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" Hindi is a soul of Indian Culture.”

Hindi Diwas was celebrated at “Arwachin International School” with much fanfare on 30th September,2019.Children from classes 1 to 10 participated in many activities such as slogan writing,advertisement writing,poem recitation and picture discription.The tiny tots were dressed up for the  fancy dress competition where they introduced themselves.

The winners and the participants were encouraged by the chief guests  Mr.Sapan Sahni and Mr.Manoj from Rachna Sagar Publications who gave away prizes and certificates .

All the teachers from the Hindi Department collectively trained and motivated the students for participating in the activities which is a trademark of Arwachin International School.


    The teachers of Arwachin International School, attended the Capacity Building Programme  on  Health and physical education on 27TH and 28TH September 2019. At Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School, organized by  CBSE  The workshop was conducted by Mr.Mukesh Kohli  and Dr. Anshul Tanwar .They emphasized the importance of  holistic  development of  every child. which can be achieved through variousskills.They also talked about the HPE TEST FITNESS { All teachers } which included.

    ·        9 minutes  running

    ·        Shuttle run

    ·        Flexibility

    ·        Flamingo balance

    ·        Agility

    ·        Standing Vertical Jum

    The inclusion and conduction of SEWA activities were also discussed in the workshop. The teachers  learned how to improve students skills of strategy and  tacties, decision-making , communication, concentration and movement skills.


      Workshop on Storytelling

      Storytelling is one of the oldest arts. It has fascinated mankind to develop an understanding and respect for other cultures and promote values from one generation to the other.

      Train 2 transform workshop was organised by Oxford University Press on 28th September, 2019 at The Park Hotel, New Delhi. The resource person was Ms. Mala Palani. She is a qualified Oxford Teachers' Academy trainer. She emphasized on the need to create compelling stories with coherent narrative structures with attention to detail, descriptive language and a clear focus on learning outcome. She elaborated on how teachers can harness the power of stories to engage learners emotionally and to create rich learning experiences in learning Science, Mathematics, Social Science or Language.

      Mrs. Priya Grover and Mrs. Leena attended the workshop. It was a day full of learning and active engagement. 


        The Indian Academy of Pediatrics organized Child Safety workshop for school teachers on 28th September, 2019 at Le Meridian Hotel. The workshop was conducted by Dr L. N. Taneja and Dr. Smita Mishra. The teachers were divided into four groups and various tasks were assigned to each group.

        The teachers were trained to deal with the situations like   fainting, choking, severe allergies, first aid for burns, asthma, helping a child with a seizure, black eye, first aid for fracture, heat stroke, insect bite and snake bite.

        Mr. Dinesh Chand Papnay  attended this workshop . It was a very informative and interactive session.

          Palybotics League(2019)
          Neorobs Pvt. Ltd. And Manthan Mywoods School

          Neorobos Pvt. Ltd. Associated with Manthan Mywoods School, Greater Noida, organized ‘Playbotics League 2019’ on 28 September, 2019. The students and teachers of various schools of Delhi and NCR were the part of this event. The students of Classes- UKG to 8 of Arwachin International School along with the teachers- Ms. Rashmi (STEM),Mrs. Rumela Roy and Mrs. Priya Pathak, participated in this insightful event.

          Various activities were organized for the participants. There were two rounds for the classes UKG to 4. The first round was –‘Beebot and Probot Challenge’ and the second round was ‘Model Construction’ with different STEM and Robotics kits. A workshop related to drones was organized for the classes 7 and 8.

          All the students had a wonderful exposure to the world of robots. Along with this, Ansh Bansal(4B) and Aarav Tyagi(3A) brought laurels for the school by becoming the winner of ‘Best Game’ category in  ‘Probot Mat Challenge’. The honourable Director of Neorobos Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Nishant Jain appreciated the winners by giving a memento and certificates.

          The event was a wonderful experience for the students and the teachers accompanied. 




            CBSE had conducted a Workshop for teachers and special educators on 26 and 27 September, 2019 at Mamta Modern Sr. Sec. School. The duration of the workshop was from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

             The resource person Mr Derek Richard and Mrs Mudita Yadav commenced the workshop with a video on buddy system which portrayed that two buddies should always be there in the class to help a child, who is not able to perform in the class. They divided the whole workshop in different activities. They explained about Minimum Learning Level (MLL). This is very important for every child who is struggling in the class.

