore  HEAD GIRL 
                      2 Soumya Sharma 12 C Bose HEAD BOY 
                      3 Josel Joseph 12 D Bose SPORTS CAPTAIN
                      4 Sambhav Rawat 12 C Tagore SPORTS CAPTAIN
                      5 Tisha Singh 12 C Tagore Cultural Secretary 
                      6 Devansh Singh 12A Tagore Cultural Secretary 
                      7 Aarzoo Rohilla 12 D Shastri Discipline secretary
                      8 Navika parasanna 12C Tagore HOUSE CAPTAIN 
                      9 Shailjaa 12 D Bose HOUSE CAPTAIN 
                      10 Shivangi Gaur 12D Tilak HOUSE CAPTAIN 
                      11 Rohini Raji 12-A Shastri  HOUSE CAPTAIN 
                      12 Keyur Sharma 11 - B Tilak  ENGLISH EDITOR
                      13 Priyamvada 11B Shastri HINDI EDITOR
                      14 Tanisha 11-A Tagore Vice Head Girl
                      15 Kush Gupta 11 A Bose Vice Head Boy  
                      16 Shivangi Sharma 11-D Bose  Vice House captain
                      17 Ekta Choudhary 11 C Tilak  Vice House captain
                      18 Uttara Anandan 11 B Shastri   Vice House captain
                      19 Aishwarya Bharti 11-B Tagore Vice House Captain
                      DISCIPLINE INCHARGES
                      1 Aanya Gupta 11 C Tagore DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      2 Abhay Aggarwal 11-C Bose DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      3 Aditi Pragya 11 C Tagore DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      4 Arpit Dhama 11-D Bose DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      5 Ishika Ahuja 11A Tagore DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      6 Manya Jain 11 A Bose DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      7 Nikita Rawat 11- C Tagore DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      8 Pritika Nagpal 11 C Bose DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      9 Sadhika Mahajan 11-C Shastri DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      10 sai prashanth 11-C Tilak  DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      11 Satyam Kumar Jha 11 A Tagore DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      12 Sejal Mittal 11D Shastri DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      13 Sneha Mishra 11 C Shastri DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      14 Swayam Khandelwal 11 C Shastri DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      15 yashi jain 11 C Tilak  DISCIPLINE INCHARGE
                      16 Yashika Gusain 11C Tagore DISCIPLINE INCHARGE

                        On the occasion of Teachers' Day Roshni trust organised a Teachers Appreciation program in order to applaud the hard work and effort put forward by teachers during the time of Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Dinesh Chand Papnay, PET, Arwachin International School has been honoured by the Roshni trust for his outstanding work and his ways of inspiring children to learn. The Chief Guest for the event was Shri Virendra Punj, ACP, sub-division, Preet vihar and the Special Guest was Shri Mahendra Kumar Mishra, SHO, Thana-Preet Vihar.
                        This event of appreciation was a great encouragement for the teachers to keep on doing good work for the success of their students. 

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                          Global Teacher’s  Excellence Award 2020

                          It is a matter of great joy for us that on this Teacher’s Day- 5th sep, 2020, CED India along with GTE foundation honoured Ms. Natasha Sharma with a glorious award for Excellence Global Teacher’s Award 2020. She represented Arwachin International School on a global platform and brought laurels to our school. More than 1000 teachers across the world had been selected, out of which top 100 were shortlisted after going through four stages of interviews and written assessment.

                          These 100 teachers are the few selected ones who have excelled in the field of education and their dedication towards their work. The virtual award giving ceremony took place in the evening and she expressed her gratitude to the school management and her family.

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                            Greetings from Think Unique Infomedia!

                            4th Eduleaders Virtual Summit & Awards 2020 will be held on 5th September. Please find link to register as an attendee. A joining link will be sent to your registered mail id on 4th September.


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