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Toys play a very important part in a child’s life. Playing with toys enhances a child’s motor skills, cognitive thinking and imagination. All these aspects support in the holistic growth of a child’s mental and physical abilities. However, we envision a world where all the kids would get equal share of toys and time to play with them but knowing the pragmatic global social conditions, we know that ground reality is way away from what most of us believe and dream.


Toy Bank, an initiative under The Opentree Foundation is working rigorously since 2014 to promote “Right to Play” for all children. They are working in tandem with multiple organizations at different levels to ensure every underprivileged child should get the happiness and feeling of joy of playing with toys. Toy Bank headquarter is in Mumbai with a presence in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Goa and Bhutan.


Arwachin International School understands and believes in the core ideology of Toy Bank and with intent stand with them to promote “Right to Childhood” for the underprivileged children. To show our support, a drive to collect toys of all kinds was conducted throughout the school with classes 1 to 12 participating in it. The initiative was a herculean success as a good number of toys in pristine condition got collected and they were given to Toy Bank as a contribution from our school. Children of all age group participated with great zeal and showed enthusiasm of highest level. They all supported the drive heartily which can be evidently seen in the final outcome which went beyond any expectation. 


Their conduct for showing such kind and noble behaviour was appreciated by the respective class teachers and each of them was bestowed with a participation certificate to applaud their kindness and principled intent shown towards their social responsibility. In addition, the classes who contributed the most were motivated by Toy Bank Trophies.


With this gesture, our school once again lived up to the very words we believe in – A holistic and comprehensive development of society by the total and nurtured enlargement of every child. We believe in what Toy Bank is working so diligently

and we look forward to support in their endeavour to make world full of happiness and smile for all disadvantaged children by spreading cheerfulness through toys.

Happy playing to all the kids.


    Workshop on Technology for Teachers

    “Technology in education is not about just shifting from pencil to screen; it’s about enabling students to truly enhance their learning and teachers to deliver impactful learning experience in a more accessible and personalized practices.”

    Technologies are at the heart of modern education systems which help in changing the way we teach and learn. 

    To enhance the technical skills in education, two teaches of our school Mrs. Anjali Sharma and Mrs. Neeraj Sharma attended a workshop about “Technology for Teachers” organized by British Council Library on 15.3.19. It was a wonderful experience to attend a workshop under the guidance of Mrs. Chandeep Marwah. She introduced many latest tools, resources and applications to integrate digital elements into teaching practice.



      On 9th March, 2019, our Japanese teachers Mrs. Jain and Mrs. Kaur attended a workshop conducted by JICA Volunteer of Muni International School Ms. Masami Fukunishi at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

      The theme of this workshop was “Let’s include what students are interested in each lesson”. The teachers were oriented about the various ways to conduct classes by using quizzes, mangas etc and were also trained to inculcate the same in the curriculum. The different types of games to make the learning more interesting were also  organized by them.

      It was an amazing learning experience.




        Macmillan Education of India, organized a National level Scientist Award ceremony followed by a workshop on ‘Scientific Communication’ at IIT, Hauz Khas, Delhi, on 2nd March 2019, powered by ‘Springer Nature’ 2018.  

        The event was a culmination of a four month long competition for students of classes 6 to 8 from around the country to submit novel ideas demonstrating scientific temper. The ceremony began with an Odissi Dance themed on “Genetic Ancestory of India” and followed by cultural programs presented by the students. The competition was a great platform for the young learners to showcase practical solutions to real life challenges before the jury of scientists, through models or ideas like Robo-dog, Smart city with password recognition, Tiffin-box heater, Rigator (irrigator), electricity model generation with solid waste etc. The ten finalists along with their mentors attended a workshop on ‘scientific communication’ which focused on the language communication for enhancing the skills on reading and writing the journals.

        The workshop turned out to be a blissful experience for the teachers- Ms. Sutekshna and Mrs. Mansi priya who will be able to motivate the students to enthusiastically participate in such National level competitions in order to raise their level of scientific approach.

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