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Cleanliness Drive
(Classes 1 to 5)

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” was the mantra of Mahatma Gandhi. He demonstrated, propagated and insisted on individual and community cleanliness throughout his life. Following his footprints, students of classes 4 and 5 of Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden initiated a community cleanliness drive on May 14th, 2018.The young students initiated by remembering Mahatma Gandhi and his mission to make his vision of clean and green India, a reality. Thereafter, armed with their dustpans, disposable bags, gloves and masks, the young brigade started ‘cleaning up’ the  DEER PARK in Dilshad Garden. The students spoke to the passerbys and encouraged them to contribute to this mission.

The students of classes 1, 2 and 3 also contributed to the noble cause. On 15th May 2018, they cleaned their classrooms. The students arranged the cupboards, tables and chairs, did dusting of their classrooms and picked up the litter from the floor. The students of class 3 also cleaned their classrooms and then they moved around in the school premises to clean the corridors, playground and the surroundings of the building. They all had a first hand experience of the concept of cleanliness and understood its importance as how critical it is, to keep our environment clean for the upliftment and the healthy growth of the society.



    Annual Fest- Rendezvous-2018

    Event: Annual Fest- Rendezvous-2018
    Venue: Air Force Bal Bharti, Lodi Road
    Date: 7th to 9th May, 2018

    A three day Inter School annual fest RENDEZVOUS-2018 organized by AIR FORCE BAL BHARTI SCHOOL, Lodhi road, Delhi was held from7th May 2018 to 9th May 2018. The students of Arwachin International School took part in many competitions on all the three days such as French Musical Story, PC Gaming, Mono acting, Declamation, Duet singing, Kavya Path, Maths and Science powerpoint presentation, Model making competition, GK quiz, creative writing and painting competition.

    On the first day, the programme started with the singing of a beautiful Saraswati Vandana by the students of the host school. After that the students participated in the different competitions with great enthusiasm. In Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (Duet singing competition) : Manu Rai- 10th A and Anushka- 12th accompanied by Shaurya Chaudhary- 12th (Keyboard),Dev Chandna-10th (Tabla),Sharel Dayadan-12th (Harmonium) sang a bhajan of Lata Mangeshkar ji “Ram bhajan kar mann” and bagged the 2nd position. Each of them were awarded a trophy and a certificate. The judges of the competition were Brajesh Mishra ji (Vocalist) and Vishwa Karma ji (Tablist).

    In Kavya Path Pratiyogita Siddhant Agarwal of class 9th C sang a song of Surdas ji ”Hey Govind Hey Gopal” very melodiously.

    In gabfest competition Aparna Goyal and Samriddhi Jain of class11th showed a PPT about environment conservation by switching to hydrogen fuel.

    In Prayas Competition Utkarsh Tripathi and Smriti Aggarwal of class 10th made a model on scientific concept.

    All the students were appreciated by the judges and the other teachers for their excellent work. They got motivated to participate more in such competitions.

    On the second day, the Arwachinians got exposure to different challenges of this competitive world and brought great laurels to the school.

    In Méli-Mélo (French Musical story), Manu Rai- 10A, Manika Jain- 10A and Ananya Mittal-10A presented the beautiful story of Rapunzel through a French song and bagged the First position. They were awarded with individual trophies for the same.

    In painting competition, Poonji Sharma-8A and Ananshika Sharma-7A participated in the juniors’ category and designed a beautiful travel brochure to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands. In seniors’ category, Tanya Chauhan-10a And Angha Ajay-10 painted a travel brochure for Meghalaya and got the third position in the competition.

    In PC Lan Gaming, Saumya Shamra- 10B secured the third position. In English Declamation, Shruti Kishore-10C was highly appreciated for her efforts and in Roald Dahl Mono Acting Competition, Ishaan Sharma- 7B was applauded by the judges on stage for his skills and bagged the fourth position. The day ended with a lot of happiness and great enriching experiences.

    On the third day, the students participated in the Quiz Competition ( Classes 9-12)and Value Creation(class 5) competition. The students learned how to keep themselves updated with the current affairs to face such competitions. They came back with a sense of accomplishment of knowledge and understanding of this changing world.

    Overall, the whole fest turned out to be an enriching and unforgettable event for the students.

      Arwachinians Attend Thai International Japanese Camp 2018

      An Indian team consisting of 3 Japanese language teachers along with 7 students attended the Thai International Japanese Camp which was held in Bangkok from 1-5 May, 2018. Our Japanese language teacher, Mrs. Vandana Jain represented Indian Contingent along with a student, Arnav Gupta Class 12 B, who was also a part of the team.  The camp was organized by the Thai Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, Bangkok.

      In order to attend the camp, the applicants had to go through two screenings at All India level. In the 1st screening process, the resumes were evaluated. In the second screening round, a telephonic interview session was organized by the Japan Foundation, Delhi.

      The camp was organized on a massive scale, with 162 student & 52 teacher attendees from 11 countries (Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Japan and Mexico). The theme of the camp was “Waste ? – Challenge together by the 3Rsin viewing the solution of the garbage problem to build a better environment.

      The objectives of the project were to:


      ·        Develop students’ 21st Century skills (such as ability to explore, ability to guess, ability to work with others).

      ·        Promote inter – cultural understanding of the teachers & the students.

      ·        Obtain Camping ideas for the teachers


      The student participants used Japanese language in order to complete tasks with a variety of activities such as brainstorming, conferences, field trips, reports, presentations and other group dynamics and powerful activities. Simultaneously, the teachers were being motivated to obtain and develop the skills needed to organize such big events. Moreover, the teachers got the opportunity to form a Japanese-Language network crossing their national borders.

      Our teacher as well as the student were really benefitted by attending the camp. The initiative will be taken forward to spread the awareness about 3Rs by educating students through Interactive Assemblies in the school. They are also now highly inspired to organize such events at Inter School Level.

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