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    Capacity Building Programme On Assessment in Secondary classes

    Mrs. Sangita Sharma(co-ordinator), Mrs. Shruti Mishra (PGT Biology), and  Mrs. Leeja  Srigil(PGT Chemistry)  attended the capacity building programme on Assessment in Secondary classes by CBSE on 31st August 2019 at Maharaja Agarsain Public School Ashok Vihar.  The workshop was led by the CBSE resource person Mrs. Neeta Rastogi. The objectives of the workshop were:-

    -To elucidate concept of periodic test.

    -To prepare balanced question papers as per the design of question papers.

    -To familiarize with co-scholastic activities and portfolio.

    -To understand the format of   report card of classes IX and X .

    “Teachers were made to analyse the CBSE board question papers on the basis of Blooms Taxonomy. The various keywords of Blooms Taxonomy were discussed in detail. The teachers were made aware of the use of different   methods for assessment and importance of keeping records systematically for future reference. The reporting process needs to involve descriptive information also which is to be used for the improvement of students and teachers. The programme helped the teachers to clarify their doubts about the new assessment pattern. It was a new learning experience and enriched the professional knowledge of the teachers.

      Workshop on Upholding Ethics and Integrity (Capacity Building Programme)

      “Keep integrity and your work ethic intact. So what if that means working a little harder; an honorable character is your best calling card, and that’s something anyone can have!”
      In today’s scenario, where everyone is running after success, becoming materialistic and is equipped with all sorts of luxuries, it is realized that our culture and ethics is being left behind. We, the Arwachinians strive hard to imbibe the values we have learnt, in our students. Day to day, the teachers are updated with the modern techniques and strategies to help the students groom into chivalrous citizens of India. Mrs. Prabhjyot Kaur and Mrs. Shivani Sharma attended a two days’ workshop on ‘Upholding Ethics and Integrity’ (Capacity building Programme) conducted by the CBSE on 3rd & 31st Aug’19.
       The resource person, Mrs. Neera Kohli, an innovative and forward thinking Senior Educator and Administrator with over 33 years of experience of teaching, commenced the workshop with an Ice Breaking activity. She conducted various activities that would definitely be helpful in strengthening the bond between the students and the teachers. The Kohelberg’s Theory of ‘Stages of Moral Development’ was used to explain how the people falling in different age groups can be taught to be ethical. A few games were also a part of the workshop, leading to the conclusion where the participants had to reflect upon the strategies they used in the classrooms for imbibing values and ethics in their students. The workshop was concluded with the ‘Feedback and Open House Session’ wherein each and every teacher spoke of his /her takeaways of the workshop. The workshop played a very important role in making the teachers understand the essence of it, which was…..
      “If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it.
      You can have all the money in the world,
      But if you are not a moral and ethical person,
      you really have nothing.”   


        Our students excelled in the various ‘HINDI COMPETITIONS’ held at the zonal level. The following students are the achievers at the zonal level :   

        Competition students name Zonal Position Group

        Hindi Slogan


        PRIYAMVADA                class X-A





        Hindi Declamation







        Hindi Essay Writing


        Class XI






        Class VII-B






        CLASS X-A







        CLASS XII-A






        CLASS VIII-B






        CLASS XII-A






        CLASS VIII-B




          IFSE’S GLOBAL MATHEMATICAL TALENT PROBE 2019/20 was held on 29th August 2019. 241 students of our school participated in it. The duration of the exam was 1 hour.

          Our students performed extremely well in the exam. Each student has been given a Certificate of Participation, besides CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR for their outstanding performance. Top 5% of the total students globally received COMMENDABLE PERFORMANCE AWARD and 13 students of our school have received it.

