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Under the ISA theme for the month of December, class 6A conducted the Interactive Assembly on Zero Hunger on 28th December. Zero Hunger means a world food programme that prevents food wastage and creates a world where there is no hunger. A Nukkad Natak was presented by the students conveying a message about the importance of  food for everyone in the world. The students also presented a short skit highlighting the struggle of a poor girl to get a meal.

The students also shared facts related to Khadi to celebrate Khadi Wearing Day and showed a video on how Mahatma Gandhi emphasized the importance of  Khadi. The assembly ended up with an activity on T-Shirt printing which was demonstrated by Sriram and Bhavya.


    Arwachin International School celebrated the National Mathematics Day on            27 Dec 2019. The Principal, Mrs. Nair and the esteemed chief guest, Mr. Madan graced the occasion with their presence.

    The programme began with the lightening of the ceremonial lamp and presenting the token of appreciation to the chief guest by Mrs. Nair. Then, an informative video on the life and achievements of Mr. Ramanujan, the man who knew infinity, was shown followed by some fun- filled Shayari based on Mathematics.
    Next, an interesting story emphasizing the importance of different components of Math was narrated by a student of 6-A. It was followed by a mesmerizing rap song about how we can make Math our friend. Then, a presentation on Vedic Math was conducted by students showing how quick and easy it is to solve tedious sums using Vedic Math. Next, a very gracious dance depicting Math in a very interesting way was performed by the students of 9-C. Then, a PPT showcasing different rangolis based on Maths and Science made by the Arwachinians was shown. Last, but not the least a fun filled Nukkad- Natak was presented by students of 9-A highlighting the importance of Math in our daily life.

    The programme concluded with the words of appreciation and motivation by the chief guest and the Principal. The students and the teachers were in high spirit.   


      Two Hindi Teachers of Arwachin International School, Mrs. Deepika Chawla and Mrs. Anita Pandit were felicitated by Hindustani Bhasha Academy on 25th December, 2019 for giving outstanding results in C.B.S.E. exam Class 10 (2018-19).

      Students scored 90% and above in Hindi and made their teachers and school proud.The teachers were awarded with ‘Bhasha Gaurav Shikshak Samman´ and were given mementoes and certificates.It was a proud moment for all Arwachinians.

        65th  National Games 2019-20
        Under 19  

         After putting in days of hard work and intense training, Joyal Joseph  of Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden made it up to the top seven players of the Delhi National Netball team.  They felt as if their dreams had come true.

        This great event was held from 19th   to 24th   December 2019.  The authorial wisdom and acumen of the coaches went a long way into helping their team to play with precision to the best of their ability. It was the gradual unfolding of their capabilities that led them into winning matches in succession until they reached the finals. They rather evolved as more responsible and  meticulous achievers and secured the second position all over India with a silver medal around their necks.

        Heartiest congratulations to Joyal Joseph. We are indeed proud of him. 


          Road Safety Awareness Campaign at District Level Competition was held on 22nd November 2019 at Universal Public School, Preet Vihar,Delhi.The competition included painting, essay writing and extempore. The competitions were divided into two categories – Middle group(Class 6 to 8) and Secondary group(Class 9 to 12). Prakriti (8A) and Dipti Sharma (9C) participated in  painting competition.Tanisha Choudhary(8B) and Tanvi Ruhella(11C) participated in  extempore. Subhi Jain(8A) and Divyanshi Joshi (11C) participated in  essay writing competition. Subhi Jain (8A) secured 2nd position in essay writing and got qualified for Range Level Competition. She was awarded by honourable DCP of Traffic Police Mrs. Anjitha Chetlaya on 10th December at National Bal Bhawan, Delhi.


            Christmas Celebrations

            “Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.”………….Thomas S. Monson

            Yes, it is truly said that Christmas waves a magic wand all over the world and makes everything very beautiful. Arwachinians celebrated Christmas with great zeal and fervour on 21st December 2019 during a special assembly.  . The assembly commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our honourable Director Mr Arun Sharma, respected Principal Mrs. Nair and the chief guests Mr. Simon, Mr. Graziano Mele and Mr. Naman Bhardwaj.

            The school choir sang Hindi Christmas carols and English hymn ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ melodiously. Conveying the true meaning of Christmas, the drama ‘The Christmas Miracle’ was staged by the students. The young and energetic instrumentalists displayed their skills by playing different instruments. A beautiful French poem was also recited by a student of class 7. The assembly was concluded by a breathtaking Quawali in Sanskrit by the students.

