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“Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.” It is a great honour to announce that Harshita Mohta of Class 2 of Arwachin International School, participated in International Hindi Olympiad 2021-22. She outshone her competitors and secured international rank one and bagged the gold medal. Congratulations to Harshita Mohta for the achievement. We are proud of you.




    ‘Winning means ,you’re willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else’

    -Vince Lombardi

     Students of Arwachin International School, participated in an inter school competition-SPECTRUM 2021, hosted by Vishwa Bharti Public School, Ghaziabad.They participated in different categories and  won accolades for the school.

    Ayush Goyal of class 7B bagged 3rd position in ‘Best out of wastecategory ‘where he showed his creative genius and  made Miniature Helicopter Toy using waste materials.

    Sreejita Roy of 3B bagged 3rdposition in ‘Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita’ where she tickled everyone’s bones with her comic poem‘Gudgudi’

    Khyati of class 10 lively gave a foot tapping and jubiliant dance performance which made her win the 3rd position in solo Junior Dance Category.

    Following were the participants in different categories:



    Shruti Sharma (8A)

    Be a Math Gamer

    Harini (1B)

    Origami Master

    Unnati Jindal (LKG -A )

    English Poem Recitation

    Reyanh Roy (3C)


    Arna Rikhari (6B)

    Rendezvous with plants

    Agrima Nautiyal(UKG B)

    Tale Spin

    Gavya Sharma (LKG B) Recyclista
    Sheikh Mohammad Ahyaan 4 -A Ignite your imagination
    Yashika Rawat 5-C City Glory
    Ranveer 9-B Ad Mad : where creativity meets madness


     Students not only participated and won but also imbibed various qualities like: coordination, hard work and respect for others’abilities.





      Kala Utsav ,an initiative of the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education,Govt of India organized an online District Level Competitions in the month of October.The aim of this competition was to make students aware of the traditional folk and classical art forms.

      Students of Arwachin International School also participated in the event and brought accolades for the school.

      Sarakshi Tyagi of class 9C bagged 1st position for playing “Raag Tori”on Harmonium.

      Prachi Garg of 11D bagged 2nd position and was selected  for creating a 2D Visual Art out of total 55 entries.

      Aryansh Nigam of 10C  bagged 2nd position for singing “Raag Yaman”

      Varchasvi Ghansela of 10C tapped her feet on Bharat Natyam in Solo Classical Dance category and secured 2nd position.

      Kokila Rohatgi of 10A with her enchanting voice sang “Raag Bageshri”.

      Sanjana Shrivastav of 10C participated in Solo Folk Dance Category and  Lavni Dance.

      Kartikeya Narang of 11A participated in Instrumental Classical Music Competition and played “Raag Bhairav”on Harmonium.

      Sejal Mittal of 12C played ‘Dhol’ in Instrumental Traditional Folk Music.

      The event enhanced the life-skills of the participants and prepared them as carriers of our tradition and culture.

        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav
        • Kala Utsav

        Value Education and its significance – Capacity Building Programme

        An interactive workshop on “Value Education and its significance” was organised by CBSE CoE (Prayagraj ) as a part of capacity building programme on 24th November, 2021. The resource person was Mrs. Anjali Bajpai, Principal, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School.

        The session began with a discussion on the importance of values in our lives. Mrs. Bajpai informed that Value education is now included in the curriculum to inculcate attitude and values through co-scholastic areas of life skills, sports and games. She elaborated the topic by listing some values and their characteristics like- aesthetic values, social values etc. According to her, it is the values that can make a person socially responsible, culturally rich and intellectually competent. When a person is empowered with values, the nation develops at a faster rate. She also stressed on introducing value education as a subject right from pre-primary level in schools. 

        At the end, she said that preaching and teaching values is not enough. They first need to be self- implemented, lived and then only we can advocate others to follow them. It was an interesting session.

        By- Surya Laxmi



          Setting outcomes in teaching learning

          A webinar on ‘Setting outcomes in teaching learning’was organized by CBSEon 23rd November, 2021. The resource person was Mr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastav. Many educators across the country attended this session. Priya Grover of Arwachin International School was also a part of it.

          Mr. Srivastav explained the difference between learning objectives and learning outcomes. He stressed on the meaning and need of outcome based learning. He emphasized that the outcome is used as a checkpoint and must be shared with parents and community. He discussed the manual designed frim pre primary  to senior secondary by NCERT and guided the teaching fraternity to go through the guidelines thoroughly.

          It was an informative session.

          Priya Grover

            Salient Feature of NEP 2020 – Capacity Building Programme

            An interactive workshop on “Salient Features of NEP 2020” was organised by CBSE CoE(West Delhi) as a part of capacity building programme on 23rd November, 2021. The resource person was Mrs. Manisha Sharma, Principal, Shri Venkateshwara International School, Delhi.

            The session started with an opinion poll about the basics of NEP 2020. Mrs. Bhatia talked about the vision of the policy to create global citizens by improving the quality of education. The new education policy focuses on Indian culture and values, sense of pride and respect for the country,sustainable development etc.

