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We are proud to announce that a book CORDOLIUM which is a beautiful collection of poems has been written by our student Bhanvi Bhutani of Class10.This collection explores an array of emotions and feelings. Some of these poems have been written late at night and some in broad daylight, some capture the winter spirit, others capture the scorching summer heat, a few of them capture the beauteous spring and of course the nostalgia filled autumn. But what all these have in common is the intense emotion which they all have tried to put into words. Writing this book has been an an enlightening journey of almost two years for Bhanvi with the continuous support of her parents, Principal, Mrs. Swapna Nair, teachers and friends. This is an exceptional achievement that belongs to all of us.

Congratulations Bhanvi!

    Vikram Sarabhai Astro Quest

    Vikram Sarabhai Astro Quest(VSAQ) was organized by SDRO(Scientific Development Research Organization) in the session 2019-20.Many students from Arwachin International Schoolactively participated in the Quiz Competition andhave performed brilliantly.

    It is a proud moment for our school to announce that NAYONIKA DHINGRA OF CLASS 3is one of the National Rank Holders and has been awarded a shield for her exemplary performance.

    Apart from her, a few more students are also the Achieversin this competition. The details are as follows.

     S No.









    Bhavy Joshi




















    Dhruvi Shah








    Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners!


      On 11TH March 2021, Ms. Deepshikha Ghosh from Arwachin International School, attended an online teachers training program organized by CBSE, titled ‘Self Auditing in Cross Cultural Set Up’. Mr. Praveen Kumar, Principal, Bhartiya Public School, Ambala was the resource person.

      He explained about culture, its various sources and the role of a teacher or any educational institution in inculcating culture among the students. He explained that in education there should be one culture-Humanity. He explained that we should take up all the good things from different cultures and form a culture dedicated to education. He gave example of Akbar‘s Din-i-Ilahi which was intended to merge some of the elements of the religions of his empire. He said it is the culture in which education germinates. Overall the session was a fruitful learning experience.


        CBSE conducted a training session for the teachers all over India on 13th March 2021 on ‘Understanding ethics and integrity’ which was attended by Ms. Deepshikha Ghosh. The resource person of the session was Mrs. Gurpreet Singh, from Scholars Home International School.

        The session began with a discussion about values, morals and ethics. It was explained that morals are a set of principles that guide our decisions, whereas morals are the prevailing standards of behaviour that enable people to live cooperatively in groups. To bring real and effective change in the world, as a teacher we need to teach our children’s values. Educators that focus on ethical principles will activate a child’s capacity for deep thinking and foster their curiosity.

        Nelson Mandela’s words, spoken many years ago, resonate more than ever today: “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Children learn what we teach them. You may give them books to learn etiquettes, but they will learn from what they observe. As a teacher we can teach ethics to students by:

        •  becoming a role model to them.
        • creating a caring environment
        • sharing personal experiences
        • teaching them to be accountable for their mistakes
        • joy of giving and helping others
        • using everyday experiences.

        Mrs. Singh stressed on the vital role of ethics and integrity in child’s holistic development. Children learn from what they see. Building character doesn’t happen overnight. So, ethics and education need to go hand in hand. Overall the session was interactive and informative.

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                      2021 is upon us, and with it arrives the opportunity for growth and transformation. As part of this journey of improvement, we, the students of AIS, are launching our newsletter 'The Student Journal'; where you can find an eclectic array of creative, astounding, and relatable pieces of work.

            The objective of this newsletter is to feature scholarly articles, upcoming events, and frequent accounts from the students themselves. Hence, building a strong link between the faculty and students through regular communication and value information.

            The Editorial Team of the newsletter is proud to announce the conclusion of the first edition (March issue); which includes a series of emblematic elements that delineate the struggles and epiphanies of 2020. The creative, emotional, and gruelling times, all in one. As it is the first edition, we encourage our readers to enjoy and review the newsletter to their heart's content.



              An online Japanese language teachers’ training course C was organized by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Embassy of Japan with the support of UGC and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi (JFND) under the India-Japan memorandum of cooperation in the field of Japanese language education in India on 13th, 20th and 27th February, 2021. Japanese language teacher, Mrs. Vandana Jain attended and completed the three-day training course of 12 hours duration. The purpose of the course was to improve the quality of teaching and learning and enhance the learners’ communicative competence of Japanese language, by reflecting the current teaching methodology, learning different approaches and practical classroom activities.

              The schedule of the course for three days was:


              1st Day:

              Topic: Let’s be Anime Characters! – SOP for revoicing activities

              Resource Person: Mr. Junichi Arima, Japanese language Advisor, JFND



              Topic:  Developing Listening Competence – Integrated Classroom Activities

              Resource Person: Ms. Hiroko Ozaki, Japanese Language Advisor, JFND

              3rd Day:

              Topic: How to teach Reading Class – Different Approaches

              Resource Person: Ms. Mami Imoto, Japanese language Advisor, JFND

              It was an amazing experience for the participating teachers to prepare SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to introduce the above-mentioned components during their classes.

              The course concluded with a speech by Mr. Koji Sato, Director, the Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

              Mrs. Vandana Jain

                                                                                      (Japanese Language Department)


                Drawing and Rangoli Competition

                “Art connects what words cannot.” Keeping the same ideal at the forefront, students of Arwachin International School participated in Chitrakala and Rangoli Competition in this month of October. This was conducted by Sanskaar Bharti Noida. The theme of the competition was ‘Folk Art’ and the students from various schools participated in it. Our students showcased their talent and creativity and have once again come out with flying colours. The positions bagged by our school are as follows:-

                In Chitrakala Competition…

                Sheikh Mohammad Ahyaan of  3A secured the First position in the Junior group.

                In the Senior group,

                Charan Kaur of 9A alsobagged the First position.

                Prakriti  of 9A secured the Second position.

                In Rangoli Competition…

                Khushi Verma of 7 B secured the Second position.

                Granth Maheshwari of 7A secured the Third position

                In the senior group,

                Ishika Sharma of 11B secured the First position.

                Such victories highlight the artistic splendour of the students of Arwachin International. Congo to the Winners!


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