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                                                          World No Tobacco Day

The Shahdara District Legal Services Authority organized a Poster Making Competition on the occasion of “World No Tobacco Day” falling on 31st May.  The topic for the competition was “Say No To Tobacco”. The students of Arwachin International School  also participated in the same. The work/painting of  three of our students - Sree Ram Srigil (7A), Priyamvada(11 B) and Maurvi (5B)  has been selected and they will be awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation.

Congratulations to all the achievers!

    International online Karate Technical Workshop

    International online Karate Technical workshop named ‘First ITKF AFRO-ASIA Technical Workshop’ was held on 30th May 2020. This was organized by Africa-Asia Traditional Karate Federation (ATKF). The spokepersons were Sensei Richard Jorgensen,technical chairman of International Traditional Karate Federation & Sensei Ibrahim Abukaf. There were two hundred six participants from twenty six different countries.Eighty three Karateka  participated from India. Most of Indian Karateka belong to Traditional Karate Council of India (TKCI ). Sensei Richard explained the meaning of ‘BUDO’ & ‘Sensei’.He spoke about philosophical foundation of BUDO also. India was awarded as the “Best country for Participation” in this workshop, Mr. Ishwar Thapa, the Karate teacher of Arwachin International School, attended this highly informative workshop.

      ONLINE Faculty Development Programme on physical education and sports by Indian institute of scientific research and analysis, maharastra. An online programme was organized from 22nd-26th May, which was attended by Mr Dinesh Chand Papnay, PET, Arwachin International School.
      The programme introduced the participants to different topics like, Personality Development and Sports Performance, Lever and its advantages in sports, The coach and the Talent hunt, Olympic gold and Yoga -The scientific view. The  workshop was all about how to improve sports performance, diet,talent hunt,Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation in the correct way and also focused on their benefits.
      The Program altogether was an Experience of True Knowledge and Happiness for the participants.


         The students of Japanese language of Class 11 attended a webinar along with the Japanese Language teacher,  Mrs. Vandana Jain on 29th May, 2020  organized by Japan Education Skill Development Center (JESDC), an initiative by Sewa Foundation and supported by the Japan Foundation, New Delhi.The topic of the webinar was “Learning Japanese language as a career and Future opportunities in India and Japan".

        The following speakers took part in the webinar:

        Mr. Kousuke Noguchi, Director, Japan Foundation, New Delhi

        Ms. Priyanka Bangia, Deputy Director, Ritsumeikan University (India office)

        Mr. Supratic Gupta, Faculty at IIT Delhi

        Dr. Nabin Panda, Professor, Delhi University.

        The key points of the webinar are as follows:

        ?             Relationship between India and Japan

        ?             Importance of learning Japanese language to hone career prospects

        ?             Methodology for a smooth teaching & learning process

        ?             Role of the Japan Foundation in promoting Japanese language

        ?             Emphasis on intercultural exchange programmes

        ?             Gateway to admission for higher studies in Japan


        It was a very informative session which enlightened all the participants about the various career opportunities available.


          Arwachin International school, Dilshad Garden, held an interaction with the students of pre-primary wing for three days, i.e, on 27th, 28th and 29th of May, 2020.

          ‘’ We all know that learning is actually training of the mind to think”, but we also need to remember that “Learning is actually the product of the activity of the learners.”  Thus, in this tough time, the school and the teachers are trying to help the students with enough academic material and even with activities like art, craft, rhymes, and stories etc, so that their studies and progress do not suffer and are well aware of other skills too.

          The teachers got a wonderful opportunity of interacting with their brilliant students again on the Team‘s platform of Microsoft.

          In many ways, it was a beautiful and memorable experience. The teachers shared many things with their students, including the importance of sanitation and the fact that to fight the germs in their mouth, they need to brush their teeth, two times a day and the importance of following and obeying their parents.  They also shared various kinds of activities that the children could do at home. In turn, the children also shared their daily routine with their teachers. Many children shared their skills like recitation, storytelling, drawing/colouring and dance.

          The enthusiasm displayed by the children was bespeak the truth that, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Every child was more than happy to meet his/her teachers and parents were also very excited.

