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  Hindi Essay Writing competition was held on 27th January, 2020. Classes 1 to 12 participated in  this   competition. The competition helped the students to improve their creative writing skills and imaginative skills. It enabled the students to demonstrate their thoughts, ideas and emotions through words. The students understood that it is important to put our ideas in a proper sequence while keeping the word and time limit in mind.

Following are the names of the winners:

CLASS             STUDENTS NAME                        POSITION

I                              MANYA                                                  I

                               DIVISHA                                                II

                               HARSHEEL                                            III

II                             RUDRA                                                 I

                               AVNI                                                     II

                               SOHAM                                                III

III                          ARNAV  GAUTAM                                 I

                               RIYA                                                         II

                           ADITI GOYAL                                           III

IV                       ANSHUL                                                   I

                           ANUSHKA   GARG                                 II

                           ACHINTYA   TYAGI                                III

V                        NAVYA  NARULA                                  I

                          ANUSHKA  GUPTA                               II

                          VASU  GOYAL                                       III

VI                      GRANTH MAHESHWARI                     I

                         KUSHAGRA  SHARMA                          II



  VI                      SHONAL YADAV                           III

VII                     PRIYA  JAITH                                   I

                          ANANYA                                          II

                          ARCHIT  MITTAL                           III

VIII                    ANSHIKA  SHARMA                       I

                          SHUBHI JAIN                                  II

                          HIMANI GOYAL                             III

IX                      PRIYANSHU                                     I

                         HARSHIT  JAIN                                II

                         AABHYA  GIRISH                            III

X                        PRIYANSHI                                      I

                           AARDHYA                                       II

                          KAUSHIKI GUPTA                           III    

XI                     ADARSH ALOK                                   I

                         LAVANYA                                          II

                         SHIVANGI                                         III

XII                    HIMANSHI                                         I

                         LATIKA                                              II

                         SAHIL                                                III

    Introduction of Self  Defense programme in school for students safety

    Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched Integrated Scheme for School Education i.e. Samagra Shiksha. The government has introduced a self defense training programme for girls under Samagra Shiksha so as to make them strong.

    The crime rate in India has been rising and especially crime against women, therefore, safety and security of girls is really a concern for the government. Self Defense training will be imparted to girls from classes 6 to 12 studying in government and private schools.  In keeping up with this initiative, two police officers came to interact with the students of Arwachin International School in the month of January, 2020. They sensitized the students about the dangers lurking outside and assured their help at all stages. They further confirmed that they are readily available outside the school campus whenever the need be. Delhi Police has also installed complaint boxes in school, where students can write their problems.

    In the month of February 2020, Delhi Police announced a ten days workshop on self defense for girls to be launched in the month of March, 2020. They encouraged the students to take part in this workshop and elaborated that in this workshop, they will teach the techniques and tricks that a girl can learn to protect herself in any situation. Moreover, in another visit by two female police officers, the students were encouraged to report any kind of unpleasant happenings like eve teasing, any like of bullying and ragging so that they can be taken up immediately.  Such initiatives help students to become self confident and self reliant so that they can handle all situations bravely.

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      “One should learn every moment and should earn bit by bit”

      Arwachin international School organized a Havan Ceremony to seek the divine blessings of the Almighty for the students of Classes X and XII who will appear in the CBSE Board Examination 2020 shortly. The objective was to wish them luck and drive away their pre-exam anxiety. All the teachers and the students along with the honourable Director, Mr. Arun Sharma and the respected Principal, Mrs. Swapna Nair participated in this sacred purifying ritual which is considered important before undertaking any arduous task.

      The entire school was enriched with positive energy with the chanting of the Vedic mantras and fumes of the holy fire. Everyone prayed for their success in the upcoming Board Examination 2020.

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        iafMr th ds n~okjk fon~;kfFkZ;ksa dks cM+ksa dk lEeku ,oa vk’khokZn ds egRo ij izdk’k Mkyrs gq, fuEu ea=ksa dk mPpkj.k fd;k x;k &

        vfHkoknu’khyL; fuR;a o`n~/kksilsfou%A

        pRokfj rL; o/kZUrs vk;qfoZn~;k ;’kks cye~ AA

         bl ‘yksd dk vFkZ ;g gS fd tks O;fDr jkst+ cM+s&cqt+qxksZ ds lEeku esa iz.kke vkSj pj.k Li’kZ djrk gSA mldh mez]fon~;k];’k vkSj ‘kfDr c<+rh tkrh gSA 

        fon~;kFkhZ ds y{k.kksa ij izdk’k Mkyk x;k D;ksafd fon~;kFkhZ gh ns’k ds Hkkoh d.kZ/kkj gksrs gSa vkSj muls gh jk"Vª dh igpku gksrh gSA  

        dkdps"Vk] cdks /;kua] Loku funzk rFkSo pA 

        vYikgkjh] x`gR;kxh] fon~;kFkhZ iap y{k.kaAA 

        ,d fon~;kFkhZ esa ;s ik¡p y{k.k gksus pkfg,&

        dkSos dh rjg tkuus dh ps"Vk ]cxqys dh rjg /;ku]dqRrs dh rjg fujh{k.k ¼lgh vkSj xyr ½dks igpkuuk ]vYikgkjh vkSj x`gR;kxh gksuk pkfg,A

          CLASS 12 (2019-20)

          “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our heart.”

