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Inter- House English Elocution Competition

An Inter-House English Elocution competition was held at Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden on 27th September 2019. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. They recited the poems with correct intonation and pronunciation. It was a proud moment for the school when all the participants spoke beautifully and eloquently. The judges for the competition were- Mrs. Pathak, Mrs. Vijeta and Ms. Deepshika Ghosh. The first round was the group round and the second round was the solo round.

The results of the group round were as follows:

·        Shastri and Bose House bagged the first position in class 1, followed by Tagore House on the second and Tilak House on the third position respectively.

·        In class 2, the first position was won by Shastri House, The second by Tagore House and the third by Bose House.

·        In class 3, Tagore House stood first, Tilak House stood second and Shastri House stood third.

·        In class 4, Bose House stood first, Tagore House stood second and Tilak and Shastri House together stood third.


The results for the solo round were as follows:

·        Sreejita Roy of Shastri House (class 1B) came first, followed by Harshil (class 1 B) of Bose House  came second and Kashvi Verma (class1 C)  of Tilak House bagged the third position.

·        In class 2, Ibaadur Rehmaan (class II C) of Shastri House stood first, Diksha Awasthi (class II A) of Tilak House came second and Avani Malik (class II B)  of Tagore House  stood third.

·        In class 3, the first position was bagged together by Aryan Choudhary (class III A) of Tagore  House and Aneesha Pal (class III C) of Shastri House, Deepam Bannerjee (class III C)  of Bose House stood second and Anushka Mishra (class III B)  of Tilak House secured the third position.

·        In class 4, Delisha (class IV A) of Shastri House stood first, Shreyansha (class IV C) of Bose House stood second and Aahana (class IV B) of Tagore House stood third.


The competition was a great success. The teachers and the participants left no stone unturned to make the competition a huge success. Mrs. Grover praised all the participants and the teachers for their efforts. 

    Stress Management Workshop

    To overcome the stress and anxiety, a seminar on stress management and concentration development was organised at Arwachin International School by DigiLooks Healthcare. The seminar took place on 26th September, 2019 from 8:30 am to 9:15 am in the 3rd floor auditorium for classes 8 to 12.

    The students of the school participated in the seminar. Aiming to guide the students on how to relieve themselves from stress in order to excel in the fields chosen by them, the workshop was addressed by motivational speaker Dr. Manisha Chopra.

    Using power point presentation Dr. Manisha also talked about the influence of our lifestyles on our ability to tackle stress and anxiety. It was a very informative and wonderful session.  

      Interactive Assembly of 7C and Reading Club classes 6 to 8

      An interactive assembly was conducted on 25/09/19 on the topic of 3Rs and friendship.A nukkad natak, presentation on 3Rs and a quiz session based on it followed by storytelling with enactment was presented during the assembly .The value of  friendship and how we all can help to bring a change  through small steps taken by us for our environment  was the motto of the assembly.

        Capacity Building workshop on stress management

        Stress wrecks havoc both on our emotional and physical well being. Stress management helps improve our efficiency.

        Capacity building program and stress management was organized by AIS, Dilshad garden, on 22 September 2019. One aim of this workshop was to help teachers to able to have awareness and understanding of stress. The resource person was Dr. Pooja Jetly.

        The day long program was designed to provide coping strategies for avoiding distress and to promote better adjustment whether in school or at home.

        It was a very interactive and informative session. It was a day entertained with group discussion and hands on activities . Teachers introspected and identified their stressors and promised to work upon them to lead a stress free life.        

          Medical Health Check-up Camp

          A free Medical Health Check-up camp was organised by Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden in association with Dharmshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital. On 18th and 21st September 2019, a team of Physicians headed by Mr. Vineet Pankaj and practicing Gynaecologist Dr. Sushma S Dhar from Dhatramshila hospital conducted the health camp in the school premises itself. The objective of the camp was to provide information regarding cancer awareness to the teachers and staff. 

          It was a wonderful opportunity for the teachers as they do not take time to take care of themselves while always aiding others. We are very thankful to our Principal Mrs. Swapna Nair for making such an opportunity available for us. 


            The English Recitation Competition of L.K.G and U.K.G. was held on 13th of September, 2019. The theme followed was the ISA theme and the children participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. They were, a super exhibit of confidence, focus, discipline and articulation as solo performers.  And a great display of synchronization in action as well as words as group performers. All did very well. 

            Mrs. Nair graced the occasion with her presence. The honorable judges for U.K.G were Ms. Natasha Sharma, . Mrs. Dhingra and Mrs. Rumela Roy, for L.K.G were  Ms. Natasha Sharma, Mrs. Bharti Pokhriyal and Mrs. Isha Pandit.  The results were announced by Mrs. Nair.

            Solo Performances by L.K.G.

            NAME OF THE CHILD



            HARINI  -  THE TIGER

            L.K.G. B


            SOMAYA  - THE DOLPHIN

            L.K.G. C


            KUSHAGRA    -  THE ELEPHANT

            L.K.G. A


            Group Performances by L.K.G



            L.K.G  C    EVERYBODY HAS A NAME


            L.K.G  B    I MUST BE


            L.K.G. A    MY FAMILY


            Solo Performances by U.K.G.