            She discussed about the key principles of NEP 2020, emphasising on conceptual understanding, critical thinking and creativity aligned to 21st century skills. She also explained the new pedagogical and curricular structure of school education which is 5+3+3+4, curriculum shift from traditional teaching to competencybased teaching through simple activities, art integration and sports integration, all of these are necessary for holistic development of the child.

            The session concluded with an assessment of the content. It was a wellorganised and informative session.

            By  Surya Laxmi


              Promoting Mental Health – Capacity Building Programme

              An interactive workshop on “Promoting Mental Health” was organised by CBSE CoE(West Delhi) as a part of capacity building programme on 22nd November, 2021. The resource person was Mrs. Geetanjali Kumar.

              Mrs. Kumar emphasised upon the importance of taking care of mental health of the students along with their physical and social well-being. She explained the importance of a teacher in promoting positive mental health of a student. She explained how the students with strong mental abilities are able to know their potential and the methods to use their time productively, cope with stress and take right decisions. She also highlighted that a teacher’s mental health is more important before she takes care of the students’ mental health to promote a healthy teacher-student relationship.

              The session was highly interactive. It ended with an assessment of the topic. 

              By - Surya Laxmi


                Stress Management Techniques – Capacity Building Programme

                An interactive workshop on “Stress Management Techniques” was organised by CBSE CoE(Bhubaneswar) as a part of capacity building programme on 21st  November, 2021. The resource person was Mrs. Vipin Sharma.

                Mrs. Sharma started the session by explaining about stress, its types (good, bad, intrinsic and extrinsic). She further elaborated the causes of stress in one’s life like fear and uncertainty, loss of job, divorce, chronic illness, poor financial condition etc.

                Also, she shared some major stress management principles likeself knowledge, flexibility, tolerance, emotional and behavioural responsibility, accepting people as they are etc. She emphasised that technique of self care must be followed by all. Having some ‘Me Time’ like going out with friends, diverting the mind by practising some hobbies, meditation or moving away from the factors that are causing stress is quintessential.

                Overall, it was an informative session. The session ended with a questionnaire that had questions that helped to assess our mental health.

                By – Surya Laxmi


                  Storytelling in Classroom – Capacity Building Programme

                  An interactive workshop on “Story telling in classroom” was organised by CBSE CoE(Chennai) as a part of capacity building programme on 20s November, 2021. The resource person was Mrs. Vamsheepriya Amar.

                  Mrs. Amar discussed how story telling is important as a pedagogy and sharedvarious ways to explain subjectsusing different stories,thinking hats techniques etc. that help to work on critical thinking. She also explained that scientifically it is proven that stories help in the development of brain naturally,  as it stimulates the release of certain hormones like dopamine and oxytocin and shared a list of rules to be followed while narrating a story.

                  Overall, it was a very interesting and interactive session. It ended with a short assessment and a thought to reflect on our method of teaching the concepts.

                  By – Surya Laxmi


                    ‘Digital library’

                    CBSE conducted an interactive online training on the topic ‘Digital library’ on November 20, 2021.The training was taken up by teachers from all over the country. Mrs.SheetalYadav attended this online training. The resource personwas  Ms. ShaliniShenoy. Shehighlighted the following points in the webinar: 

                    1.Virtuallibrary can be formed with the help of Google docs and Google slides. 

                    2.Sharing book reviews and e-books become virtually easy through Google docs, Google slides and MS Word. 

                    3.Documents in word file should always be converted to PDF before sharing. 

                    4.The link of the resource should not be shared through Google drive. It should be sent through

                    Google classroom. 

                    5.One should be careful before sharing the resource links.

                    She also discussed the strategies employed by libraries, components of digital libraries and difference between traditional and digital library.

                    At the end of the session, a feedback form was shared with all the attendees. Overall, it was a knowledgeable session.

                    Mrs. SheetalYadav

                      CBSE ONLINE TRAINING

                      ‘21st Century Skills’

                      On November 1, 2021, CBSE organised an online teacher training on the topic- ‘21st Century Skills’. Ms. Poonam Batrafrom Arwachin International School attended the session. The resource person was Mrs. Rekha Pachauri.

                      The resource person emphasised that there is a need to implement strategies to make  students skilled, self-regulating and responsible citizens. There is a need to adapt and develop different ways to teach and learn thatwould reflect the changing environment. The core function of 21st century skills education is toprepare studentsfor  lifetime . She also explainedthe three types of  skills-Learning Skills  ,Literacy Skills, Life Skills.

                      The spokesperson highlighted the current scenario of our education system and motivated the participants to focus on the holistic development of the children. She also discussed the ways to implement collaboration in academic and non academic subjects.She discussed the need to adopt new teaching skills.

                      Overall, it was an informative session which established the fact that the learning 21st century skills are important for both, students and teachers to make the education system effective. At the end, an assessment was taken up by the teachers.

                      Poonam Batra




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