Splash, splash everywhere

Puddles of water here and there.

The little ones of Pre-primary AIS Dilshad Garden, had a gala time as they decided to beat the heat with some splishing, splashing in the water. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colorful swimsuits, the children thoroughly enjoyed the Splash Pool Activity jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends and playing with floating toys. The only thing we could hear was splish, splash . We can beat the heat.

Put a splash here, put a splash there,

Put a splash over your ear; put a splash on your hair.

Put lots of splashes in the air, everywhere.

It’s a Splashy day!!!!

    Interactive Assembly (Class 4C)
    Importance of Sports

    The students of class 4 C conducted the interactive assembly on 30th April, 2019. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The quote itself coveys the message of the assembly. A short skit was presented by the students telling that to really change the world, we have to help people change the way they see the things.

    The skit was followed by various dance performances on the songs showing that global betterment is a mental process, not one that requires huge sums of money. The performances were enjoyed by the audience as well as the teachers. 

      G.K. Quiz (I-V)

      The pursuit of knowledge is never ending. The day you stop seeking the knowledge is the day you stop growing.

      The school successfully conducted an Inter House G.K. Quiz for classes I-V on 29th April, 2019. The grilling Quiz of four rounds tested the awareness of the participants. Rules and regulations of the quiz were explained at the beginning of each round.

      The participation was highly interactive. The participants had to go through mazes of intuited and mind blogging rounds and enabled them to think and apply what they have learned so far. It was an informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants as well as the audience.

       The first position was bagged by Bose House followed by Tagore House. Tilak House bagged the third position followed by Shastri House.

        Interactive assembly (7D)

        Around the world 29th April is celebrated as the International Dance Day. The students of      class 7 - D conducted an interactive assembly on 29th April 2019. The topic for the interactive assembly was “Kenyan Dance”.

        The students started their assembly with Prayer, Thought of day and News. Afterwards Subhaan presented speech on International Dance Day.  Next the girls of class 7D (Shrishti, Mehvish, Tanisha, Harshita, Yashika, Shivanjali, Sanya and Mahi) presented a beautiful Kenyan traditional dance. The kenyan dance was followed by a PowerPoint Presentation on different forms of Kenyan dances and music. The presentation was well drafted and presented by Sanidhya Tyagi and Himaghn Gupta. The presentation was so interesting that it kept the audience engrossed till the last second. The audience enjoyed different styles and forms of dance. Last but not the least a different flavor of dance commonly called as lazy dance/ funny dance was performed by Vansh Sharma, Ayush garg and Himaghn Gupta . Sanidhya Tyagi and Devesh Dev hosted the entire assembly in a very interesting way that they grabbed the audience attention throughout the assembly.


          Celebration of ‘World Book Day’

          The more that you read, the more things you will know.The more that you learn the more places you will go.’                   -Dr. Seuss.

          A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies a man who never reads lives only one’.That’s why we say reading inculcates your skills and enthralls your imagination.‘World Book Day’ is celebrated every year on April 23.The day aims to inculcate the reading habits among people, especially the youth. The date was decided by UNESCO as it was the birth and death anniversary of William Shakespeare, the world famous author. To celebrate this event our school organized a bookmark making activity for Classes 1 to 3 on the topics Fairytale characters and Panchatantra animals, and book cover making activity to celebrate Earth Day which was  on 22nd April on the topic ‘Gennext saving the blue planet‘for classes 4 to 6, and writing of author’s timeline on the theme of  famous authors  by classes  7 and  8.Children enjoyed the activities thoroughly and took part enthusiastically to celebrate the day.



            WORLD EARTH DAY

            TERI School of Advanced Studies, on the occasion of  World Earth Day organised - a multi- disciplinary, active learning workshop on the topic ‘Our food .Our Planet .Our Choice’ on promoting plant based diet, and to instill  consciousness amongst the youth on the importance of a well – balanced and sustainable diet on 23rd April 2019.

            Six enthuastic students along with a teacher, Mrs Rachna Kaur showed their extraordinary culinary skills and participated heartily in the programme. There were two contests-

            ·         No cooked Food: In this Gursheel Kaur (11 D) and Palak Aggarwal (10 A) from students category and Mrs Rachna Kaur from teachers category participated.

            ·         Map , Trace and Tell the story of the food: This was based on the street foods of Delhi in which Asif Munshi (10 A), Kartikey Sharma (11 A), Vishwas Tyagi (11 B) and Shantanu (10 B) were the active participants from AIS.

            The programme started with a workshop conducted by Leena Srivastav, Director TERI , Dr. Chubamela Jamir and  world renowned chef Manjit S Gill ,President of Indian Federation of Culinary.

            The programme inspired the youngsters to save, love and respect the environment with all their heart and soul and keep the nutrients of the food intact along with its beautiful presesntation.

            Nearly - the participants showed their cooking talents by making tasty and healthy snacks and most importantly, they were cooked without using fuels/fire.

            Mrs. Rachna Kaur from Arwachin International School bagged the second position showing her exceptional culinary skills and made the school proud.  Overall it was a joyful experience.

              It’s magic……………………… It’s magic

              On 23rd April a magic show was organized in the premises of Arwachin International School.

              The show was organized for our tiny- tots. The magician performed many tricks and illusions coupled with the magic words which kept everybody astounded. The children were much amazed by chanting the magical words used by the magician. Everyone kept guessing as how the trick worked and could not stop clapping as he unfolded his magic tricks one by one. The teachers and the children thanked the magician for the magical and entertaining morning. The show was a great success and the children had ultimate fun. 


                The Indian Environmental Society organized a Poster making competition on 22nd April 2019 on the occasion of Earth Day – 2019 at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. This programme was designed for the purpose of creating awareness among the students and their role in creating a better Earth. The theme of the Earth Day -2019 was “Protect Our Species”.

                Eight students along with a teacher, Mrs. Rachna Kaur participated in this programme.  It was further followed by a workshop on the same topic. Dr. R.K. Garg , Vice President , Indian Environmental Society motivated the students to take this cause forward by spreading the message and taking action . Our students enthusiastically created beautiful posters spreading awareness among all.

                  Talent Show for Class 3

                  A talent show for class 3 was held at Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden on 12th April 2019. The students prepared many performances without the help of teachers.

                  The performances included dance, singing and magic shows. All the students performed with great zeal and enthusiasm. They captivated the audience with a great show of their talents. The auditorium of the school echoed with the sound of warm applause of the spectators. The purpose of the show was to remove the fear of stage among the students and develop their personality, which was served well. New faces were seen on the stage, which was something to be appreciated.

                  At last, the principal of the school, Mrs Swapna Nair expressed her joy after seeing the wonderful performances of the students. She praised all the students for their efforts. 

                    Talent Show ( Class-4 )

                    The new session began with the ‘Talent Show’ of class-4. All the students of all the three sections came up with a variety of ideas to showcase their talent.

                    Few of them danced very well on the bollywood songs. On the other hand, we had few singers who established a melodious environment with their songs. Besides these, Anirvan(4B) presented the speech of our honourable Prime-minister, Mr. Narender Modi. Iqra Karim(4C) played the guitar and Anshul (4A) recited the famous poem based on Rani Laxmi Bai.

                    Talent show proved to be a great opportunity for all the students to come forward and show their talent.

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