            NAME OF THE CHILD




            U.K.G. B



            U.K.G. A


            AVNI JAIN   -  THE TIGER

            U.K.G. C


            Group Performances by U.K.G



            U.K.G. - B    MY FAMILY


            U.K.G. - A    KEEPING CLEAN


            U.K.G. – C    FOOD


            Mrs. Nair appreciated the hard work of the children and the teachers The programme ended with the National Anthem.

              FITNESS WEEK

              “Yoga is a valuable gift of India’s ancient tradition” .It is a lot more than just an exercise. It embodies unity of mind and body, harmony between man and nature, a Holistic approach to health and well being. In view of rich benefits of practicing yoga, this year Arwachin International School ran a Fitness Week from 4-9-19 to 12-9-19. During the course of this week, students performed different warm up exercises and some yoga aasanas such as butterfly aasanas along with om chanting and breathing exercises. The importance of these aasanas and exercises were explained simultaneously. As we all know, “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body” ,children  brought lunch items according to a pre- decided healthy food chart such as vegetable pulao, suji upma etc. during the fitness week. Over all it was funfilled  activity for kids to break the monotony of their routine .

                Motivate yourself to enhance your potential

                Ask yourself if what you are doing today  is getting  you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”

                A workshop on” Motivate yourself to enhance your potential “was conducted by Mrs Mridul Jain from Madhuban publishers on 11th September 2019. It was an enriching workshop that successfully inculcated in every staff member that inside each one of us, is a huge potential to accomplish what we feel strongly about something. We must ignite a spark within ourselves and attempt to make a difference in our lives.

                Every staff member participated enthusiastically in the activities done in the workshop. All in all it was a great learning experience for everyone.


                  Hindi Elocution competition of classes 1-3 was held on 6th September’19.The theme of the competition was “National animals and birds” of different countries. This activity was conducted as a part of ‘International School Awards’ curriculum under the aegis of British Council. Various poems relating to National animals and birds of different countries such as peacock, tiger, panda, lion, elephant, dolphin etc. were recited.

                  The students participated with great enthusiasm and excitement. The judges for the competition were Mrs. Mukta Tomar, Ms.Poonam Batra, and Mrs.Shuchi Kaushik.

                  It was indeed an interesting activity as children got to know the names of National animals and birds of different countries like Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China etc. They also learnt about their habitats and appearance.

                  The result was as follows-

                  Class 1 : Solo

                             Position        House Name           Student Name        

                  ·               1st                  Tilak                       Manya  (1 C)                   

                  ·               2nd                 Shastri                    Ishaan Solanki (1 A)                 

                  ·               3rd                  Bose                       IqraRaza (1 C)

                  ·               4th                  Tagore                    Aadya (1A)

                  Class 2 : Solo

                             Position          House Name           Student Name       

                  ·               1st                  Tilak                    Dhairya Verma (2 A)                    

                  ·               2nd                 Bose                     Samahita  Dutta (2 A)              

                  ·               3rd                 Tagore                  Dhairya Sharma (2 C)

                  ·               4th                 Shastri                   Navika (2 A)

                   Class 3 : Solo

                              Position        House Name         Student Name        

                  ·               1st                 Shastri                  Lavanya Maheshwari (3A)

                  ·               2nd                Tilak & Tagore     Arnav Jain (3 B) & Rishabh (3C)                    

                  ·               3rd                 Bose                     Amar Pratap Singh (3B)                     


                   Class 1 : Group

                               Position        House Name             

                  ·               1st                     Bose

                  ·               2nd                    Shastri                     

                  ·               3rd                    Tagore                  

                  ·               4th                     Tilak                       



                   Class 2 : Group

                                Position        House Name          

                  ·               1st                     Tagore

                  ·               2nd                    Bose                      

                  ·               3rd                    Shastri

                  ·               4th                    Tilak

                   Class 3 : Group

                                Position        House Name          

                  ·               1st                    Shastri                    

                  ·               2nd                   Tilak                  

                  ·               3rd                   Tagore                      

                  ·               4th                    Bose                        

                    ”A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”

                    Arwachin International School celebrated the joyous occasion of Teacher’s Day with great pomp and show to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and to thank the teachers for all that they do. Like every year, the students of ClassXII organised the programme with great enthusiasm and zeal. The day began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by the performances of the students on stage exclusively for the teachers.

                    The Arwachinians exhibited their talents as a treat to the teachers. Many programmes such as dance, music, poem recitation, skits etc. dedicated to the teachers were presented by the students. The day ended with an encouraging and motivational speech by thé honourable Director Mr. Sharma. Our respected principal Mrs. Swapna Nair wished the teachers and thanked the students for organising the event beautifully and also urged the students to become good human beings as a mark of respect to their teachers.

                    After the programme got over, all the teachers were treated by the school with lunch and were taken to Carnival Cinemas, Pacific Mall for the movie ‘Mission Mangal’

                      Interactive Assembly of Class 3 C
                      Theme – Our Solar System

                      Interactive assembly was organised at Arwachin International School on 4th September'19 by the students of class 3 C. The theme of the assembly was- Our Solar System.

                      The students took the audience on a space trip. Some students were dressed up as astronauts and presented a dance performance. They showed their journey in space. It was followed by a short skit where children were dressed up as the objects we see in space. They introduced themselves with expressions and voice modulation. A dance performance on the song – Eight Planets was also presented by students to celebrate the wonders of our Solar System.

                      This programme helped the participants to enhance their confidence and was a step towards their all round development. The audience also gained a lot of knowledge about our Solar System. The assembly ended with an interesting quiz to test the knowledge of students related to theme.

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