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Annual Exhibition
 (classes 6-9, 11)
25th January, 2020

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’ 

Benjamin  Franklin

To give wings to the creativity of the students, they need to be given open sky to fly. Learning by doing is the true way of learning. To ignite the creativity of the students, The Annual Exhibition was organised at Arwachin international School on 25th January’20. Students’ creativity and their talents were projected through the medium of art, Social Science models and experiments. The programme was inaugurated by the early bird parents. Our judges, Mrs. Sabita Seth (A renowned author) , and Ms. Kanika Gaur, TGT Social Science at Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, were escorted by our honourable Principal, Mrs Swapna Nair. The models like Hydraulic bridge, Seven Wonders of the World, Dam, Smoke Absorber, Floor Cleaner and many more were displayed, explained and demonstrated beautifully by our young learners. The parents were mesmerised to see the students standing and explaining their working models so confidently.  The students also performed a number of experiments to showcase their understanding of the subject. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience for the students, teachers as well as the parents. The tireless efforts of the students were highly appreciated by the parents as well as the judges.

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      (CLASSES 1-5) 

      “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high….

      …..Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

       - Rabindranath Tagore

      Arwachin International School celebrated the 71st Republic Day on 24th January, 2014 in the school auditorium. The event began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our respected Principal, Mrs. Swapna Nair. The show began with a patriotic song- ‘Hum Hain Rahi’. The lyrics of the song inspired us to move ahead without fear. Then Hansika (4C) paid homage to the countless freedom fighters by reciting a poem.

      The poem was followed by an instrumental medley of various patriotic songs. Then, the song ‘Waving Flags’ was sang by the students of classes 3-5 that instilled the fire in us to hold our freedom. Meanwhile, a quiz was conducted to check the knowledge of the students about our country and its history.

      The budding actors of classes 4-5 enacted a street-play to make the students understand the importance of Fundamental Duties. Last but not the least was the most awaited part of the program- the dance performances. The tiny tots of classes 1-5 presented various folk dances with great zeal and energy. 

      After all the energetic performances, our respected Principal- Mrs. Sawpna Nair spread her words of wisdom to the students. She imparted a lot of information related to Republic Day and our Constitution. The gala event came to an end with the singing of National Anthem.

        Math Quiz (I-V)

        “Knowledge is of no use unless you put into practice.”

        Honing the talent of the young learners, the school successfully conducted an Inter House Math Quiz for Classes I-V on 22nd January, 2020. The grilling Quiz of three rounds tested the mental ability of the students. Rules and regulations of all the rounds were explained at the beginning of each round.

        The participation was highly interactive and the participants were at their best in answering the questions in different rounds of the quiz. The objective of the quiz was to encourage the students to calculate mentally. Everyone got the chance to explore the world of Math.

        The first position was bagged by Tagore House followed by Bose and Shastri House. Tilak House bagged the third position. 


          The crisp and chilly air was filled up with excitement and happiness as Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden celebrated their Foundation Day on 21st January. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. J.P. Sharma, his wife, Mr. S.P. Sharma and Mr. Anurup Sharma.

          The busts of our beloved “Bauji” and his wife Shrimati Jain Deviji was inaugurated by Mr. J.P. Sharma, his wife, Mr. S.P. Sharma, Mr. Anurup Sharma, Mr. Arun Sharma, Principal, Mrs. Nair,  in the presence of the Co-ordinators , teachers and staff. After the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, the programme started with a melodious song sung by an alumnus. It was followed by a heartfelt message shared by another alumnus, who recalled his fun filled days in school, followed by a PPT which highlighted the achievements of the school since its inception till date. After this, the students performed a medley of songs in the form of instrumental music, followed by a dance reverence dedicated to all ‘gurus’ or teachers by students.

          Another highlight of the programme was the felicitation of teachers who completed ten years of service in the institution. Mrs. Joycee was awarded a cash prize for her dedication as she had 100% attendance in the session 2019-2020. At the end, the guests were requested to speak a few words of motivation for the students. Mr. J.P. Sharma expressed his happiness, blessed the students and asked them to be focused on the future. Mr. S.P. Sharma motivated the students and made them aware of the rich lineage of our founder ‘Bauji’ and implored everyone to follow his footsteps and be successful in everything that they do. Mrs. Nair, Principal (AIS) gave the vote of thanks and appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the students and encouraged them to do better. The event was concluded with the National Anthem.