          It was an exclusive and a new experience for both the teachers and the student's




            A three day workshop was organized by MHRD from 26th to 28th May 2020 which was attended by Hindi and Sanskrit teachers Mrs Deepika Chawla and Mrs Radha Sharma. The theme of the workshop was ‘The Design and Develop: Audio and Video e-Resources’.

            The session began with chanting of mantras and prayers, igniting minds of all the participants and spreading positivity.

            The Resource persons included eminent educationists Mrs Amita Pandey, Mrs Nisha Singh, Mr K Srinivas, Mr Yashpal, Mr Ashish Kumar and Mr Praveen Kumar who talked about the presentation tube available in e-Resources through which study material on any subject could be created. They also guided the participants on how to create audio, video materials and podcast which could be easily accessed through links provided to them.

            The session was very informative and helpful for the teachers.

              The world is coming together to combat the unprecedented challenge of Covid-19.We are thankful to the parents who have donated the books . We also request the parents who have not been able to donate the books (only text books not notebooks or workbook) of the last session which are in good condition for the underprivileged. Kindly hand them over to the school guard by 30th May. Your effort is appreciated.

                ‘1st Late Shri Darbari Lal Ji Memorial World Children Talent Competition, Jazba 2020’
                On May 25th, 2020 Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Ashok- Vihar, Delhi announced winners for ‘1st Late Shri Darbari Lal Ji Memorial World Children Talent Competition, Jazba 2020’ which was an online competition. The idea behind the competition was to bring together all the children under single platform to showcase plethora of their talents.
                The students of Arwachin International School also participated in the competition under Junior and Sub-Junior categories and showcased not only their talent, but also won accolades. The Merit Certificate will be provided to all the winners and Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to all the participants.
                The winners for the competition are:
                Sub-Junior Category Singing (Vocal)
                Sreejita Roy of Class 2B won the 2nd Prize
                Sub-Junior Category (Instrument)
                Harshita Mohta of Class 1D won the 3rd Prize
                Junior Category (Instrument)
                Navya Bhatia of Class 5A won the Consolation Prize
                Health and Fitness
                Anshika Jain of class 1A won the 2nd Prize


                  The cure of Covid -19 is still not known to the world but the fight against it is very much in progress through several preventions and precautions taken by all. These preventions and precautions have become a part of life of one and all but they are being practised by the Jains all over the world from ages. These rules are based on the principles of Jainism. So, to highlight these rules and their importance Somaiya Centre for Studies, VidyaVihar University organized an International Webinar on ‘The Role of Jainism in Future’ on 15th May 2020 which was attended by the Sanskrit teacher, Mrs.Radha Sharma.

                  The highlights of the session were - following the path of nonviolence and practice vegetarianism, covering one’s mouth with a clean cloth to prevent ourselves from even the minutest creature that could enter our body through our mouth, greet others by folding our hands and not touching and have complete control on our wants our desires. 

                  The webinar generated awareness among the participants and encouragement to follow the principles of Jainism.

                    Ritsumeikan University, Japan
                    A team of 15 students of classes 11 and 12 along with their Japanese language teacher, Mrs. Vandana Jain attended a webinar on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 organised by Ritsumeikan University, Japan. The main undergraduate programmes (English medium) conducted at the university are:
                    GS Major – Global Studies Major, Department of International Relations, College of International Relations 
                    JD Program – American University - Ritsumeikan University Joint Degree Program, College of International Relations
                    CRPS Major – Community and Regional Policy Studies Major, Department of Policy Science, College of Policy Science
                    ISSE Course – Information Systems Science and Engineering Course, Department of Information Science and Engineering, College of Information Science and Engineering
                    GLA – College of Global Liberal Arts
                    The topic of the webinar was “Application Handbook 2021- An Introduction and Deep Dive!”
                     The duration of the webinar was about 40 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of Q/A round.
                    The resource person, Mr. Jeremy explained about the application process and also guided students  by giving a few tips to make a successful application.