          Commendable Performance Award winners:


          Student’s Name


          Global Rank

          Percentile Score


          Advik Vashishth

          II C




          Payas Vijay

          III A




          Rashit Koli

          III B




          Anshul Sharma

          IV A




          Kushagra Sharma

          VI A




          Kabir Bhutani

          VI A




          Kartik Baliyan

          VI A




          Rudransh Bhrdwaj

          VI B




          Himaghn Gupta

          VII D





          IX B




          Kartikeya Narang

          IX B





          IX B




          Vedant Agarwal

          IX B




          Last but not the least, two students of our school received Appreciation Letter for their unmatched performance:


          Student’s Name


          Global Rank

          Percentile Score


          Raghav Panwar

          III C





          VI C





            The students of Arwachin Interational School participated in 2nd  NHPS Inter-School Khel Utsav, a sports event organized by New Horizon Public School on 29th August 2019, at Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium. On the occasion of National Sports day 28 schools participated in the number of competitions organised by the school.

            It is delightful to announce that Arwachians bagged 36 medals altogether in various events. Besides the various other accolades, ‘Major Dhyan Chand Best discipline school  Trophy was awarded to our school .

            LIST OF WINNERS

            Tug of war boys -  under 12- Silver ( 10 participant)

            Tug of war girls – under 12- Bronze  ( 10 participant)


            Shotput girls – under 13- - silver

            400 mtr race girls – under – 14 - Bronze

            Long jump boys-   under-14-   1silver nd 1Bronze

            100 mtr girls-       under 14-    Silver

            Long jump girls-   under-14-   1 Gold

            4x100 mtr relay race Girls-under-14   4 Bronze

            4x100 mtr relay race boys-under-14   4 Silver

            400 mtr race boys – under – 14 - Bronze


            March past competition-   Fourth position

            Best Discipline school trophy-   First position


            Total medals-  36 medals

            Trophies-    1. Best Discipline school trophy

            2. Tug of war boys runner up trophy

            3. Tug of war girls  Third place trophy


              The CBSE conducted a two-day work on capacity building in English language for class XI and XII on 28th and 29th of August 2019 at Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar. The work shop was attended by two of our teachers: Mrs. Vijeta Sharma and Mrs. Anindita Banerjee. The resource persons for the workshop were Ms. Alka Rai and Ms. Ruchi Sengar.  Nearly 70 teachers from different schools attended the workshop. The workshop aimed at enhancing the understanding of the curriculum of English and giving fruitful guidance to the teachers of English to update their pedagogical skills. The various aspects of learning i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing were discussed emphatically.

              The session started with an ice breaker session where all the participants acquainted themselves with each other. After that, three skills of language: Reading, Listening and Speaking were taken up. The objectives and methods of teaching these skills were discussed in very interactive manner.

              The next session, on day two resumed with Writing skills followed by Literature and Assessment The various kinds of methodology and teaching techniques were discussed. The teachers shared their ideas and techniques with each other. The teachers also made lesson plans that were discussed in the workshop.

              Many interesting group and individual activities were conducted that boosted up the workshop. The activities were planned in a manner that they can be conducted in the classes as well. The workshop enlightened and empowered the teachers with updating the teaching and learning process.

                Capacity Building Programme in Upholding Ethics and Integrity

                A two days workshop on Capacity Building in Upholding Ethics and Integrity  was conducted by CBSE on 27th and 28th August 2018 at  St.Angel’s School, Rohini. The resource person  for the workshop was Dr. Neera Kohli, who is a retired Vice Principal from a well known Public School .She launched a programme called ‘The New Me’ to empower the youth with personality development tools and to enrich their character.

                The main focus of the workshop was :

                1.      Creating space of ethics and integrity in the classrooms

                2.      Steps of ethical decision making

                3.      A to Z of ethics for students as well as teachers

                4.      Kohlberg’s stages of Moral Development

                Mrs. Garima Sharma and Ms.Neha Sachdeva of primary department attended the workshop. Various Individual activities such as role plays and group activities were conducted to motivate the teachers.

                It was a well organized, very clear and concise workshop. It was a great mix of talking and playing. The participants took away a lot of valuable tips from the workshop.

