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CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2019

Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden, Delhi participated in CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2019 which was the first step towards introducing the new ideas applicable in practical usage and the theme selected by the CBSE was SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WTH A THRUST ON WATER CONSERVATION, it was held on 29/11/2019 & 30/11/2019 at Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar phase II, Delhi. All the schools of DELHI & NCR region were present at the venue with their models. APOORV MITTAL of class 9 and his guide Mr. VIVEK GAUTAM (PGT Physics) represented their school by displaying smart water irrigation system, emphasizing on water conservation and improvising the method of irrigation along with the usage of modern technology.

The model consisted of RASPBERRY PI and ARDUINO with systematic programming on python to make the soil moist with the supply of accurate amount of water to the field. In the Arduino board, the moisture sensor checks if the soil has sufficient water or not. It sends the data to Arduino. After analyzing the data the ARDUINO sends the water through the motor where it is required.

 Amongst the number of schools present in the same arena, our model with its application received the major applause. Under the category of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTRAL PRACTICES, the model of our school obtained first position. It has now been selected for the  National Level where all the schools of INDIA & ABROAD who won at REGIONAL LEVEL will be representing their models and novel ideas.


    Workshop on ELT Assessment Strategies
    in the
    Changing Scenario

    Assessment strategies provide valuable information to both teachers and learners and are a significant part of the teaching and learning process.  

    A workshop on ELT and Assessment Strategies in the Changing Scenario was organized by the Oxford University Press on 30th November, 2019 at The Park Hotel, New Delhi. The resource person was Ms. Gayatri Khanna.

    She emphasized on the achievement of the learning outcomes specifically laid down by the NCERT through various assessment strategies. She elaborated on how teachers can integrate their strategies with art, experiential learning and life skills. She gave numerous examples of assessment activities suitable for different levels from classes 1 to 10 and the criteria to be assessed by them. She also stressed on having 1 or 2 books for English instead of 3 to 4 books which over burden the learners and whatever the teachers want to do, they should do it with patience.

    Ms. Natasha, Mrs. Deepali Dhingra, Mrs. Neelam and Mrs. Leena attended the workshop. It was a day full of learning and active engagement.

      Re-imagining Ways of Teaching English

      The teachers of Arwachin International School, Ms. Nivedita Saikia and Ms. Isha Pandit attended a workshop on ‘Reimagining English classroom’ on 29th November, 2019 at Radisson Blue, Paschim Vihar, Delhi. The workshop was organized by Karadi Path Education Company. It was headed by Mr. C.P. Vishwanath, founder of Karadi Path.

      Teachers from various schools attended the workshop and shared their ideas about how English as a second language should be taught to students. The key idea of the workshop was to emphasise on the idea of ‘Learning by doing’ or ‘Experiential learning’. The workshop showed three ways of how language acquisition can be fun and without any difficulty, namely, Action path, Music Path, Story Path. The programme was intended for students from grade L.K.G. to Grade 5.

      The session was well presented and impactful. Teachers gained a different perspective of how to make language acquisition seamless and fun.

        PRE – PRIMARY
        SPELL – WELL COMPETITION (2019-2020)

              A Spell-Well Competition of classes L.K.G. and U.K.G. was held on 29th November 2019. The teachers selected the finalists after 2 prelim rounds. Finally 6 students were short listed for the final round. The students of all the classes participated enthusiastically.                                                                                                                                   In the finals, different questions were asked from the participants in each round. It included all the subjects. And the  students  performed  extremely well. The results were announced by Mrs. Nair.


        The winners of   L.K.G. were:

        I                          L.K.G – B      Ridhaan Arora and Shresthi

         II                       L.K.G - A       Manvik Rastogi  and Samarthya Rawat

        III                       L.K.G – C       Hridyansh Jain  and Jasmeher Kaur.


        The winners of   U.K.G. were:

        I                          U.K.G –   A        Anirudh S.and Vivaan Saxena

        II                        U.K.G –   B         Aanya Maithani  and Amvi Singh           

        III                       U.K.G –   C         Reyansh Roy  and Avni Jain


         Mrs. Nair appreciated the hard work of the children and the teachers. The programme ended with the National Anthem.


          A workshop on career counseling was held at Arwachin International School on 28 November, 2019. It was conducted by Mrs. Tarana Chakarwarti from Goyal Brothers Prakashan and was attended by the students of classes 9 to 11. The workshop started with a self assessment activity for students. Mrs. Tarana also conducted an activity to make students aware of themselves. She explained students the ‘iceberg theory’ which stated that only 10% of human’s behaviour is known to others and rest 90% is hidden. She also questioned students about what they aimed to be in future to which the students responded positively. Overall the workshop was interactive and informative for the students. 