            The Christmas assembly was enjoyed by everyone with great enthusiasm. Mrs. Nair, Mr. Arun Sharma and the chief guests appreciated the students and the teachers for the efforts they put in to make the Christmas morning a great morning.

              Arwachin International School Participated in

               “ART WITH PURPOSE 2019 “

               A national level painting competition “ART WITH PURPOSE 2019” was conducted by FABER CASTELL in the month of October. The theme for the competition was “THE SPORTS THAT I LOVE” where our students displayed their creativity, efforts and ideas excellently through the medium of painting. It was a wonderful exposure for the children.

              The results are as follows:

              Grade 1-2

              1st Diksha Class 2

              2nd Ayush Class 2

              3rd Preksha Class 2

              Grade 3-4

              1st Ahana Goyal Class 4

              2nd Aanya Khurmi Class 4

              3rd Harsh Yadav Class 4, Nirvi Malhotra Class 3

              Grade 5-6                               

              1st Taniya Class 5

              2nd Dheeraj Kumar Jha Class 5, Shonal Yadav Class 6

              3rd Bhoomi Gaba Class 5

              Grade 7-10

              1st Sarakshi Tyagi Class 7

              2nd Vansh Sharma Class 7

              3rd Prachi Garg Class 9

                CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS (2019)

                Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of caring and sharing. Soaking in the spirit of Christmas the tiny tots of Arwachin International school celebrated the festival   on 20th of December, 2019.The school was beautifully decorated and the children came dressed in red and white clothes (Santa’s favourite colours).The children of LKG and UKG gathered to present a beautiful programme which was graced by the presence of the Hon.  Principal  Mrs. Swapna Nair.

                The festivity began with a western music song, the children of LKG sang a pleasant song ‘Santa Claus is coming’ ,then the LKG children performed on a foot tapping Christmas number ‘Jingle bells jingle bells….’. Next was a beautiful song sung by the children of UKG , ‘We wish you a Merry  Christmas…’. This  was followed by a very pleasant rhyme by LKG Christmas is coming” .After this we had a breath taking  skit depicting birth of Lord “JESUS” by the children of UKG and last but definitely not the least, a very foot tapping dance was presented by the children of UKG on the number  “Jingle bell rocks…”

                 One  of the teacher  dressed as ‘Santa’, was the greatest  attraction of the day    as the children were delighted ,beyond ,  to find Santa  standing right amidst them. Santa danced  with  them , gave them toffees and they were delighted to be with him. The efforts of the little ones and teachers was praised by the Principal mam Mrs. Swapna Nair. The day was called after the National Anthem.

                  FIT INDIA

                  (Our Song at CBSE Official Podcast- Shiksha Vaani)

                  Under the guidance of their principal-Mrs. Swapna Nair, the staff of Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden, created a highly motivating song for the young generation. The song was written by Mrs. Anita Pandit (TGT-Hindi), sung by Mrs. Arti Tyagi (TGT- Physical Education) and Mrs. Mansipriya (PRT- Science) and music was provided by Mr. Sagar (Instrumental and Music Teacher) and Mr. Saurav Chaudhary. Following the theme- FIT INDIA, the song emphasizes upon the importance of outdoor sports in today’s world. It talks about how social media and online games have taken over the fun and healthy age old outdoor sports like Pitthu, Gilli-Danda, Chhupan- Chhupayi. It is an eye-opener for of us that in order to make our children more active, healthy and socially interactive, we need to go back to those sports where we needed to get out and play in groups. They taught us social and moral values.

                  The song has been uploaded on the CBSE Official Podcast- Shiksha Vaani and is available for all to listen and enjoy.

                    Interactive Assembly
                    (Unity in diversity)

                    “India has different states, different languages, and diverse culture. Still, there is ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’ because we are many in body, but one in mind. We are proud Indians”.

                    This was the message conveyed by the students of class 2 in their interactive assembly conducted on 17 December, 2019. The students of

                    all the sections performed dance, drama and song together as a team and presented melange of thoughts, ideas and expressions. The performances were enjoyed by the audience as well as the teachers. It was surely a significant and meaningful assembly.

                      Teachers’ Training Course B (12 Hours) in New Delhi

                      A Japanese language teachers’ training course B was organized by Japanese language teachers’ Training Centre, UGC-HRDC, JNU, New Delhi, under the India-Japan memorandum of cooperation in the field of Japanese language education in India (Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy of Japan).