                  Workshop Report
                  Happy classroom learning

                  The teachers of Arwachin International School, Ms. Natasha Sharma and Ms. Jyoti Yadav attended a workshop-‘Capacity Building Programme on Happy Class Room Teaching ‘on 27th August’2019, at Mamta Modern School, Vikas Puri, Delhi. The programme was organised by the CBSE, Centre of Excellence. The objective of this workshop was to bring self awareness in the teachers. The one golden line that was repeatedly stressed on by Ms. Monica Meham was: Teachers are the facilitators;” they are the Guide by the side”. It also emphasized upon the tag line –‘happy teachers means happy children’ which means that teachers must take care of themselves and stay happy in order to spread happiness in the classrooms, staffrooms and even in their house. The workshop was informative and useful. Teachers also got the participation certificate by the CBSE, Centre of Excellence.

                    BHARTIYA SANSKRITI GYAN PARIKSHA, 2018

                    The students of Arwachin International School added another feather in their cap by excelling in Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha which was held on 3rd October, 2018 conducted by Shanti Kunj, Haridwar. The examination tested the knowledge of the students based on Indian culture and values.

                                The prize distribution function was held on 21st August, 2019 at Arwachin International School,Dilshad Garden.Students were awarded with several prizes and medals by the members of Bhartiya Sanskriti  including Acharya Udaiveer Prajapati,Acharya Devendra Singh Raja and Acharya Arvind Kulshrestha.  Acharya Udaiveer Prajapati guided the students and stressed on the importance of character and strong values in our life.  Acharya Devendra Singh Raja  motivated them to include Yoga in their life and stay fit.         

                     Following  are the students who excelled in this exam:

                                  CLASS       STUDENT’S NAME         POSITION

                                                5A           Hardik Sajwan                  1st


                                   CLASS              STUDENT’S NAME           POSITION

                                       5A                   Divyanshu Anand                    2nd

                                       5A                   Granth Maheshwari                3rd

                                       6D                      Himaghn Gupta                    1st

                                       6D                     Ananya Khantwal                  2nd

                                       6C                    Swayambhu Sarkar                3rd

                                       8B                      Anushka Singh                      1st

                                       8B                        Krish Koundal                    2nd

                     Well done students: Keep up!

                      Sanskrit  Articles Presented

                      It is a proud moment for the school to announce that two students of Arwachin International School have been featured in ‘Sanskrirt Ninaad’ a Sanskrit Magazine of Uttrakhand. This is a unique magazine in itself as it is published completely in Sanskrit.

                      Three articles written by Priyanshu of 9A in Sanskrit on the topics ^vLekda olqU/kjk* ^ee LoIue~*] ee lgikfBu%*were selected and published. Another student of 10A Priyamveda’s article was also selected and published in the magazine which was on the topic ^ee ekrk*. The students were highly encouraged and guided by their Sanskrit teacher Mrs. Radha Sharma to write these articles. This encouraged and motivated our students to participate and write more and more articles in Sanskrit language, the mother of all Indian languages.

                        Report On Science Seminar
                        Science Zonals

                         A science seminar  was  conducted on 23rd August 2019  at SKV  Ghazipur , where Sneha Mishra, a student of AIS of class X C presented  on the  topic ‘Impact of Periodic Elements on Humans’ under the guidance of Mrs. Ambika Verma.

                        She talked about the modern periodic table and arrangement of elements in it .

                        Also ,the positive and the negative impacts of various elements like nuclear energy, development of powerful weapons and application of medicine field were highlighted by her.

                        Result : She bagged 2ndposition in it.

                          Report On Junior Poster making competition.
                          Science Zonals

                           A science competition  was  conducted on 23rd August 2019  at  RPVV Nand Nagri , where Prakriti, a student of Arwachin International school of class  VIII- A made a poster  on the  topic ‘Traffic on Delhi Roads’ under the guidance of Ms. Sutekshna.

                          She showed the comparison of expectation Vs real situation of traffic on Delhi roads.