          Arwachin International School witnessed the farewell ceremony hosted by the students of Class XI and dedicated to the batch of Class XII students. Students of Class XI organized a grand and gala show held at the school auditorium on 7th Feb’20. The function commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Honourable Director Mr. Arun Sharma, our respected Principal, Mrs.Swapna Nair, our Chief Guest, Mr. Sushil Gupta, C.A (Vibhag Sanchalak, RSS),  Acharya Anusuya Ghosh Banerjee, an eminent classical dancer and Mr. Sushil Sharma (M.D., Elite Coaching Centre, Mayur Vihar).  In an emotionally surcharged atmosphere inside the auditorium of the school, everyone together bid adieu to the outgoing students of 2020 batch.

          The day started with great excitement and merriment, as all the Class XII students dressed up to their glamorous best arrived for their grand welcome; the boys looked dashing in their tuxedos and the girls glowed in their  gorgeous saris. It was an incredible afternoon which was organised with the support and encouragement of our Principal, Mrs. Nair and the teachers. Each and everyone appreciated the efforts in organising the wonderful event. It was a proud moment for all the staff members present at the event to watch the different hues of the students who they have nurtured with great love and care. The enthusiastic students of class 11 honoured their seniors by presenting gifts and special cards to each one of them with an exceptional title written inside. It was followed by a short and sweet entertainment programme comprising poetry, music and dance performances. A captivating classical dance was performed by our special guest,  Acharya Anusuya Ghosh Banerjee.

          Students reminisced their fun-filled days in school and expressed how difficult it was for them to go out of the portals of their alma mater. In a nostalgic speech, the school Head Girl and Head Boy, Samriddhi Jain and Aditya Bhatt remembered their time as school children, the various ups and down and failures and success and stressed on the importance of school life in shaping one’s destiny. They thanked the teachers for their endearing efforts in shaping up the destiny of a child and for being there when it mattered.

          The Director and the Principal and their teachers reminded them not to forget the values inculcated in them by their parents and teachers. They also wished them good luck for their Board exams and future as well. It was an incredible afternoon which ended with a ramp walk and a talent hunt show for the class XII students. The judges for the Ramp Walk and Talent Show were Acharya Anusuya Ghosh Banerjee, Mrs Swapna Nair, Mrs Priya Grover and Ms Natasha Sharma. The students of Class XII were awarded the following titles:

          Ms Arwachin: Tanushree Bishnoi                            Mr Arwachin: Dushyant Panwar

          Ms Talented: Aamna Hashmi                                   Mr Talented:  Parth Aggarwal

          Ms Well-dressed: Muskaan Dhama                         Mr Well-dressed: Parth Kumar

          Ms Punctual: Ishita Garg                                         Mr Punctual: Vipul Yadav

          Ms Confident: Diksha Gautam                                Mr Confident: Padmanabh Tiwari


           A lavish and sumptuous spread was laid as a part of the lunch followed by dance with the DJ which was enjoyed by one and all. All together, it was a day of fun, frolic, memories and nostalgia. 

            Skype session with Swati Sadan School, Nepal

            Under the ISA project, Friendship, the students of 6A came face to face with their pen pals of our partner school, Swadi Sadan School, Nepal.

            This journey began with the exchange of letters and greeting cards. The students of both the countries were exhilarated to meet their friends. They got to know about each other’s hobbies and interests. Many Nepalese students shared their liking for Bollywood songs. One of them even sang a Bollywood number which was appreciated a lot by everyone.

            All the students promised to stay in touch with each other. It was a great interaction with the students of our partner school. 


              “Basant Panchami” is an occasion which marks the arrival of the spring season and is also celebrated to worship Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

              Basant Panchami was celebrated in Arwachin International school with great fervour and enthusiasm.

              The children of the pre – primary were dressed in yellow clothes, offered yellow flowers to the Goddess and also brought yellow coloured food in their lunch boxes. The  children assembled together to pray and attain blessings from Goddess Saraswati to reach the epitome of knowledge. The children performed on Saraswati vandana and sang ‘Hey Sharde maa…’ after that Prasad was distributed among the children. The children enjoyed the day, enlightened by the blessings of Maa Saraswati. Mr. Sharma and Mrs. Nair graced the occasion with their presence.


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