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A workshop on capacity building in ‘HINDI ’ was organized by the C.B.S.E. at Sneh International School on 25th june and 26th june ‚2018 and was attended by the Hindi Teachers Mrs. Chawla and Mrs. Pandit.

 The Guest speakers for the programme were Mrs. Kaumudi and Mrs. Kiran Gupta who guided the teacher participants from various parts of Delhi regarding the various aspects of students life and emphasized on how to improve the imagination power‚expressions and other language skills of the students. The workshop was highly beneficial for the teachers as they were able to explore different areas in the field of literature and language.They also inspired and encouraged the teachers for self – evaluation.

The whole programme was quite educative and informative.

    Workshop on gender sensitivity

    In order to promote and integrate gender sensitivity to the process of education, a day long workshop was organized on 19th June, 2018 for the teachers of CBSE schools at Hansraj Smarak Sr. Secondary school, Dilshad Garden. Mrs. Sangita Sharma and Mrs. Priya Grover represented Arwachin International School.

    Mr. Madan Sawhney conducted the workshop as the resource person. He exhorted the participants about the importance of gender sensitivity at the work place in the fast changing scenario of modern age. He advised the teacher fraternity not to discriminate between girl and boy students. He inspired them to identify their individual abilities and talents and try to promote them.

    There was a series of lively discussion and the participants showed their enthusiasm to apply the strategies they identified when they go back to work.








      Certified Leadership Course in cooperation with International Olympic Committee (IOC)
      International Conference of Sports for All
      (Decoding Indian Sports Ecosystem)

      Inaugural Session

      5th June 2018, Amity University U.P (Noida) at
      10:00 AM












      Press Release

      The Indian Association of Sports for All (I-ASFA) is moving ahead with a mission to take the Indian society towards Active Living. Affiliated body of The Association for International Sports for All (TAFISA) runs various TAFISA Programs and a Regional Center for Traditional Sports & Games (TSG) under MoU with the great institution of Physical Education and Sports called Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, at Amravati (M.S).

      our school physical education teacher Mr Dinesh Chand papnay has participated in this conference and workshop


      TAFISA CLC Program:

      The International Olympic Committee charter suggests physical activity and sports as a basic human right, however, the rise of the elite sports with a basic requirement of heavy sports equipment, infrastructure and higher skill levels has made it difficult for most target groups to get an access to physical activity and playing sports. In addition, the busy and sedentary lifestyle of the society in general is giving rise to obesity, type II Diabetes and heart related ailments. The IOC Sport and Active Society Commission (Formerly Sports for All Commission) is spearheading this mission of fighting against physical inactivity across the world and TAFISA has been a strong partner. The huge Indian population is facing the same challenges and hence I-ASFA has come forward to support this world mission through its contribution in India. The residential program starts 5th June to 9th June 2018.


      The SFA Mission needs effective leadership at the grass root level and the IOC supported TAFISA Certified Leadership Course (CLC) in Sports for All management is a firm step towards preparing such leaders across India. The five days residential program shall train 30 participants from heterogeneous backgrounds in Sports for All Marketing, Event Management, Fund Raising, PR, IOC-TAFISA-UNESCO and Government policies towards SFA and TSG.


      The International Conference:

      The International Conference on Sports for All – Decoding Indian Sports Ecosystem thrives to bridge the gap between the sports and physical education students of India and the dynamic sports industry. The new sport businesses require all new set of skills for various new avenues like – Sports Journalism, Media Management, Infrastructure and facilities management, wellness, nutrition and fitness industry, sports leagues & event management.


      Stakeholders of the sports industry – Academics, Policymakers, Corporates and Students shall come together to discuss various Challenges and Opportunities of the Indian Sports Ecosystem through valuable Keynotes and Panel Discussion. The research papers as per the guidelines of the Journal will be published in UGC recognized International Journal, please follow the link for paper format -


      Chief Guest:



      Minister – Sports & Youth Welfare , Uttar Pradesh State



      President of the Function



      Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh

      Keynote Speakers:


      1.      Mr. Eric Falt – Director & UNESCO Representative, New Delhi Cluster Office

      2.      Dato Sarjit Singh Sekhon – Founder Member, TAFISA & V.P ASFAA; Malaysia

      3.      Mr. Ashish Shah – CEO, Delhi Dynamos Football Club


      Panel Discussion - Panelists:


      Mr. Nikhil Sharma

      CEO, Zlait Sports Management Pvt. Ltd.

      Mr. Ajit Sharan

      Former Sports Secretary


      Mr. Harish Krishnamachar

      Founding Partner, Sportoid


      Mr. Romi Bhinder

      Team Manager,

      Rajasthan Royals IPL

      Mr. Sanjay Saraswat

      Regional Director, Sports Authority of India


      Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran

      President, Football Delhi


      Mr. Lokesh Suji

      Director, Esports Federation of India

      This interaction among all stakeholders will create a valuable opportunity for the sports & physical education students and academic fraternity of India to find and create a niche for themselves in this competitive and prospering sports industry of India.


      Prof. Meenakshi Pahuja

      Media Coordinator

      Director, I-ASFA


      Phone No.: +91 98110 93500



      I-ASFA Office

      Mr. Harpal Singh Flora

      Secretary General,

      Phone: +91 9212185851, 7276810490

      Address: 110 Old Gupta Colony, Delhi-110009, India.

      TAFISA Office



       Tel: +49 69 97 393 59900

      Fax: +49 69 97 393 59925


      ***Proud Partners***



      UNESCO, New Delhi

      Asian SFA Partner

      Corporate SFA Partner


      SFA Partner


      Football Delhi




      Venue Partner                 

      Academic Partner           

      Wellness Partner                 

      SFA Partner

      SFA Partner






        The Sakura Science High School Programme is a noble initiative of the Japan Science and Technology Agency to encourage the cooperation between different countries so as to advance in the various fields of science.

        Six students of classes XI-XII were privileged to be among the 36 students representing India, namely Shruthi Rao, Khushi Srivastava, Bhanu Tevatia, Manaswani Joshi, Samriddhi Jain and Pratham Kapoor. They were accompanied by Mrs. Leeja Srijil, their teacher supervisor.

        It was a week long programme from 27 May to 2 June. In the course of the week, they visited various top-notch universities (Hiroshima University and Toyo University), the Hiroshima University High School, several museums depicting Japan’s scientific innovations and culture and the Chugoku Nuclear Power Plant among others.

        A delegation from Brazil and Taiwan also accompanied them throughout.

        At Toyo University, they were pleasantly surprised to see that post-doctoral Indian students were assigned to give them a tour of their facility. At Miraikan, or the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, it was an honour to interact with Dr. Mamoru Mohri, the first Japanese astronaut to go into space. ASIMO, a humanoid robot, was also a delight to watch.

        One of the most fun parts of the programme was the day when the students shared classrooms with Japanese high school students. At the end of the event they all shook a leg to Bollywood beats which generated fun and excitement among all the participants from different parts of the globe.

        The week was full of a plethora of hands-on educational activities which has left our students more knowledgeable than before.

        It was an honour for one of our students, Shruthi Rao, to give a presentation on behalf of India at the closing ceremony.

        Throughout the week, the participants were blown away by the Japanese virtues of kindness, hospitality, value for time and politeness and were inspired to imbibe those virtues in their lives as well.


        Shruthi Rao, XII-A 

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