                          It’s a proud moment to announce that she bagged first position in this competition.

                            Report On Science Poster making Competition
                            Science Zonals

                            Science poster making competition was  held on 23rd August 2019  at RPVV Nandnagri where Keyur Sharma ,a student of AIS , Class X A  made the poster on the  topic ‘Water Management’ in senior category  under the guidance of Mrs. Sunita Suri.

                            The poster depicted the importance of water for survival and the ways to manage it.  Her poster was appreciated by all  and she bagged the 1st  position in senior category.

                              Report on Capacity building program on Mathematics (Class 10)

                              CBSE had conducted a workshop for Maths teachers on 22nd and 23rd August 2019 at multiple centres. The centre for the teachers of Arwachin International School was at Lions Public School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi.

                              The resource persons were Mr.Akshaynidhi Sharma and Mr.Neeraj Saxena.

                              They discussed the curriculum for Mathematics for classes IX and X. The common errors made by the students during the examinations and the problems faced by the teachers and students during classrooms were discussed in detail.

                              Various activities were also conducted to enhance the knowledge of the teachers.

                              Apart from it, an overview of the syllabus was given and topics related to it were discussed. Also, the new pattern for class X board exam 2019-20 of Standard and Basic Mathematics was discussed. Overall, the workshop was very interactive and enriching.


                                A two day workshop on capacity building in History for class XII  was conducted by CBSE on 22th and 23rd August 2019 at  AG DAV Centenary Public School Model Town. The resource person was Dr Ajay Kumar Jha, Lecturer, History  DOEGNCTD. The workshop was attended by teachers from Delhi and NCR.  The objective of the programme  was to acquaint History teachers with different teaching strategies and discussed about new marking schemes and objective type questions. And gave innovative ideas about doing map and project work. He guided the teachers in selecting important questions from each book which was really helpful. The workshop was effective as it gave us valuable information which enlightened us and made the session was fruitful.

                                  Capacity Building Programme in Gender Sensitivity

                                  The teachers of Arwachin International School, Ms. Natasha Sharma and Ms. Rumela Roy attended a workshop- 'Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity' on 23rd August, 2019 at G.D. Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar, Delhi. This programme was organised by CBSE, Centre of Excellence. It was headed by Ms. Chhaya Gupta, counsellor at National Victor, I.P. Extension.

                                  The participants watched various videos and got involved in individual and group activities. The key points of the workshop are stated below:

                                  1.      To understand the difference between gender and sex.

                                  2.      Decoding basic gender specific terminologies like- Gender equity, Gender gap and Gender stereotype.

                                  3.      Interventions which can make a school gender sensitive.

                                  4.      How to make gender sensitive lesson plans.

                                  The session was well presented, informative and interactive as well.


                                    Report on Science Quiz at Zonal Level

                                    The students of Arwachin International School namely Ajay Garg, Avni Goel and Tanishaof class X participated in the science quiz at Zonal level. The topic of the quiz was ‘Global Warming’. It was held on 21st August 2019 in the SKV school, Nand Nagri , E-block. 33 Schools registered themselves in this quiz. In the qualifying round, which was a written round the students of Arwachin bagged the second position. Out of 33 teams 4 teams qualified for the final round. The final round was a tough battle. The students of Arwachin International School bagged the first position in the competition.

                                      FASHION SHOW WITH BEST OUT OF WASTE   

                                      Making the best out of waste has been a part of life since the early ages. It was the human creative mind that gave birth to this extraordinary idea of using unwanted material in a useful way. Be it a thermocol used inside a T.V. packing or an ear bud, each and everything can have reuse value in this world either as  a useful raw material or as a decorative item.

                                      To inculcate the habit of creating the best out of waste, a fashion show was organized at Amrita Vidyalayam

                                      Our school students also participated in this event. They wore dresses made up of gunny bags, waffles packet, rags etc.