            The CBSE conducted a two-day work on capacity building in English language for class IX and X on 26th and 27th of November 2019 at Centre of Excellence CBSE, Patpargang. The work shop was attended by two teachers of our school -Mrs Vijeta Sharma and Mrs. Anindita Banerjee. The resource persons for the workshop were Ms. Ruchi Sengar and Ms Ambika.  Nearly 50 teachers from different schools attended the workshop. The workshop aimed at enhancing the understanding of the curriculum of English and giving fruitful guidance to the teachers of English to update their pedagogical skills. The various aspects of learning i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing were discussed emphatically.

            The session started with an ice breaker session where all the participants acquainted themselves with each other. After that, three skills of language: Reading, Listening and Speaking were taken up. The objectives and methods of teaching these skills were discussed in very interactive manner.

            The next session, on day two resumed with Writing skills followed by Literature and Assessment. The various kinds of methodology and teaching techniques were discussed. The teachers shared their ideas and techniques with each other. The teachers also made lesson plans that were discussed in the workshop.

            Many interesting group and individual activities were conducted that boosted up the workshop. The activities were planned in a manner that they can be conducted in the classes as well. The workshop enlightened and empowered the teachers with updating the teaching and learning process.

              Indian Music Inter House Competition
              Classes 1- 5

              It is rightly said, ‘Music makes our mind and soul peaceful’.

              Arwachin International School organized Indian Music Inter House Competition on 27th November, 2019 in the school premises. The competition was judged by Mrs. Lochan Tulsi and Mr. Leslie.

              The competition consisted of three rounds, namely Solo, Duet and Group. In the Solo round, the participants sang melodious prayers of Lord Krishna.

              Next was the Duet round by the participants of all the four houses. Folk songs of Odisha, Bihar, Gujarat and Rajasthan were sung by the participants with lot of energy and authenticity. Last round was the Group round. In this, each house motivated the audience by singing inspirational songs.

               Results of the competition:-































































              All the participants were motivated and applauded by our respected Principal ma’am, Mrs. Swapna Nair.

                “Constitution is not a mere lawyer’s document, it is vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of age”
                ------Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
                An Interactive Assembly was conducted by the students of Class X-A of Arwachin International School on 29th November 2019 on the occasion of Constitution Day which is celebrated on 26th November every year. The assembly started with an introduction to the Constitution through a Power Point Presentation created and explained by the students. It was followed by a speech on the Indian Constitution and the reading of the Preamble. The students concluded the assembly with an interesting quiz for the students of classes VII-XI. The assembly, altogether, was an interesting, interactive and informative one. After the assembly, the winners of different competitions at inter-school and national levels were awarded. Our Principal, Mrs. Swapna Nair congratulated the students and encouraged them to participate more and more in such competitions.

                  Interactive Assembly
                  Dramatics Club & Science Club (1-4)

                  On 26th November, 2019, the students of Dramatics Club and Science club conducted an assembly on the theme-‘E-Waste’ in the school.


                  The assembly commenced with a message giving skit by the students of classes 1, 2 and 3 from Dramatics Club on “What is E-waste?” which was followed by the performance of the children on the song “E- waste”. A poem was also narrated on e-waste named “Wah, Kya baat hai!” On the other hand, the students of classes 4 & 5 presented a street play (Nukkad Natak) on 3R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The students were sensitized to take care of the mother earth and the waste which has created the havoc. The young Arwachinians created awareness among the audience regarding the pollution hazards created by the waste and the compilation of E- Waste. The audience keenly watched the play and it was applauded by them in the end.

                  The students of Dramatics Club of classes 4 & 5 also presented an English play based on punctuations. It was a fun way to teach students, the importance of punctuation – a subject which is tedious and boring, in an innovative manner.

                  The students of science club were also a part of the assembly. They made the audience aware about the harmful effects of not disposing e-waste properly. They gave the solution of selling the useless e-waste to the recyclers or donating the still working electronic gadgets to the people who need it.

                  Our respected Principal, Mrs. Nair graced the occasion with her presence. She was thoroughly impressed, the way the students prepared and performed on the stage. She appreciated the efforts of all the participants as well as the teachers. The event was concluded with the National Anthem.

