Karo Sambhav- an initiative of Digital India conducted a workshop on e-waste management for the teachers of Social Studies on 30th July 2019. Ms. Bhawna Kambhoj and Ms. Deepshikha Ghosh of Arwachin International School attended the workshop. The workshop was hosted by Vishal Bharti Public School, Paschim Vihar Delhi.

The resource person Ms. Swati Ganguly discussed about the effects of e-waste and the ways of managing them. Discussions about the ways in which the students can ask community to manage waste. The various ways like role play, street play and reusing the waste were also discussed. The teachers were motivated to conduct such activities in the school to enlighten the students about the ways of managing waste. The session was interactive and enriching.


    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”


    The Investiture Ceremony of Arwachin International School for the academic session 2019-20 was held on 30th July 2019 with great pomp and dignity at the school auditorium. Arwachin International School was priviledged to have Squadron Leader Aditya Kumar Upadhyay as the Chief Guest who graced the occasion with his presence. The ceremony started with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by the Chief Guest, our honourable Director Mr. Sharma and our respected Principal, Mrs. Nair

    The new faces of the student council, who would lead the students of the school, came up. Aditya Bhatt and Samriddhi Jain of class XII are entitled the Head Boy and Head Girl respectively.  Shruti Kishore and Rishabh Dandriyal have been selected to be the Vice Head girl and the Vice Head Boy respectively. Jayantika and Soumya of class XI and Parth Aggarwal of class XII have been chosen as the Cultural Secretary of the school. The Sports Captains are Aamna Hashmi and Joyal Joseph of class XII. Four House Captains and four Vice House Captains have also been selected from class XII and class XI respectively. Gungun and Shailja from class XII and Ishita Garg and Adarsh Alok from Class XI have been selected as the student editors. More than 20 students from class XI have been made the Discipline-In-charge. The students were honoured with a badge and a sash. It was a propitious moment as the leaders of tomorrow stood up to take their place and read a sacrament to serve the school with honesty and devotion.

    The event ended with the motivational words of the Chief Guest, our honourable Director Mr. Sharma and our respected Principal, Mrs. Swapna Nair.


      “Winning not only means seeing yourself at the top. Winning actually means seeing a better and improved version of yourself.”

      Arwachin International School, in its extreme glory and grandeur, celebrated the Scholars' Day on 27th July 2019. The day being an extremely significant and momentous day, marked the recognition of students who have showcased their academic prowess and proved their worth as a Mangalite through sheer hard work.

      The ceremony was presided over by the Chief Guest of the day Mr. Gautam Gambhir, an Indian politician and former cricketer, the guest of honour, Shri Chandra Pal Sharma accompanied by Mr. Arun Sharma, the Director and Mrs. Swapna Nair, the Principal.

      The function began on a propitious note by invoking the blessings of the omnipotent Almighty and the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the panel of distinguished guests. This was followed by Saraswati Vandana by the tiny tots of the AIS. The little sunshines made everyone gasp with their mystical dance performance.

      The much awaited part of the ceremony was the distribution of scholar trophies, badges and certificates not only to the ones excelling in the scholastic but also the co-scholastic areas as ‘Awesome Artist’, ‘Computer Wizard’, ‘Super Reader’, ‘Most Disciplined’, ‘Best Orator’, ‘All Rounder’, ‘Karate Kid’, ‘The Voice of Arwachin’, ‘Tappy Toes’, ‘Ink Slingers’, ‘Saaz Nawaz’, ‘Promising Picasso’ and ‘Amazing Sportsperson’. The Citation ceremony was divided into categories, beginning with the felicitation of the Pre-primary section of the school followed by the Primary and secondary school for their impeccable achievements in both the curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Principal briefed the gathering about the significance and criteria of the scholar badge, blazer and gold medal.

      The programme proceeded with the motivational words of the esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Gautam Gambhir. He stressed on the importance of conservation of trees and environment required for the longevity of the planet and urged the audience to plant trees as many as they can, taking good care of them.

      Next in line was a wonderful ‘Nukkad Natak’ by the students of Secondary school making the audience aware about the pros and cons of social media and the requirement of continuous monitoring to be done by parents.

      Last but not the least was the announcement of the most coveted award for the Arwachinians i.e. the Jain Devi Scholarship Award and the Sri Srinivas Sharma ji Scholarship. The scholarships were bagged by Shruti Kishore and Rishabh Dandriyal & Deepal Yadav of Class X respectively. It was indeed a proud moment for all the parents of the achievers. The Guest of Honour, Sri C.P Sharma in his speech congratulated the award holders and acknowledged the efforts of the parents and school in moulding the personality of the children. The Director urged students to their very best to themselves, their school and India followed by the vote of thanks by the Principal.

      The day’s event concluded with invoking the spirit of patriotism, with the auditorium echoing the National Anthem,thus making the day a memorable one.

        Workshop on Waste Management

        To spread awareness amongst students, a workshop on waste management was organized on 23rd July, 2019, in the premises of Arwachin International School. The guest speaker was Mr. Praveen Singhal, an engineer who works with a company that deals with waste management.

        The students were given a brief introduction about the environment and the harmful effluents destroying it. Then they were introduced to the term ‘waste management’.

        There was an interactive session as well which highlighted that the students were astonishingly well equipped with the knowledge related to this subject.

        The workshop ended with a lot of learning. It was an interesting, interactive, engrossing and an eye opening session.

        The students pledged that they would use the simple steps shared with them during the session to manage waste and save their future.