            They discussed about various disabilities of RPWD Act 2016, Universal design for learning (UDL) and differential learning for special needs.



              Mrs. Nitya Sharma and Mrs. Surya Laxmi attended  a workshop on”Digital Essentials For Teachers” on 26th and 27th September 2019 at PP International School, Pitampura. The resource persons were Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur and Mrs. Neelima Kamboj.


              It was an interactive session where the teachers learned Gsuite, one drive, how to use Gmail effectively, Kahoot ( Gaming platform for playing quiz with the students in the class), how to create google forms( online quiz, form submission), how to share google docs with others, How to use Camscanner effectively, how to create google groups with students, different learning management system with the help of the websites like KEEP, Google sheets, Google Earth, Doctopus,, Sway, Adobe Spark, Google Classroom, Viewpure, Screen casting etc.

                The resource persons also made the teachers aware about cyber security awareness, cyber bullying, Email frauds and net banking security awareness.

               Overall it was an interesting and informative session.


                DATES: 25TH SEPTEMBER 2019 AND 26TH SEPTEMBER 2019
                RESOURCE PERSON(s): Mr. J. N. Mehra, Mrs. Benette Tilika Benjamin

                CBSE organised a two-day workshop on Capacity Building in Economics to address some of the most important concerns associated with the subject which was attended by the Economics facilitators Mr. Amit Mehrotra and Mr. Shivam Sharma

                The sessions included in the workshop were as follows:

                ·        Teaching and learning Economics

                ·        Challenges in teaching Economics

                ·        Teaching of Economics- Constructivist approach

                ·        Lesson Planning

                ·        Demonstration and use of improvised aids

                ·        Assessment in Economics and drafting test items

                ·        Enhancing project making skills

                ·        Enrichment of textual material

                The workshop aimed at overcoming some of the challenges faced in teaching of Economics using various techniques, within the given time frame.

                Overall, it was an extremely beneficial workshop as it sought solutions to some of the most common answered queries related to Economics and enriched the facilitators with new ideas. It gave the motivation to go beyond the limitations of time and syllabus and make learning a constructive and interesting process.

                We are extremely thankful to the School Management and the Principal, Mrs. Nair, for providing us this opportunity to learn and grow as Economics facilitator for senior secondary classes. 

                  CHUPA CHUPS CAMP

                  An individual’s ability to learn improves when the task at hand is enjoyable.  It kindles their creativity and enhances their concentration and problem solving capacity.

                  Chupa Chups, a Spanish brand of lollipop and other confectionery.  The young and energetic volunteers organized a fun filled camp in the premises of Arwachin International School on 26th September 2019.  Children participated in various activities like Foosball, Belts tear and twist, Bites jenga challenge, Lollipop flips challenge.  They couldn’t contain their happiness while being a part of the camp and many of them also won different prizes.

                  It was a fun filled day.  Every student enjoyed it to the fullest.

                    Capacity Building Programme on “ADOLESCENCE EDUCATION”

                    A two days workshop was conducted by C.B.S.E, in Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka, Delhi, on 23rd and 24th September which was attended by two of our teachers. The resource person was Ms. USHA ANAND. The workshop aimed at highlighting different aspects of adolescence life which is a distinct period of human growth and development. Each adolescent from 10 to 19 years of age experience rapid and significant changes that are influenced by the physical, social, political and economic events throughout and how we as educators can normalise these changes by creating self-awareness among the adolescents and the people associated with them, about their behaviours and attitudes which are often misunderstood.

                    The workshop began with an interactive session of understanding the biological, physiological and psychological changes adolescents undergo. It also included discussions and activities on rapid physical maturation, puberty, self consciousness, mood swings, impulsive and irresponsible behaviour. Other issues discussed were body shaming, maintaining personal hygiene, body dissatisfaction, difference between sex and gender, gender sensitisation, nutrition and well- being of the adolescents.

                    Day two began with discussion on more serious issues related to adolescents like peer pressure, bullying, types of bullying, drug abuse and sexual orientation. Some of the activities included incorporation of SWOT analysis, Relationship Map and POWER model.