            “We respect the tricolor not to flaunt our patriotism, but because it carries in it the bravest souls of our country”. Keeping this in mind an interactive assembly on the theme ‘A tribute to the Indian soldiers’ was conducted by the students of class 5B on 21st January, 2020. The programme started with a patriotic mime where the students showcased the tribute to Indian soldiers who fought and died for the nation, followed by three patriotic dance performances. The performances were applauded by all. Towards the end, a math quiz was conducted to enhance the mental ability and the logical skills of the students. The participation was highly interactive where the students had to go through various mind boggling questions which enhanced their knowledge and widened their horizon. 

              Haiku Workshop by Japan Airlines Limited (JAL) at Arwachin

              On 20thJanuary 2020, when the sun rose to give the Delhiites a frostbite worthy day, it rose up at Arwachin International School to reveal the warmth of love and pleasure. Two representatives from Japan Airlines Limited (JAL), Ms. Sujata Govada and Ms. Shruti Jain, elated the students and the staff with their gracious presence. To ensure that the feeling was mutual, the Japanese language students of class 10 of our school welcomed the guests with a melodious Japanese song “MABATAKI".

              The guests then had a very healthy and extremely influential interaction with the students of classes 6 to 11 who have all been studying Japanese since grade 1 and are very well aware of Japanese language and its culture. After the commencement of the Haiku workshop, the students were encouraged to write a short 3 lined poem on the topic of “living things”. The students truly enjoyed as they ventured through their imagination to bring all their feelings to life in just three lines. All these greatly inspired students are now ready to participate in the upcoming World Children’s Haiku Contest 2019-2020 organized by the JAL Foundation.


                Two teachers from Arwachin International School, Mrs. Anju Sirohi and Ms. Bhawna Kamboj attended the Environment and Climate Change Sustainable Development Goals Conclave 2020 organized by Greenlco Eco Foundation. The seminar was organized at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College on 18th January 2020.The seminar was enriched with the informative lecture by dignified personalities like Dr N C Gupta, Dr Ram Bojh, Dr B C Babat and Dr. Anil Kumar who have worked closely with the Dept. of Environment and have written research papers on crucial issues like environment degradation and climate change. Kapil Kishore, Founder and Creative Director of Greenlco Eco Foundation urged teachers and school to initiate movements for environment change and aim to achieve SDG’s. The seminar focused on the goals of Earth Summit, providing a road map for future we want. The seminar concluded with panel discussions between Professors and teachers from University of Delhi. The seminar has motivated us to work in close association with Greenlco Eco Foundation and achieve goals of Green Agenda.   

                  PRE-PRIMARY AND PRIMARY EXHIBITION 2019-20
                  Speak to me I will learn, teach me I will understand, guide me to do I will remember it forever.

                  Keeping this in mind, on 18th January 2020, Annual Exhibition was held at Arwachin International School. The theme of the exhibition was Mathematics. Students participated enthusiastically in the exhibition and made wonderful, amazing models on various topics. They presented conceptual explanations to different perceptions of Mathematics used in daily life through working as well as non-working models. Not only were the exhibits profoundly educative, they were simply fun to observe and learn from.

                  Students of classes L.K.G. to V participated and each class presented and explained the models made by them on different topics. It was evident that children had researched thoroughly on the topics presented by them. They all participated whole heartedly in the Exhibition. The work presented by them in the form of models was monitored, supervised and guided by their teachers.

                  Students of all classes accompanied with their parents visited each class in order to appreciate the hard work put in by their fellow friends. The students explained their models in detail. Parents asked various questions related to their models, where children got an opportunity to communicate their thoughts.

                  It was indeed an exhibition which gave them exposure and confidence to present their thoughts and ideas.