          Reconnecting to our roots

          Inter House Indian Music Competition was organized by Arwachin International School (AIS), Dilshad Garden in a bid to encourage students to develop and excel in the rich plethora of classical music that     India has been blessed with. The competition consisted of three rounds: solo, duet and group. Students of all the four houses namely, Shastri House, Tilak House, Bose House and Tagore House participated in it with fun and fervor. The auditorium ringed with intense renditions performed by students. Some of them were Raag Bageshri, Raag Rewati among many more. The group performances were based on folk music of different states of India. This definitely exposed the children to the rich folklore that we have. 

          After the mesmerizing programme came to an end, the judges- Mrs. Tulsi, Mrs. Aarti Tyagi and Mrs. Mathur adjudged the winners in the various categories. The Coordinator (Senior Wing) Mrs. Sangita Sharma announced the prizes and applauded their efforts. Harshini (Shastri House) bagged the 1st prize in solo performance, Vibhuti and Kokila (Bose House) got the first place in duet round and Shastri House bagged the first prize in the group round.

            A Visit of Officials from Hyogo University, Japan


            A team of 5 officials from Hyogo University, Japan visited Arwachin on July 19th, 2019. The team consisted of:


            Ø  Mrs Nishat Toorabally -International Relations and Exchange Coordinator

            Ø  Mr. FazilToorabally - Former President of Indian Chamber of Commerce

            Ø  Mr. Takashi Tohi- Associate Dean of Student Affairs

            Ø  Mr. Kouki Matsumura - Professor of Sport Management

            Ø  Ms. Hiromi Uesugi- International Student Coordinator


            The objective of the visit was to introduce the “Global Business Course” recently started at Hyogo University, Japan to the students. The course is designed in English for the International students. It is globally standardized in multicultural and diverse environment in order to help students to develop their successful career as a global leader in the business industries around the world. The officials explained about the university as well as scholarships, dormitory, part time jobs, application forms and companies in Hyogo affiliated with the university to the students.


            An academic exchange agreement was signed between Arwachin and University of Hyogo, Japan to jointly advance the educational goal of both the institutions based on mutual interests to foster the relationship between India and Japan. 

              2019- 20

              The U.K.G children of Arwachin International School participated in a FANCY DRESS COMPETITION on 12thJuly 2019. The children participated with great enthusiasm and fervour. The honourable judges were Ms. Natasha Sharma, Ms. Soma Das and Mrs. Bhawna Verma. The children came dressed up according to the theme given to them i.e. “BEST OUT OF WASTE”. They introduced themselves and also spoke a few sentences about what they represented. Watching the tiny –tots dressed up smartly was such a treat.

              The judges applauded the participants and congratulated all the children for their effort.The prize distribution was done by the honourable principal Mrs.Nair. We are thankful for the parents support, encouragement and effort that was  put in.

               The results were as follows:

              UKG A                           

                          Harshita Mohta                                     I                               

                          Paarth Jindal  and  Hisha Malhotra       II

                          Anirudh S.                                            III                                  

              UKG B

                           Saanvi Sharma                             I                         

                           Inayat                                                    II

                           Bani chawla and Vaishnavi Tiwari           III

              UKG C

                           Reyansh Roy                                         I                             

                           Prabhnoor Kaur                         II

                           Arshika Nautiyal                                    III             

                General Assembly on Importance of Hand washing

                      The students of class 3A presented the morning assembly on 11th July  2019.

                The topic was “Importance of washing hands”.  They started the assembly with some quotes on cleanliness followed by telling the audience how the germs enter our body -

                When we do not wash our hands after playing and eat with dirty hands.

                When we use the washroom and do not wash our hands.

                When we scratch our head or body and do not wash our hands before eating.

                When we play with our pet and do not wash our hands and eat with dirty hands.

                When we do not wash our hands before and after eating our meals.

                After that, they showed the eight steps of washing hands with actions. The audience also repeated the steps with the actions with them.

                Everybody  promised  to  wash their hands with soap and water whenever they are dirty.

                  Gandhi and Health @ 150

                  Mission Shakti, a school based health awareness, knowledge testing and training initiative programme was conducted in Arwachin International School on 5th July’19.  Its main focus was to make the students aware of the Gandhian principles of health and hygiene. Dr. Rajni Kant (Scientist ‘G’ & Director, RMRC, Gorakhpur) , Dr. K. K. Ganguly (Scientist ‘F’) along with their team from ICMR, Mr. Kaushik Bose, Senior Director, from Global Health Strategies and Mrs. Romi Johri, Assistant Director of Education(PE&NI), graced the occasion with their presence. Dr.K. K. Ganguli briefed the gathering with the concept and content of the programme. He asked a few questions from the students to make the session interactive. Mr. Ansaar Ali motivated the students to take good care of their health by quoting some examples from Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s life and told how Gandhi ji never shun from his responsibilities. Dr. Rajnikant showed a detailed PPT on the life, ideologies and beliefs of Gandhi ji regarding cleanliness and hygiene which was really inspiring and motivating. Mr. Kaushik Bose and his team conducted a quiz based on the life history of Gandhi Ji and Health and hygiene. The students of AIS whole heartedly took part in the contest and exhibited their knowledge on Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and Health and Hygiene.

                  Mrs. Romi Johri, Assistant Director of Education, appreciated the efforts of the school team members, especially Mrs. Sangita Sharma for making such good arrangements at a very short notice.

                  Mr. Arun Sharma, Director, extended the vote of thanks and motivated everyone to be inspired from Gandhi ji’s ideologies. Overall it was a very informative and enlightening session.

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