                      It was conducted on 14th and 15th December, 2019 and also supported by the Japan Foundation, New Delhi. Mrs. Vandana Jain attended the two days course. The purpose of the course was to improve the teaching ability of primary, middle and secondary school Japanese language teachers. The schedule of the course for two days was:

                      1st Day:

                      1.     How to make Japanese language Exam 1

                      Resource Person: Ms. Shinako Sakemi, Japanese language Advisor, the Japan Foundation, New Delhi

                      2.     How to make Japanese language Exam 2

                      Resource Person: Ms. Mami  Imoto, Japanese language Advisor, the Japan Foundation, New Delhi


                      1.     Group Work (solving the exam in group)

                      Resource Person: Ms. Nitasha Sharma, Japanese Language Lecturer, the Japan Foundation, New Delhi

                      2.     Discussion (Problem solving, Q & A, points of improvement)

                      It was a wonderful experience for the participating teachers to learn the strategies of making test papers, importance of instructions given by the teachers before and during the invigilation and evaluation of the test papers etc. It was also shared that feedback is equally important after evaluating the test papers. Last but not the least, it was a great opportunity for the Indian teachers to interact with Japanese native speakers.

                        Interactive assembly (Class 6B)
                        Impact of Industrialisation on our Environment

                        To sensitise the students towards the deteriorating quality of air, water and our environment, an interactive assembly was presented by the students of class 6B on 14th December. The assembly commenced with the singing of the Morning Prayer and was followed by a quiz based on the students’ knowledge about their environment and natural resources. Students took a pledge to be the saviours of our environment through a song ‘The Earth Is My Home.’  The best actors of the class presented a mime showing, how cutting of trees for making factories and houses, has affected not only the human beings but also the birds and animals. Last but not the least was a musical drama showcasing the difference brought by industrialisation in the lives of common people in the last two decades. Our honourable Principal, Mrs. Nair enlightened the students by telling what all can be done to save our future generations from the ill effects of pollution. A small step taken by us can bring a change in the society and our lives.

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                            Cyber Safety Workshop

                            A Cyber Safety workshop was conducted by Mr. Rakshit Tondan, a Cyber Safety Expert at Arwachin International School on 11th December 2019 (Wed) for teachers from various schools of Delhi, who actively participated in the workshop.

                            The workshop was conducted in two sessions: The first session included teachers from other schools and the second session was for the teachers of AIS.

                            The Resource person gave insight of various security provision present in various networking for the safety of female against Cyber Crime. He also shared safety features that could be enabled their phones regarding Banking websites and RFID cards (issued by banks) these days. It was a very informative workshop, which kept the audience involved and engaged throughout.

                              Workshop on Artificial Intelligence.

                              ‘Artificial Intelligence is the Intelligence demonstrated by Machines in contrast to Natural Intelligence demonstrated by Humans.’

                              KIPS organized a workshop on December 10 2019, at Hotel Surya, Defence Colony  on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” where teachers from all the prestigious schools participated. Mrs. Pooja Mallick and Mrs. Anjali Sharma from our school attended the workshop.

                              The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Grurpreet Kaur a computer education expert, for middle and high school teachers from computer education background.

                              It was a knowledgeable and enriching session about the upcoming concepts like cloud storage, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. The session concluded with an interactive question answer session which helped the teachers for bringing the Artificial Intelligence to the classrooms and broaden up their understanding of the concepts.

                                COLLINS SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

                                Collins Learning, one of the fastest growing publishing houses in the K12 education segment of India, has been actively promoting Scrabble to schools as a fun and engaging way to enhance cognitive skills development. Scrabble is not just a word game; it is a melting pot of curious and innovative minds. Keeping in mind the value Scrabble can bring to a child’s life, three students of Arwachin International School participated in the Interschool Scrabble Contest held at DLF Public School, Sahibabad on 7th Dec’19.

                                The whole event took place for a period of 7-8 hours and our students had a wonderful exposure to the contest participating in it for the first time. It was a fun-filled learning experience for the participants and they benefitted from it immensely.

                                Each category of classes 6,7 and 8 had a winner and it is indeed again a proud moment for the school as Gauraav Sharma of Class 8-A,who participated in this contest, has achieved the Second position in the competition.

                                Kudos to the Child and the Proud Parents!

                                  HAPPY CLASSROOM: CBP

                                  On 7th December, 2019, Saturday, a workshop on ‘HAPPY CLASSROOM’, under the Capacity Building Programme, was organized by the Centre of Excellence, CBSE Delhi, at B.M.V.B, ASMA, G.K-II. The resource persons were, Dr. Pooja Jaitlley and Ms. Gagandeep. It was attended by Mrs. Usha Chauhan and Mrs. Priya Pathak.