                  Primary co-ordinator, Mrs. Priya Grover and Pre-Primary co-ordinator, Ms. Natasha Sharma also participated actively and ensured that all the arrangements were taken care of. Our director Mr. Arun Sharma and principal Mrs. Swapna Nair also encouraged the students with their presence. All the participants felt really motivated and joyous after the exhibition. It was indeed a great learning experience.

                    Book Fair

                    Like every year, a book fair was organized at Arwachin International School by scholastic publication to commemorate Book Week  from 10th January to 17th January 2020  celebrating the theme,  ‘Reading For Pleasure’. Our aim is to encourage our students to view reading as a source of pleasure, explore more and more books and even start writing themselves.

                    There were various books of different categories like Encyclopedia, Art and Craft, Fiction, Academics, General Knowledge etc. The students enjoyed browsing and buying books in the book fair.

                      MATH QUIZ

                      Math Quiz was held in Arwachin International School on 16th January for classes VI to IX and XI to apply their mathematical and analytical skills in an interesting way. Every student participated in the competition and the finalists were selected on the basis of their merit. The finalists were:

                      ?  BOSE HOUSE:–Aradhya Jain(VI),  Himaghn Gupta(VII), Shreya Choudhary(VIII), Rahul Raji(IX), Saumya Sharma (XI)
                      ?  TILAK HOUSE:- Anuj Garg(VI), Md. Suhaib(VII), Aryansh Nigam(VIII),         Aditi (IX), Anant Jain(XI)
                      ?  TAGORE HOUSE:- Kushagra Sharma(VI), Kairav Kishore(VII), Pranay Gupta(VIII), Shreyansh Halder(IX), Siddharth Garg(XI)
                      ?  SHASTRI HOUSE:- Granth Maheshwari(VI), Archit Mittal(VII), Anshika Sharma(VIII), Krish Koundal(IX), Archita Porov(XI)

                       There were three rounds in all:-

                      1.      Round one- Calculative Questions

                      2.     Round two- Visual Question

                      3.     Round three- Rapid Fire

                      The performances of the students were outstanding. After a lot of hard work, excitement and enjoyment,  Bose House and Tilak House won the competition with  205 points followed by Shastri House which scored 195 points. Tagore House secured the third position with 190 points .

                        “ZERO HUNGER”

                        Interactive assembly on the theme ‘Zero Hunger’ was conducted by the students of class 5 C on 14th January, 2020. Zero hunger is the second sustainable development goal which pledges to end hunger and achieve food security. A short description on the same was given by a student followed by a G.K. quiz. Some students conveyed this zero hunger message to the audience through a Nukkad Natak followed by a video. Then at last a dance performance showcased how the lives of the people are affected by hunger. 

                          Teachers Workshop by ZIIEI

                           (Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives)
                           Trainer on 11/01/20 From  Sri  Aurobindo Society

                          An Innovative Teachers Workshop on Capacity building program by Mr. Sonil Verma who is a Capacity Building Trainer  on 11/01/20 from  Sri  Aurobindo Society was held with a large spectrum of teachers of varied experience  involving  zero investment new age teaching techniques emphasizing the role of a teacher adopting to new trends in order to develop the qualities of a good educator , implementing them to help a large number of students and benefitting the society thereof. The techniques were based on the learning outcomes of the  National Curriculum Framework 2005.The techniques were highly innovative  and could be imparted in our daily teaching and was very insightful  .

                            Integration of Art with academics

                            It is realized that disciplines pursued by students at all stages require critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Therefore when Art is integrated with education, it helps the child to apply art based enquiry, investigation, critical thinking and creativity for a deeper understanding of concepts.

                            CBSE insists on bringing art squarely into the domain of the curriculum, infusing it in all the spheres of learning to make it experiential.

                            For professional development of teachers, a workshop on “Integration of Art with Academics” was organized on 9th January, 2020 by Orient Blackswan publishers. The resource person was Ms. Namrata Pant. 

                            It was a very interactive session to help teachers create the strongest arts integration foundation across grade levels and subject areas. This workshop demystified the practice of integration and demonstrated outcomes of integration practice for students. This would make classroom transactions joyful and creative and also promote appreciation of our rich art and cultural heritage.

                            Hopefully teachers will go back to their classes and implement their knowledge and make teaching learning fun.

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