                    District level cultural competition results 2019-20

                    Arwachin International school is proud to announce that our students have brought various laurels in District level competition 2019. They have achieved prestigious positions in almost every competitions they bagged awards in the following categories-


                    Student’s name


                    Name of the Competitions



                    Vibhuti Gupta


                    Semi Classical music



                    Anushka Arya


                    Mono Acting



                    Rohini Raji


                    Solo Classical dance



                    Dhairya Mahendru





                    Gaurang Bhatt





                    Anubhav Sharma


                    Extempore English



                    Aryansh Nigam


                    Solo Vocal Classical singing



                    Anshika Sharma


                    Extempore English



                    Dev Chandana


                    Instrumental Music (Percussion)



                    Ansh Awasthi


                    Instrumental music (Swar)



                    Kartikeya Narang


                    Instrumental Music (Swar)



                    Devesh Dev


                    Instrumental Music (Percussion)



                    Yashika Pawar


                    Instrumental music (Percussion)



                    Sanidhya Tyagi


                    Declamation (English)







                      TOY TREASURE – 2019

                      At the core of a child’s heart lies the desire to play with a toy. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile that a toy brings to a child’s face; unfortunately many children are deprived of these smiles.

                      The Toy Bank was hence established for bringing joy in life of every child through toys. This is done by recycling the donated toys and distributing them to those who would need them the most. It envisages a society where the underprivileged children have the Right to Play and get their childhood back by actively involving them in educative toys and story books in order to help them gain an active and enriching life.


                      Arwachinians gave an opportunity to the underprivileged children to have holistic development through the values of sharing and caring. They shared their toys, games and story books to bridge the gap between the privileged and underprivileged children. They participated with great zeal and showed enthusiasm of the highest level. They all supported the drive heartily which can be evidently seen in the final outcome which went beyond any expectation. Their conduct for showing such kind and noble behaviour was appreciated by the respective class teachers and each of them was awarded with a participation certificate to admire their kindness shown towards their social responsibility.

                      With this gesture, Arwachin International School once again lived up to the very words we believe in – a holistic and comprehensive development of society by the total and nurtured enlargement of every child.

                        INTER HOUSE ENGLISH DRAMA COMPETITION (2019-20)

                        An Inter-House English Drama Competition was held in Arwachin International School on 25th November 2019. The students of classes 7 to 12 participated in it. The competition provided a platform to the students to demonstrate their acting skills. The theme of the competition was conservation of nature and natural resources. The competition was adjudged by Mr. Shubham Mishra, Mrs. Usha Chauhan and Mrs. Mansipriya

                        Firstly, the students of Bose House presented a thought provoking drama ‘The Precious Drop’ on conservation of water. It highlighted the importance of saving water as need of the hour. Next drama was presented by Tilak House on Zero Hunger. The drama aimed to solve the problem of hunger and malnutrition by establishing a society where zero hunger is prevented. Next in line was Shastri House which presented a drama on Choking Air. It depicted the present scenario of the earth where people are facing problem of air pollution. Last but not the least, was Tagore House which presented their drama on Say No To Plastic. They highlighted the ill effects of plastic usage on the environment.

                        The judges declared Shastri house the winner with 156 points. Tilak House bagged the second position with 146 points and Bose House secured the third position with 128.5 points. Uttara of Shastri House was declared the Best Actor Female and Ritwik of Shastri House was declared the Best Actor Male. The presence of our honourable Principal Mrs. Swapna Nair enthralled and enthused the participants.

                        The students of classes 7 to 12, who were the audience to the show, thoroughly enjoyed the event. The event came to an end with the judges applauding the sincere effort of the participants.

                          WORKSHOP AT CAUC

                          The Canadian university application centre organized a workshop on “Education,career and life in Canada”conducted by Mr. Daniel Zeretsky, founder of CUAC at The Eros Hotel, Nehru place, New Delhi on 23rd November 2019. The workshop was attended by Mrs. Manisha Sen and Mrs. Annapoorna Siddhartha. It was an Informative session providing the latest information about Canada, its higher education system and these facets most germane to students and their families contemplating further study in Canada.

                          The workshop was quite informative and may help and guide The students who would be interested to go for higher studies to Canada.

                            LITTLE LEARNERS

                            Collins arranged a workshop at VSPK Rohini, Sector 13 on 22nd of November, 2019. The Resource person was Ms. Shweta Talwar. The theme of the workshop was ‘inspiring the learners today’.

                            Ms. Talwar , while talking about the Holistic Development of the child and school readiness and also emphasized upon the importance of  the 5 Domains of school Reading, that are:

                            . Language Development

                            . Cognitive Development

                            . Socio- emotional Development

                            . Physical Development, and

                            . Creative Aesthetic Development

                            She also talked about the most important need of a child when he/she first steps in the school- that is love and then the child reciprocates that love as he/ she grows up. Apart from encouraging the students, a teacher has to play a role model as a child tends to imitate the grown-ups around him or her.