                                  The workshop was very informative as well as an awareness drill. It basically reflected on the fact that how a person in the capacity of a teacher, take his or her happiness, so casually. We need to realize that a happy mind is found in a happy body similarly, only a happy person can be a happy teacher so that the flower of happiness can bloom into the classroom and the children can take back home the fragrance (memories) of a happy day.  And the next day, we can hope to see children walking into the class room anticipating one more happy learning experience. Only then, can learning become a happy and willful experience instead of a forced one. But, the highlights of the workshop were the ‘TOOLKIT’ for Emotional Intelligence Regulation, i.e.

                                  1.     S.T.O.P

                                  2.     C.A.R.E

                                  3.     PL.E.A.S.E

                                  We understood that teaching makes different demands on our emotions but we are expected to be calm and controlled, even in stressful situations which is possible only by regulating our emotions. Many more topics like Self-management, Social Competence as in Social awareness and Relationship management were also discussed along with the topics like Student – Teacher relationship and ways to foster Happiness into the class.

                                  While discussing the misbehavior in the class, it was said that though, misbehaviors can be annoying, obnoxious and hurtful at times, the most important thing is to understand the ‘WHY’ and it will automatically bring you to the solution ‘HOW’ as there can be many Psychological, Environmental and Biological Factors, leading to ‘WHY’ and the discovery would surely lead us to the trouble shooting ‘HOW’. And in relation to this the topic of Functional Behavior Analysis was also discussed in five steps:

                                  1.     Identifying the Problem

                                  2.     Collect Information to Determine Function

                                  3.     Categorize the behavior: Form a Hypothesis

                                  4.     Planning Intervention and

                                  5.     Evaluating the effectiveness of the Plan

                                  On the whole, it was a great learning experience and we thank our Principal and the school management for giving us this opportunity.

                                    WORKSHOP ON HAPPY CLASSROOM

                                    A workshop on ” Happy Classroom”  was organized by CBSE for the teachers on 7th of December  at Manav Bharti India International School. The resource person of the workshop was Mrs. Akshita. The event was basically designed to create the importance of being happy to make the classrooms happy and lively. She also explained about the different ways to foster happy classrooms to maximize learning and teach students some life affirming skills. It was an interactive and informative session. It was an activity based workshop. Various activities like roleplay, poetry writing  and self awareness analysis were conducted during the session. We thank our Principal and the Management for giving us the exposure and this opportunity.

                                       “TODAY’S WASTAGE IS TOMORROW’S SHORTAGE”

                                      An interactive assembly was conducted by the students of class 11 D on 6.12.19. The theme of the assembly was “ZERO HUNGER”. Zero hunger is the second sustainable development goal which pledges to end hunger and achieve food security. A Power Point Presentation that was made on zero hunger was explained by the students followed by a Mime. Some students conducted a survey about how the lives of people are affected by hunger. It was compiled into a video by the students of the class. After the assembly awards were given to the winners of inter-school and national competitions. Mrs Swapna Nair congratulated the achievers. She praised the efforts made by the students of class-11 D for putting forward such a sensitive issue and suggesting ways to curb hunger.

                                        Inter School Singing Competition

                                        An Inter School Bhakti Sangeet competition was held on 5th December 2019 in Green Fields Public School, Dilshad Garden . It is a matter of immense pride for us to divulge that Kokila Rohatgi of class 8_A bagged a consolation prize of Rs. 1100. She participated in the  junior group and sang a very melodious devotional song. She was appreciated by the judges for her performance.



                                          Mrs. B. Surya Laxmi attended a workshop on Capacity Building Programme on ‘Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies' on 3rd  and 4th December,2019 at CBSE Centre of Excellence, Delhi. This programme was organised on the occasion of World Disability Day by CBSE, Centre of Excellence. It was headed by Mr. Sandeep Jain, Secretary, Centre of Excellence and Mrs. Anjuman Bains, Cyber Security Counsellor.

                                          The participants  got involved in individual and group activities. The key points of the workshop were :


                                          1.     Self reflection about inclusive education.

                                          2.     To understand the difference between the terms impairment, disability and handicap.

                                          3.     Difference between exclusion, segregation, integration and inclusion.

                                          4.     21 types of disabilities

                                          5.     Role of multidisciplinary team for inclusive education

                                          6.     Interventions and possible strategies for inclusive environment in the class.

                                          7.     Functional analysis of problematic behaviour

                                          8.     How to make multilevel lesson plans.

                                          The session was well presented, informative and interactive as well.