                    Today, 1.2 billion adolescents stand at the crossroads between childhood and the adult world. Around 243 million of them live in India,who account for a quarter of the country’s population. During this transition stage of life, adolescents experience changes in body, behaviour, desires, emotions and ethics, which may result into increased pressure to be in search of their own identity. Academic curriculum needs to be appropriately designed to meet the increasing demands of a changing knowledge society, values and habits.

                    So as educators this workshop helped us in better understanding the adolescence age and how teachers can help them recognise their qualities and build better citizens leading a happy life and making a difference in the world. 

                      PICNIC- 2019

                      The LKG class of Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden, went for their annual picnic to PLAY BOX. The children had a gala day. The Situate of the place was very welcoming for our young ones.  There were different types of swings and explorations to strive and try their grip and grasp.

                      The children enjoyed the slides and the fun activities which included net climbing, slides, ball pool, build the house Dj and trampoline etc. There after the children were served with the lunch and children enjoyed it too. All did justice to their platter. At the end their mascot- J came and danced with the children. It was a thrilling experience for the tiny tots. The day was well spent.

                        Workshop on classroom management

                        Capacity building programme on Classroom Management  was organized by the CBSE at MBS International School Dwarka on 20th September - 21st September’19 . Mrs. Neeraj Sharma, Mrs. Surya Lakshmi, Ms. Tanya Verma and Mrs. Garima Arora of Arwachin International School participated in this workshop.The main objective of this workshop was for teachers to discuss and share their classroom management practices and update their methods and systems to ensure they are effectively managing their lessons to maximize learning. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Rajni Ashad and Dr. Shiksha, who took this opportunity to instill the sense of effective classroom teaching and the essential skills a teacher should possess

                        They demonstrated certain activities to encourage the teachers to engage in lateral thinking and to include the same in the teaching practice. All the teachers participated in the activities enthusiastically and benefited from the same


                          CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAM FOR HINDI 2019

                          Mrs. Deepika Chawla and Mrs. Anita Pandit attended the Capacity Building Programme on the topic ‘Skill development class 10th HINDI’ organized by the C.B.S.E. on 19th and 20th September, 2019 at Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

                                        The Resource Persons Dr. Vinod Prasoon and Mrs. Sunita Sharma stressed upon the teaching learning process in Hindi language and how to use different techniques make it interesting that the students enjoy learning the language and use it appropriately.

                                       The workshop was quite enriching and informative.  

                            Report on Workshop by Microsoft

                            A workshop for training the teachers on latest Microsoft tools was organized by the CBSE in association with Microsoft at Bluebells international School, Kailash Colony from 16th sept – 18th sept. The Computer Science Teachers  Mrs. Pooja Mallick and Mrs. Garima Arora of Arwachin International School participated in the workshop.

                            The 3-Day training was an extensive programme  in which the teachers were given hands –on  various Microsoft office 365 tools like:-Teams, Notebooks, Onedrive, Sway. The Workshop also catered to introduction of Artificial intelligence as a part of curriculum and how important it is in today’s life and how Microsoft tool s can be used to learn it and where all it is implemented.

                            The resource person Dr.  Niti Drivedi from JuanaTech(Partners with Microsooft) helped us to get familiar with all the above mentioned tools and how they can be used in teaching practices

                            It was very enriching experience to be a part of the workshop.

                              KHELO INDIA WORKSHOP

                              Khelo India programme was held on 17th September 2019 at Ashok Memorial Public School, Faridabad. It was conducted by CBSE with the help of Sports Authority of India. The slogan of the programme was “KHELOGE KUDOGE BANOGE LAJAWAB”. The resource person was Mr. Raviraj and Mr. Kavinder Saini .The purpose of the programme was to encourage fitness  through physical activities.

                              This is National Fitness assessment training programme. There are three age categories.

                              ·          1)5 to 8 years (class 1 to 3)

                              ·          2) 9 to 14 years(class 4 to 8)

                              ·          3) 15 to 18 years( class 9 to 12).

                               Mr. Ishwar Thapa and Mr. Dinesh  Chand Papnay attended the programme from Arwachin International School.

                                Workshop on Value Education

                                In order to instill good values in students, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) initiated Capacity building programme to train teachers so that they can impart value education in a way in which students are expected to be changed.

