Workshops on language development

Education is a lifelong process. Professional development training can help teachers become better at planning and staying organised. They can improve their skills and become more proficient at their jobs to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students.

In connection with the same thought, language development workshops were conducted on 27th and 28th June in the school premises of Arwachin International School for teachers. The first workshop was organised by Collins on 27th June. The topic was ‘How to enhance your vocabulary’. The resource person was Mr. Faluguni Goswami. He stressed on the need to work on the vocabulary which is an essential building block of language.

The second workshop was organised by Pearson. The topic was ‘Story telling’ and ‘Theatre’. The resource person was Mrs. Neelima. She conducted a very interactive session. The teachers were given the task of narrating and enacting a story. She gave tips to modulate voices.

Both the workshops were very impactful. Teachers gained knowledge, networked with each other and got motivated.

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