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A workshop on Reducing Air pollution was conducted by Blue Air at Arwachin International School to raise awareness amongst the children about their responsibility towards the environment. It was followed by the Blue Air Champions contest, a platform to encourage young minds to share their unique and creative ideas to clean the polluted air around us. Priyamvada of class IX-A from Arwachin International School participated in the contest and a poem written by her was selected among the top 20 entries. 220 schools from 4 cities (Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai) had participated in this contest.

The prize distribution ceremony was held at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi on 23rd December 2018 in which she bagged a certificate, a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 25000/-. The programme will be telecasted on T.V in the month of January.

    Teacher’s Training Course B (12 Hours)      

    A workshop was organized by The Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy of Japan for the Primary and Middle school Japanese Teachers.

    This workshop was attended by Mrs. Kaur of our school on 21st and 22nd December.

    The venue of the workshop was Japanese Language Teachers’ Training Centre JNU-HRDC and three resource persons from The Japan Foundation Ms. Yuiko Wakana, Ms. Shinako Sakemi, and Ms. Nitasha Sharma addressed the workshop.

    The purpose of this workshop was to improve the teaching ability of the current primary and middle school Japanese language teachers.

    The workshop was based on the introduction of 21st Century skills in Japanese teaching and project based learning. In the beginning of the session, Ms. Yuiko introduced the 21st Century skills i.e. creativity and innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration etc. Then all the teachers were given some project to work upon. All the teachers were divided into teams for planning and presenting the project.

    The workshop was very informative and served the purpose well. At the end, Prof. Chawla, Advisor Japan with his Japanese counterpart wished the teachers for their bright future.

    It was a great learning experience and exposure for the teachers.


      The Oxford University Press organized a workshop on ‘Impacting Learning through Futuristic Education Solutions’ on 22nd of December, 2018 at Lovely Public School, Preet Vihar, New Delhi. The resource person was Mrs. Sonia Relia with a vast experience of 30 years on pre- school teaching and learning. She talked about multiple ways of improving the class room learning and stressed on the fact the children need to learn life skills more than anything. She said that we as teachers should give full room to the children of Preprimary to be what they are rather than copy and try to become like someone else. She said that the activities in the class should be such that they give a boost to ingraining and nurturing mindfulness in them rather than giving them too many options and creats restlessness in them as that will develop in them the habit of looking for variety instead of making the fullest use of the available resources. She stressed on the point that for a very fruitful class it is a must that the class is creative and the quantum of listening and speaking is always kept / maintained high and there is less stress on just writing and coping.

      Apart from this she showed with great excellence that even the very basic tools can be used to deliver lessons with great impact and conducted few very interesting activities that can be very helpful in the class management. Overall it was a great and a very refreshing experience and we would like to thank our Principal for giving us this opportunity.



        Times NIE organised the most awaited and colour filled event "COLOUR SPLASH" in association with Manav Sthali School, R Block, New Rajender Nagar on 21st December 2018 in 3 different categories i.e Junior, Middle and Senior. Theme of the competition was “CULTURAL HERITAGE”.

        The following students participated in the same :-

        1.      Vanshika Jain 5B

        2.      Sarah Javed 5B

        3.      Tanishtha Mehta 5B

        4.      Kanika Panwar 5C

        5.      Nitin Singh 5C

        6.      Sweta Chaurasia 7C

        7.      Charan Kaur 7A

        8.      Shubhi Jain 7A

        9.      Shreya Pandey 7A

        10.   Poonji Sharma 8A

        11.   Priyamvada 9A

        12.   Keyur Sharma 9A

        13.   Padma Laxmi 9A

        14.   Ishika Sharma 9B

         All the participants received

        •Entry Pass for SURAJGARH VILLAGE

        •Coupon of FRENZY ADVENTURE PARK

        •Discount coupon at KIDZANIA

        •Participation Certificate


          Childhood and toys are inseparable but unfortunately many children are deprived of them.

          Toy bank, a NGO, has initiated a step to bridge the gap between the privileged and under privileged for the holistic development of every child. It organized a competition for classes VI to VIII on 21st Dec,2018 at India International Centre. The theme was ‘Importance of Play”.