                            She said that a child comes from a society and goes back to one thus; a teacher has to work hand in hand with community and parents for the betterment of the children.

                            As per the Resource Person, out of listening, speaking, reading and writing, a child needs to be good at ‘listening’ and ‘reading’ in order to be school ready for the next classes as ‘speaking’ is the skill that the child already comes ready with, and for reading, phonics play a big role.

                            Collins also inaugurated the books: LITTLE LEARNERS at the event.

                            To sum up, the workshop was a very interesting and informative experience and we thank our school heads that they gave us the opportunity and exposure.


                              A capacity building programme on Physical Wellness was organized by CBSE at Shiksha Sadan, Rouse Avenue, Delhi on 22nd November 2019. Sixty seven teachers, counsellors & principals  participated in this programme from different schools. Dr. Rakesh Garg and Ms. Moushumi Sarkar,Assistant Secretary(Skill Education),CBSE were the resource persons of the programme. The teachers of Arwachin International School Mr. Sanjeev Kumar and Mr. Ishwar Thapa attended the workshop.Various techniques of first aid for different kinds of injuries, how to assess the victim, call for help and techniques of management were taught.Besides these, training of CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) and chocking treatment were also provided.The knowledge acquired in the workshop will surely help us to save a life at the time of emergencies.

                                Colgate oral hygiene workshop

                                A workshop on how to tackle the growing menace of screen time in the lives of children by motivating them to adopt an active lifestyle especially in ‘Fun Sports’ challenges along with Oral Hygiene Programme to create awareness on oral health and hygiene was organized on 22nd November, 2019.

                                The resource person spoke about the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyle among children. Various facts about oral hygiene were also shared with the students. They were educated about correct brushing techniques. A quiz was also conducted to reinforce the same idea. At the end, free samples of Colgate children specific toothpastes were distributed to all the primary students.

                                Along with fun and frolic, it was an informative session for all.

                                  ENGLISHVILLE WORKSHOP

                                  The Englishville workshop was conducted by Chetana Publications on 21st November 2019 at Chhabil Das Public School, Ghaziabad. Two teachers of our school, Mrs. Vijeta Sharma and Mrs. Anindita Banerjee attended the workshop. The resource person was Mr. Barry O’ Brien. He is one of the country’s leading quizmasters, author and the President in Chief of the All India Anglo Indian Association.

                                  The main focus of the workshop was on making the teaching learning process as direct, interactive and enjoyable for the learners so that they comprehend, think, write and speak fluently and correctly n English. It was suggested that this can be done with the aid of modern and traditional teaching tools, innovative learning techniques and continuous reinforcement of new concepts.

                                  The emphasis of the workshop was on effective communication and use of correct grammar. On the whole, it was a good experience.

                                    Capacity Building Programme for physics

                                    Two day Capacity Building Programme for physics- XII was held on 19 & 20 November 21, 2019 at MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL, SHALIMAR BAGH, NEW DELHI which was  attended by Mr. Vivek Gautam (PGT Physics), Arwachin international school, Dilshad garden, Delhi. It was conducted by senior resource persons, Mrs. Pragya Nopani and Mrs. Alpana Malik. The objective of the programme was to enhance teaching by nurturing the future of students and providing them with accurate knowledge of the subject in interactive mode. By following the updated Blooms taxonomy under the instructive manner of understanding, evaluating, remembering, creating the queries and answering them in righteous way not only to provide the subject knowledge but to cultivate the essence of application in physical world for enhancing human life and intellect.    


                                      Mathematics Workshop

                                      A capacity building programme, on “Joyful teaching and learning of Mathematics” was organised at Centre of Excellence, CBSE, on 19th and 20th November, 2019. The workshop was attended by Mrs Sonali Bhatnagar and Ms Sakshi Arora. The programme started with an introduction of the resource persons and the participants. Mrs Ishita Mukherjee and Mrs Rasmi Kathuria conducted the workshop.

                                      The workshop proceeded with various joyful activities to promote meaningful learning. The aim was to develop ideas to motivate children and help them visualize the concepts, through Mathematical games, puzzles and hands on activities. Some softwares like Geogebra, Tarsia puzzle and Ecllipse crossword were introduced. Their application will help in facilitating the use of ICT skills in teaching and learning of Mathematics. It was a very well organized and interactive event. Overall, it proved to be an enriching experience and helped the teachers to update their pedagogical skills.