                                Mrs. Priya Grover and Mrs. Ritu Arora attended this workshop at DAV, Sec 14, Gurugram, on 16th September. Mrs Tarang was the resource person. She stressed that Value Education should not be taught as a separate subject. It should be integrated into the curriculum. It can be imparted through various ways like poems, stories, group discussions, debate, case study, games and sports.

                                Emphasized on the need to empower youth with values which will create better possibilities, work on the solution to the problems of life and have the courage to face the challenges, adapt to the environment, live, learn and explore the frontiers of knowledge so that a better society can be built.

                                It was an enlightening session.

                                  CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP BY CBSE
                                  CLASS X SOCIAL SCIENCE

                                  CBSE organized two days Capacity Building Workshop for class Xth Social Science teachers on 13th and 14th September at Good Samaritan School, Jasola Vihar. It was attended by Mrs. Anju Sirohi and Ms. Bhawna Kamboj from Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden. It was truly an enriching experience under the guidance of resource persons- Mrs.Prabha and Mr.Jitender. All other teachers and resource persons shared their classroom experiences as well as shared their teaching strategies. The core of the workshop was to understand lesson planning and careful designing of question paper. The teachers were made to analyse the question papers on the basis of Blooms Taxonomy. The programme helped the teachers to clarify their doubts about the new assessment pattern.

                                  The workshop also helped to learn the importance of activity based learning and hands on learning. We learnt innovative ways to make Social Science class more interesting and how to cater varied needs of the students. They helped us to identify the different learners based on their learning needs according to the Maslow’s theory of ‘differential learning’.

                                  The workshop really helped in enhancing the understanding of the subject and giving fruitful guidance as teachers of Social Science to update our pedagogical skills.


                                    Workshop on STEM

                                    Capacity building programme on STEM was organized by the CBSE at ASN Sr. Sec. School, Mayur Vihar on 13th September’19. Mrs. Anjali Sharma and Mrs. Garima Arora of Arwachin International School participated in this workshop. STEM was introduced as a pedagogy to teach various subjects using experiments, which can help students  to learn & understand in a better way.

                                    Workshop started with a video call session with Amitabh Sharma, founder of Stem academy(USA). Followed by demonstration on the use of  STEM by the resource person Ms. Deepti  Aggarwal  .

                                     Various group activities were performed and live models were made by the teachers such as:

                                    1.      Innovative design of Artificial Lungs and pollution Mask.

                                    2.      Bread board activity

                                    3.      Helmet making activity

                                    All the activities were very engaging and if implemented can help students to learn in a better way.

                                    It was a very enriching experience to be a part of the workshop.

                                      CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME

                                      A two-day workshop on capacity building in English language for class XII was conducted by CBSE on 12th and 13th of September 2019 at Pragati Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi. The resource people for the workshop were Dr Indu Khetrapal, Principal, Salwan Public School, Rajender Nagar and Mrs Malabika Chattopadhyay, HOD, English Dept., DPS- Gurugram. The workshop was attended by teachers from all over Delhi. Mrs Annapoorna Siddhartha and Mrs Anindita Banerjee from Arwachin International School also had the opportunity to be a part of the programme. The objective of the programme was to make the teachers aware of the revised curriculum of English Core (Class XII). The content of the workshop was divided into two parts in which the various aspects of language teaching were taken care of.

                                      On the first day, the three skills of language were taken up, i.e., Listening, Speaking and Reading. The objectives and methods of teaching the skills were introduced and discussed. There were exchange of ideas and techniques among the teachers.

                                      The second session on the second day emphasized the teaching techniques of writing skill and literature. The various methodologies and the classroom techniques that are changing with the changing generations were discussed.

                                      The workshop was made engrossing with various kinds of individual and group activities which the teachers could take back in order to use them in their classrooms. The teachers became aware of the need to support the students with authentic contexts so that they can connect them with their experience and life.

                                        TIME MANAGEMENT

                                        Time management skills are quintessential for leading a stress free life. Those who are able to implement time management strategies are able to manage their workload and focus on the tasks with a greater impact.

                                        Time Management workshop was conducted by British Council on 12th September, 2019, for teaching fraternity. Mrs. Sangita Sharma and Mrs. Priya Grover represented Arwachin International School.

                                        The workshop covered all the crucial strategies to help participants deal with time. The resource person also introduced time saver techniques. Participants explored how to tackle time head on, learnt how to prioritized tasks and address common daily interruptions to increase their productivity and efficiency.