          Five Arwachinians namely Dia Khurmi, Sanjana Srivastav, Khyati Singh, Oshin Verma and Renuka Singh competed with the students of various reputed schools like Lotus Valley, Manav Sthali, The Indian School, Bal Bharti etc.They presented a Theatrical Dance Drama showcasing the childhood of yesteryears and how it was just an effort to encourage the children to play outdoor.

          Famous fashion designer, Rina Dhaka, Charu Parashar and Mrs.Vidyut Goel, the director of Toy Bank, judged the programme. They were impressed with the performance of the Arwachinians and they won the coveted trophy and were declared the winners.

          Mrs.Vidyut Goel applauded the effort of  all the partner schools and felicitated them.


            Workshop on English Language Learning For 21st Century Learners

            A workshop was conducted on “English Language Learning For 21st Century Learners” at St. Teresa School, on 20th December 2018. The resource person of the workshop was Mr. G. Balasubramaniam, the former director of academics, CBSE.

            He proposed that the role of a teacher is of a facilitator. A teacher can’t ‘teach’ the students, but can only facilitate learning by using effective pedagogical methods. According to him, a language teacher has an upper hand over any other teacher because language has the power to touch not only the minds, but also the hearts of the learners and this facilitates effective learning. In order to reach the heart of the learner, the teacher should involve a lot of expressions and emotion while teaching. The teacher should try to immerse herself completely in what she is teaching. In order to emphasize on this point, he quoted:


            At last he addressed to the challenge of tackling diverse learners in the classroom. A classroom comprises of three kinds of learners i.e. auditory, visual and kinesthetic. For a teacher, it becomes difficult to cater to the needs of all the learners. He said, in order to overcome this challenge, a teacher should consider herself a chef. A chef doesn’t know the taste of all the people he is cooking for, so he prepares a variety of dishes to choose from. Similarly, a teacher should create a variety of learning experiences and leave it on the learners to choose the one which suits them best.

            Overall the workshop was a very enriching experience. All the issues which are faced by a teacher with 21st century learners were resolved very beautifully by Mr. G. Balasubramaniam.


              A workshop on story writing for children in Sanskrit language was held on 17th December, 2018 at Delhi Sanskrit Academy,  Jhandewalan, Delhi which was attended by Mrs. Radha Sharma, TGT Sanskrit.

              The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Ashutosh Mathur, Head of the Department, Sanskrit, St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi. He talked on the various topics required for story writing which include characters, plot and theme.

              A lecture on the same was also given by the Secretary, Dr. JeetRam Bhatt and chairperson Mrs. Kanta Bhatia which motivated the students and teachers as well. Overall the workshop was very inspiring and effective.


                CBSE organised a Capacity Building Programme (Hindi) on 11th and 12th Dec 2018. The workshop was conducted at Amity International School, Sector-46, Gurugram. It was based on class 10 Hindi curriculum. The resource persons were Mrs. Kaumidi Sharma and Mrs. Kiran Bala Dwivedi.

                The Hindi teachers of Arwachin International School Mrs. Mukta Tomar and Mrs. Shuchi Kaushik were the part of this workshop.

                Teachers were enlightened about Hindi language present in National Curriculum Frame (NCF) 2005. Discussion was conducted on the proceedings of Bloom Taxonomy, standard Devnagri script, spellings and enhancing writing skills. Various activities based on lesson plan formation, language skills, prose, poetry and grammar etc were conducted on enhancing writing skills and teachers were enlightened with the criteria of evaluation also.

                Teachers were able to gather essential information related to teaching learning process of Hindi language and interesting methodologies to  facilitate effective classroom transactions. Overall it was a learning experience.

                  Class Assembly

                  On 11th Dec’18, the students of Class II A presented the assembly. The theme was- Junk Food v/s Healthy Food. The students depicted today’s scenario where children love to eat junk food and how it affects their performance in studies and sports. The aim was to teach the importance of green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. at the end of the session the students were asked a few questions related to the assembly so as to recap what they have learnt. The assembly ended with a foot tapping song- “Some vegetables for you and me…”

                    WORKSHOP on   “Early Childhood Learning”

                    Rachna Sagar Pvt. LTD. organized a workshop on ‘Early Childhood Learning’ for the teachers from Pre- KG to UKG on Latest Techniques and Teaching Methods.