                                       The participants were as follows:-

                                      1. Soham Sachdeva        2-B

                                      2. Samaheta Dutt           2-A

                                      3. Dhaiya Verma              1-B

                                      4. Sreejita                          1-B

                                      5. Addya                            1-A

                                      6. Angel Dama                  2-A

                                      7. Mahi Tyagi                    2-C

                                      8. Sheikh Mohd. Ayaan   2-A

                                      It was a great learning experience for them as they learned from waste can be incorporated to make useful things and conserve our environment.

                                        Teachers’ Training Workshop
                                        3rd and 10th August , 2019

                                        A two-day workshop on Japanese polite expressions and flow of the conversation was organized by Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy of Japan at Japanese language teachers’ training centre, UGC-HDRDC, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

                                        This workshop was attended by Mrs. Jain and Mrs. Kaur of our school on 3rd and 10th  August.

                                        The objective of this two day teachers‘training workshop was to improve the Japanese teaching and language skills for the Japanese language teachers.

                                        The highly knowledgeable resource persons, Mr.Junichi Arima and Mrs.Mami Imoto (Advisers at Japan Foundation) helped the teachers to polish their skills. They emphasized on the Japanese polite expressions and flow of the conversation.

                                        At the end, Prof. Chawla, Advisor of Ministry of External affairs with his Japanese counterpart wished the teachers for their bright future.

                                        The workshop was very informative and useful. Teachers also got a participation certificate by Embassy of Japan and Ministry of External Affairs.

                                          AMRITA KALA SANGAM 2019

                                          A competition was held at Amrita Vidyalayam, Pushp Vihar, Delhi on 8th and 9th August 2019. More than 30 schools participated from all over Delhi like DPS Mathura road, St. Thomas Hauz Khas, Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket etc .It was conducted to promote the Indian culture amongst the youth. It was a two day event that consisted of many competitions like Youth Parliament, Robo Race, Drama, TV show in Sanskrit, Young entrepreneur, Story telling using puppets, Pantomime, Creative dance and many more. The event encouraged the contestants to discover their talent and work upon it. Arwachinians bagged the first position in the event of a TV show in Sanskrit. Arjun Sharma, of class 9B, who sat in the opposition in Youth Parliament caught everyone’s attention with his views and got special award of the best speaker.

                                          This event taught the contestants to open the doors of their creativity. The competition helped Arwachinians to learn that participation is more important than winning. The school will look forward to participate in such events in future as well as it was a great learning experience. 

                                            ZONAL SOLO CLASSICAL DANCE COMPETITION (SENIOR )

                                            It is a proud moment for all the Arwachinians that Rohini Raji of Class XI-A has bagged the First position in the Zonal Solo Classical Dance Competition which was held at Queens Global International School, Dilshad Garden on 5-08-2019, in which the students from many reputed schools participated. Rohini had performed Bharatnatyam dance beautifully and her performance was highly appreciated by all the judges. She will be competing in District Solo Classical Dance Competition. 

                                              Waste to Wonders
                                              Classes III – IV

                                              As a part of ISA project, the students of classes 3 and 4 were taken to an educational visit to Waste to Wonder, Delhi on 3rd August, 2019. It’s an initiative by the government of Delhi to curb the issue of solid waste management in the capital; the theme park has creatively used 150 tonnes of metal scrap and transformed it into replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World.

                                              This innovative approach to combat the problem of waste management overwhelmed the children and made them understand the purpose of the visit along with the responsibility the youth has towards conserving the environment. 

                                                Japanese Language Workshop

                                                The Japanese language teacher of Arwachin International School, Mrs. Vandana Jain attended a workshop on 2nd August, 2019, at the Japan Foundation, Delhi. It was organized by JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teachers’ Association) with the support of CBSE and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi (JFND).

                                                In the workshop guidelines and ideas on setting the questions papers for grades 6 to 8 were given to the teachers. A discussion regarding the correction of the answer sheets of the students also took place.

                                                The workshop made the teachers confident to make question papers which are holistic and conducive to learning.

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