                                        It was a very informative session.

                                          Motivate yourself to enhance your potential

                                          Ask yourself if what you are doing today  is getting  you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”

                                          A workshop on "Motivate yourself to enhance your potential" was conducted by Mrs Mridul Jain from Madhuban publishers on 11th September 2019. It was an enriching workshop that successfully inculcated in every staff member that inside each one of us, is a huge potential to accomplish what we feel strongly about something. We must ignite a spark within ourselves and attempt to make a difference in our lives.

                                          Every staff member participated enthusiastically in the activities done in the workshop. All in all it was a great learning experience for everyone.

                                            KHO-KHO ZONAL COMPETITION (2019-2020)
                                            BOYS & GIRLS

                                            The students Arwachin International School participated in the Zonal KHO-KHO competition held from 2nd Sep to 9th September’2019. Numerous schools from zone VI participated in the competition at the Siddarth international public school, Dilshad Garden. Kunal garg, Vansh gupta, Pranav kaushik, Daksh dhama, Shivang tyagi, Ansh awasthi, Ansh kumar, Krrish khanna, Ujjwal singhal, Daksh kaushik, Harsh bansal, Hardik Singh participated in the Sub-Junior Boys category and bagged the 1st  position. Khyati singh,Himani goel,Pakhi vijay, Gauri Sharma, Pratistha mishra, Sakshi gupta, Nandini dhawan, Chandini singh, Somya saini, Yashasvi singh, Sanvi rawat, Drishti  won the 1st place in the Sub- junior Girls category. Arpit dhama,Deeptanshu Sharma,Aryan gupta,Chirag grover,Yash kumar,Akshat choudhary, Abhishek mishra, Luv,Aditya bisht, Aryavarth, Aryash, Vaibhav, Vaibhav vashisth participated in the junior Boys category and bagged 2nd position.Aditya bhatt,Navodit rai,Sahil dixit,Preet upadhayay,Angad Dhawan,Aditya nigam,Vikrant Sharma,Lavish kumar,Amaan anwer,Archit mittal,Tarun,Rishi participated in the Senior Boys category and bagged 2nd position It was a great learning experience for the students. Overall arwachinian won two first position and two second position.

                                              Inter school Zonal swar and percussion competition

                                              The students of Arwachin International School participated in Swar and Percussion Competition at Zonal Level,organized in the school premises.It is a proud moment to announce that the students of our school bagged various position in different categories.

                                              The result of Swar Competition is :-







                                              Kartikeya Narang





                                              Ansh Awasthi





                                              Ananya Jain











                                              The result of Percussion Competition is :-







                                              Dev Chandana





                                              Devesh Dev





                                              Yashika Panwar





                                                Zonal Semi Classical Music Competition 2019

                                                The Zonal Semi Classical Music Competition was splendidly organized at Queen Global international School, Dilshad Garden on 2nd , September, 2019. Vibhuti Gupta of class 9A of our school  took part in this event and became victorious. She bagged 2nd position.She exhibited her singing talent  wonderfully. In the Senior Girls category. She sang Thumri “Aj nij ghat”. The child is selected for the District level. 

                                                  Zonal light Music competition 2019

                                                  A fabulous Zonal Light Music competition was held on 2nd   September, 2019 at St.Lawrence School, Dilshad Garden . It is a matter of immense pride for us to divulge that two children from our school bagged prizes in it.In the Junior girl category, Harshini S.A. of class 8 A secured 2nd position. She sang a very melodious devotional song “Hey Govind Hey Gopal ”in Raag Yaman . In the Junior boys category, Ansh Awasthi of class 7B secured 2nd position. He sang a bhajan “Mere Ram Tum” in Raag Bageshri.Both students are selected for District level. 

                                                    Zonal Classical Music Competition 2019

                                                    The Zonal Classical Music Competition was splendidly organized at Queen Global international School, Dilshad Garden on 2nd , September, 2019. Two students of our school  took part in this event and became victorious.They exhibiting their singing talent  wonderfully.In the Junior boys category, Aryansh Nigam of class 8C  secured 1st position. He sang “Raag Yaman”.In the Junior girls category, Kokila Rohatgi of class-8A secured 2nd position. She sang Raag Bageshri and Both the Students are selected for District level. 

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