                    The workshop was organized at Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden on 8th of December. The resource person was Ms. Chandeep Marwah. The Managing Director, Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd, Mr. Neeraj Gupta was also present. It was a very refreshing experience as it was largely focused on identifying the challenges faced by Early Childhood Mentor and help them understand the facilitation of a preschool child. It also focused on understanding the importance of positive interactions by creating adaptive learning environments and also generating a two- way communication with parents and children.

                    We were also introduced to teaching through Peek-a-boo Innovative Educational Aids, i.e. animated videos, interactive box games and charts for memory sharpness, big story books and table calendars as teaching aids. Apart from these, Ms. Chandeep also conducted some very interesting activities which can be very helpful in managing the energy levels and attention of the children.

                    It was a very ground-breaking experience and will undoubtedly be of great help for us.

                      ENGLISH FOR FUTURE

                      Pearson Publication conducted a workshop on  English For Future at Piccadily, New Delhi on 7th December 2018.The work shop was attended by our two teachers. The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Vasanthi Vasudev. She is a specialist in modern psycho-pedagogies and the founder director of Osmosys Learning. Nearly 70 teachers from different schools attended the workshop. The workshop aimed at  giving fruitful guidance to the teachers of English to update their pedagogical skills. The various aspects of learning i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing were discussed emphatically.
                      The session started with the introduction: all the educators present there introduced themselves and told their one favourite word to the assembly. Dr. Vasanthi Vasudev updated the teachers with the evolving aspect of English language.
                      Many interesting pair and individual activities were conducted that boosted up the workshop. The activities were planned in a manner that they can be conducted in the classes as well. The workshop enlightened and empowered the teachers with updating the teaching and learning process.


                        The Bonjour India - Inter School French Festival 2018 organized by Institut Français, Alliance Française and  Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka was held on 4th December 2018 at Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka. Fourteen students of Arwachin International School participated in Model Making on food resources as well as demonstration on the traditional games of France and India.

                        The dignitaries from the Embassy of France were present as chief guests. The team of four students of class IX presented a model on food crops and cash crops of India representing the various crops and farming practices adopted by both the countries. Also a team of ten students demonstrated the similar traditional games of India and France named Stapu and Escargot (snail) respectively. It was very interesting for the audience.

                        All the students were appreciated by the chief guests and the other teachers for their excellent work which was very motivating for them. The Arwachinians got exposure to different challenges of this competitive world and policies adopted by India and France to curb the problems of: depletion of resources, Conservation of Biodiversity etc.

                        The students learned how to keep themselves updated with the current scenario to contribute towards a better world. They came back with a sense of accomplishment of knowledge and understanding of this changing world. Overall, the whole festival turned out to be an enriching and unforgettable event for the students.


                          Mathematics Workshop on C-P-A Approach

                          A mathematics workshop was organised at Mayur Public School on 3rd December, 2018 by Oxford University Press. The workshop was conducted by Mr. A.T.B Bose, secretary of Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Center, Chennai.

                          The objectives of the workshop were:-
                          - To learn mathematics by exploring and experimenting
                          - To develop critical and logical reasoning
                          - To stimulate the three senses-seeing, hearing, touch

                          Based on C–P–A (Concrete–Pictorial–Abstract) approach, many hands-on activities for the teachers were planned, which took mathematical concepts of moving from the concrete to the semi-concrete and finally to the abstract.

                           The CPA approach improves children's existing knowledge by introducing abstract concepts in a concrete and tangible way.

                           The workshop was attended by the mathematics teachers - Mrs Ritu Arora and Mrs Sonali Bhatnagar. The workshop was very effective and interactive. It was an enriching experience for the teachers.

                            Teaching Learning Process on Holistic Language Development Skills

                            “Teaching children is an accomplishment; Getting children excited about learning is an achievement.”

                            Arwachin International School always provides opportunities to its teachers to experience such a platform where they could learn to enliven their teaching learning process. So as to arouse enthusiasm and interest in the children, keep their concentration, broaden their knowledge of the English Language and the ability to use it with comfort, two teachers, Mrs Prabhjyot Kaur & MrsBhawna Sharma attended an English Workshop on 1st December, 2018. The resource person was Ms. Kavita Iyer Vazir, an eminent educationist who addressed educationists from various leading institutions at a session hosted by Macmillan Education on “Skill Based Teaching Learning – decoding the communication skills.”