                      An online wellness programme was organized from 4th -12th May by the well-known organization The Art of Living, which was attended by Mr Dinesh Chand Papnay, PET, Arwachin International School. The programme consisted of two different workshops:

                      1. Sri Sri Yoga Level-1 course from 4-7 May 2020
                      2. Wellness Program from 8-12 May 2020

                      The programme introduced the participants to Energizing Breathing Techniques, Stress Relieving Meditation and the Source of Inner Happiness.

                      The first workshop was all about Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation and Wisdom. It aimed at guiding the participants to do Asanas,  Pranayam, Meditation and Relaxation in the correct way and also focused on their benefits.

                      The second workshop was a complete and doable lifestyle solution. It focused on the daily routine by briefing the participants about the role of lymphatic system in life and the importance of having a balanced diet. It also emphasized on adapting a healthy lifestyle in various ways such as eating in the correct way and time, avoiding mobile and television an hour before going to sleep etc.

                      The Program altogether was an Experience of True Happiness for the participants.


                        Cialfo  hosted a Webinar on Tuesday May 12, 2020  on the topic 'Letters of recommendation-  real butter/cheese of the application!' which was attended by our teachers Mrs.Shruti Mishra, Mrs.Manisha Sen, Mrs. Anindita Banerjee and Mrs.Annapoorna Siddhartha.

                        It was conducted by Ms.Amrita Ghulati - Assistant Director, Global Education and Strategic Programmes, Ashoka University, India.She focussed on one of the most critical parts of the student's application for admission - Letters of Recommendation.

                        Key takeaways of the session were:

                        -Letters of recommendation can help bring 'alive' the applicant to the admissions committee.

                        -Understanding the power and impact of this component of the student application, places huge responsibility on the shoulders of the counselors.

                        - explore some ways to strengthen those shoulders to execute this task more smoothly.

                        The Webinar encouraged the teachers to

                        make the process of writing LOR collaborative, fun and hopefully more manageable and meaningful.

                        [6:24 PM, 5/13/2020] Mrs Annapoorna Siddhartha: Sir, this is the report of a webinar, approved by the Principal.Pl upload it on web.

                          WEBINAR ON HINDI LANGUAGE TEACHING
                          A webinar on Hindi Language teaching was organized by Mrs Manju Sharma of Madhuban Publishers on 2nd May 2020 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. It was attended by three Hindi language teachers of Arwachin International School, Mrs Deepika Chawla, Ms Poonam Batra and Mrs Shuchi Kaushik. The webinar provided various innovative ways of Hindi Language teaching (especially for classes 1-5) along with ideas for creating interest in the language among students. The teachers also discussed the problems that they face in day to day classroom teaching. The resource person, Mrs Manju Sharma provided innovative solutions for the problems shared. The webinar was interesting as well as informative.

                            Webinar on Emotional Intelligence

                            Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI), Bangalore, organised a webinar on Emotional Intelligence of teachers on May 2nd, 2020. The speaker was Ms. Mala Palani.
                            The times are turbulent. Various ways have been developed to engage students using different technologies. This is also a time for deep reflection and to up skill ourselves so that we are ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.
                            The hands-on webinar was to help 21st century teachers to understand their new roles and strategies to approach learning. It was solely conducted to share best practices and pool the available resources to constructively engage and enhance the classroom learning roles.
                            Ms. Mala Palani stressed as the need of high EI required by a teacher to balance her emotions as well as cater to the changing needs of learners and ways to approach learning.
                            She explained about Emotional Intelligence which is an indispensable leadership skill for teachers. They need to have an ability to monitor their emotions to study its impact on their students and their learning which empowers them to bring laser sharp focus to education. With the world going more and more complex, teachers often fail to govern their emotions which lead to overwhelming consequences. She shared many strategies to deal with emotions for better adaptability, leadership and collaboration.
                            Many teachers of Arwachin International School attended this highly informative webinar. 

                              To fight against corona do Fitness workout

                              Many countries are now under lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While we are stuck inside, it is important for us to understand the need of keeping active, fit and healthy for our physical and mental well-being.

                              Keeping this in mind, the Physical Education Department of Arwachin International School, has come up with a great initiative of conducting live fitness sessions every Saturday and Sunday at 5 p.m through the school's Facebook page for the children and their parents. It has been welcomed by the students who join the session in huge numbers.

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