                                            Workshop-Digital Essentials for Teachers

                                            The teachers of Arwachin International School, Ms. Poonam Batra and Ms. Sheetal Devi attended a workshop- ‘Digital Essentials for Teachers ' on 3rd and  4th December, 2019 at Red Roses Public School, Saket, Delhi. This programme was organised by CBSE, Centre of Excellence. It was headed by Mrs. Maninder Kaur.

                                            The participants watched various videos and got involved in individual and group activities. The key points of the workshop are stated below:

                                            1.      To understand the functioning of Google.

                                            2.      How to use Google Drive to save our important documents.

                                            3.      How to develop a PPT and online educational games.

                                            The session was well presented, informative and interactive as well.

                                              Japan Education Seminar 2019

                                              A Japan Education Seminar was organized by JAL (Japan Airlines) in collaboration with JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teachers Association) on Dec. 3rd, at Embassy of Japan. Our Japanese language teacher Mrs. Vandana Jain attended the event. The objective of the event was to make Indian schools/colleges/universities, aware of numerous higher educational opportunities for their students in Japan and how students can pursue their career in Japan. The following organizations participated in the event:

                                              Ø  The Embassy of Japan

                                              Ø  The University of Tokyo, India office

                                              Ø  Ritsumeikan University, India Office

                                              Ø  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

                                              Ø  Japan Foundation, India office

                                              Ø  Japanese Language School Teachers Association

                                              Ø  Japan Science Technology(JST)

                                              Ø  Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO)

                                              Ø  Japan Airlines, India office

                                              The event began with the presentation by participating organizations, followed by direct interaction of Indian schools/colleges/universities representatives with Japanese organizations and delegates. Besides this, an encouraging feedback was also shared by an Indian student, who studied in Japan.

                                              It was really a great learning experience for the teachers to know about the study, scholarships and career options available for the Indian students in Japan.

                                                INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES

                                                International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPwD) also known as World Disability Day. It is observed on 3rd December every year to raise an awareness and develop an understanding to accept people with disabilities by the United Nations.

                                                Arwachin International School celebrated this day on 2nd and 3rd December, 2019. Placards were displayed by the students outside the school premises to spread awareness in the society. Even morning assembly was conducted to bring the realization of the same. Students explained about the disability and sensitized the audience how we can help the person with disability.

                                                The main aim of this activity was to promote the rights and well being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development.

                                                  SPORTS DAY 2019

                                                  The much awaited Annual Sports Day of  Pre Primary was held on Monday 2nd December, with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The programme began with the lightning of the lamp. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy sports events ranging from the yoga drill, pom-pom drill, parachute drill, flower drill, hulla hoop to a fabulous dandiya drills.

                                                  The tiny tots participated enthusiastically in number of races like balancing race, pyramid race, hop scotch race and many more.

                                                  Kudos to all our little ones who displayed that competition is not all about winning, but also about the spirit of competing with fun.


                                                    Theme : Impact of Industrialization
                                                    Interactive assembly of class 6C

                                                    Under the ISA theme for the month of November, class 6C conducted the interactive assembly on Impact of Industrialization on 2nd December in the reception area, in the school campus.

                                                    Industrialization means the development of industries in a country or a region on a wide scale. Industrialization adds to the wealth, and makes a greater quantity of goods available at lower cost, moving the lives of many people. If managed properly, it allows humanity to better manage the environment while having a high standard of living but it has adverse effects on the environment and the health of the people. A video was shown to make the audience become aware about the ill effects of the industrialization.

                                                    A mime was presented by the students advocating changes in the life of people due to industrialization, its effects on the environment and how man has become a machine in the busy city life. It was applauded by everyone.

                                                    Industrialization normally adds to pollution in the air, water, soil due to the waste products it produces. It also makes use of resources – raw materials from land, water, plants, fossil fuels, etc. Since there is a lot of dependence on land, we have cleared our forests which are our lifeline. So, to tell the importance of trees students of class 6 C presented a dance on ‘Na KATO MUJHE’ song and sung a parody of the song ‘ Count On Trees’ expressing the need for saving our mother Earth, through posters.

                                                    The assembly ended up with Instrumental song recital on ‘TICK TICK’ by the children on the theme conservation of trees and was appreciated by the Principal, through her valuable words which encouraged the children to perform better in the future as well.

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