                            The seminar aimed to achieve the following:-

                            ·        To identify the 21st century skills for the 21st century student.

                            ·        To raise awareness about elements involved in skill based learning.

                            ·        To share task based activities for a learner-centred classroom.

                            ·        To understand receptive skills and productive skills.

                            Teachers were engaged in a day long interactive session on the holistic language development of children, improving their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. The teachers were made aware of the major elements involved in both receptive and productive skills.The session reinforced that the play way or activity method is the most effective way to induce learning since seeing is believing – doing is retaining, so by the end of the day teachers were equipped with a number of activities that can help our students attain the various skills and sub-skills required to master the four basic language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. The seminar really proved to be a great experience.

                              NIHON NO KAORI-THE FRAGRANCE OF JAPAN, 2018
                              Inter School Japanese Language Festival

                              Language plays very important role in the development of a person. Ability to speak in a foreign language enables to communicate and serve people better.

                              The Inter School Japanese Language Festival was held on 1st December, 2018 at DPS Rohini. Around 20 schools participated in the festival .The students of Arwachin International School also participated actively in off site and on site events.

                              Arwachin International School participated in following competitions.

                               Off-site Activities

                              On-site Activities

                                OTOSHIDAMA – Japanese New Year Envelope                   Designing

                              GUNDOKU – Group Poetry Recitation.

                              CHOCHIN – Lantern Making

                              NIHON NO ROJO ICHIBA – Japanese Street Market Display

                              KIREINA SAKURA – Cherry Blossom Painting with Haiku.



                              The objective of the festival was to provide a platform to showcase the language skills of the students learning Japanese and to encourage them to have a deeper perspective of the Japanese culture.

                              All students performed extremely well. They bagged second position in Japanese Street Market Display (NIHON NO ROJO ICHIBA) and third position in Cherry Blossom Painting (KIREINA SAKURA) Competition. It was a moment of pride for the school to be awarded.

                              Congratulations to all the participants.


                                Interschool Competition at Hillwoods Academy

                                At Arwachin International School, we believe in all round development of our students. Therefore, we encourage our students to face as many challenges as possible and give them a lot of opportunities. Keeping this in view, on 1.12.18, our students went to Hillwoods Academy. They participated in various competitions and the winners of different categories were -





                                SHIVANG TYAGI-1st



                                BHANAVI BHUTANI-1st





                                STUITI GAAYAN

                                VIBHUTI GUPTA-1st


                                S.A. HARSHINI-1ST








                                ANUJ GARG-1st





                                SETTING HARMONY

                                KOKILA ROHTAGI- 3rd


                                HARMONIUM- Mrs. ROHTAGI


                                TABLA- Mr. SONU


                                MIRACUS- PARIVARTAN





                                   HOT skills in FLE (Higher Order Teaching Skills in the FLE classroom)

                                  A two day International Conference and French Teachers’ training was organized on 30th November and 1st December by Goyalsaab Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with University of Delhi, Embassy of France in India and Alliance Française (India/Nepal) at Conference Center, North campus, University of Delhi. HOT Skills in FLE is a French Teacher's Training Programme that conceptualizes a new threshold for teaching skills. It was attended by the French facilitators of Arwachin International School, Mrs. Neetu Laroiya and Ms. Richa Sethi. This workshop was conducted by the following intellectual resource persons:

                                   Dr. Farida Irani, lecturer at the University of Delhi; Maryline, Masters in FLE from the University of Grenoble, Alpes;. Laurent Pozzana degree holder in didactics of FLE from Paris 3- Sorbonne Nouvelle; Guillaume Grangeon, Masters in French as a foreign language and Emilie Pommier works at the International Center for French Studies (UCO – Angers).


                                  More than 100 teachers across the country attended the training session. The two day programme broadly focused on exploring the answers to the following questions: Who is your learner? How to create and nurture a language friendly environment? How to prepare a lesson plan and correlate lesson goals to learner’s needs? How to track language development and evaluate student’s performance? How to integrate “Interculturality” in a multilingual environment? How to engage, collaborate and cooperate within a community of teachers?

                                  The training gave an insight into the wide domains of pedagogy, evaluation and interculturality which an integral part of foreign language learning and teaching. It was overall a very enriching experience for the teachers to upgrade themselves with the new strategies to be adopted in teaching French as a foreign language.

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