Class Room Activities



On 4th SEPT 2019, The tiny tots of preprimary enjoyed their day with a cooling drink. The children of U.K.G. made a ‘sharbat’     (£ ls £l ) and then they were served cup of KHAS (SHARBAT) and they enjoyed it. They were explained about the colour and its taste. They were really happy to drink this healthy ‘sharbat’ with their friends. This Hindi activity was related with the topic ‘FOOD’. 


English Speaking Activity

Theme- Our Helpers

An English speaking activity was conducted for the students of class I on 13th August’19. They dressed up as one of the helper and spoke few lines about it.

The activity was based on a topic from their curriculum and was an extension to the concepts they have learned in the class. It was integrated with the EVS topic of Our Helpers.  All the children participated wholeheartedly in the activity. It was an awesome sight to see them dressed up as policeman, army man, doctor, firefighter, etc. The aim of the activity was to sensitise the learners towards different professions and gain knowledge about their work.




Classes – 1 to 3

The students of the club tried to beat the heat in this sun-drenched summer by preparing refreshing lemonade on 20th July, 2019.The children were demonstrated how to prepare “Lemonade” by stirring sugar in the water and then squeezing lemon into it. To enhance the taste, shikanji masala was also added into it. Later on, this instant and healthy lime water was relished by all the children and staff members. It gave the students a hands-on experience of making a glass of lemonade. The idea behind this activity was to make the little ones understand the importance of drinking natural drinks in summers rather than artificial beverages available in the market which are harmful to their health.



Ice cream, Ice cream in a bowl,

Ice cream, Ice cream nice and cold,

Ice cream, Ice cream good to eat,

Ice cream, Ice cream what a treat…!!

To get a sigh of relief in this hot scorching summer our tiny tots of Arwachin International School enjoyed an Ice cream party on 16 july 2019.It was a delightful sight to see our kids stirring their spoons in their cups and enjoying the delicacy. The kids were served with small cups of ice cream, they were explained about the color ,taste, texture of the delicacy.They were really happy to share such an experience with their friends and they also enjoyed being clicked along with their friends in an  ice cream parlour set up.


Fun with Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Keeping the Motto of our school in mind, i.e. Learning by Doing, the students of class I A had a fun activity to revise the concepts done in the class. They had a huge collection of words – mixed Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. The task was to segregate them and put them in their respective flower pots. While it was a fun activity, it also ensured the development of cognitive skills.



The children of UKG were introduced to the fact that plants have life like them and they need food, sunlight and water to grow like them. They were also told about the importance of Oxygen in the air and how important they are for our life. The teacher also told the children about many uses of plants like medicine, wood, fruits and vegetables that we get from the plants and thus it is very important to plant trees, herbs and shrubs. They were inspired to love and nurture plants (nature) around them and never pluck flowers and leaves.

In apparition with the above mentioned concept, an activity was taken up by the teacher on 29th October 2018. Each section of UKG was given ceramic pot and a plant. The children owed it. They planted it (with the help of the teacher) and were given the responsibility of its wellbeing. Every pot was labeled with the class name. The activity was very interesting and informative as well. The children were very happy to own a plant.

UKG A planted a Money plant.

UKG B planted a Snake plant.

UKG C planted a Drycenea plant. 

Miss Sharma showed great interest in the activity and appreciated the teacher’s effort of getting the children connected to the Mother Nature and understand its importance in their life.


Independence Day Celebration

Class Activity(Class-4C)

The students of class-4C organised a ‘Talent Show’ and a ‘Quiz Competition’ based on the Indian culture and patriotism on 14th, August 2018 to celebrate our Independence Day. The show was presented by the students in the class. The event began by paying two minutes homage to martyrs of the freedom struggle. Sparsh and Riddhesh, the comperes of the event, prepared a questionnaire for the students. The whole class participated in the competition enthusiastically.

 Few students prepared speeches on the freedom fighters and the social causes. Two groups of students, spread the message of patriotism by performing dances on various patriotic songs.

The whole class eagerly participated in the activity and remembered the great deeds of the freedom fighters.



 “We all are different and that’s beautiful.

                                                                                                   Karen Salmensohn

A fancy dress show was organized for the students of Class III where they had to wear traditional dress of any state of India and speak about it in front of the class. The students enjoyed the activity and learned about the clothes worn by the people of different states. It was an enriching experience for them.


Learning to un-jumble can be fun

During the 2nd week of December, the students of class I A leant how to un-jumble and re-arrange letters to form words and words to form sentences in a fun way.  Using magnetic letters and words, they tried to make correct words and framed meaningful sentences.  All the students got an opportunity to try their hand at it. Later they brought cut-outs of jumbled sentences from home and challenged each other.

It was a treat to see them all working together and using their creativity. 


Vegetable Activity

On 24th Nov the students of L.K.G & U.K.G had a VEGETABLE ACTIVITY in the school. The teachers explained about the vegetables, their colours & taste etc in English and in Hindi. The children then purchased the vegetables from the vegetable seller and took them home .It was a fun filled activity. The children were very excited & enjoyed a lot.



Chemistry Activity

Students of class 7 enjoyed the chemistry activity session where they checked the chemical nature of the substances. They used various indicators to identify acids, bases and neutral substances. 



‘sh’ sound Activity

During the first week of September (31st August to 7th September), the children of UKG did a mat making activity. It was undertaken to recap the ‘sh’ sound words. The children wrote ‘sh’ sound words on the cut-outs of different shapes, and pasted them to make a mat. It helped them to recap the words. They learnt by having fun.







Story Writing using Idioms

Story writing is a powerful tool which allows the children to use their imagination and think on a particular topic. It broadens their thought process. It also helps them to refine their language skills.

The students of 6A did an activity of Story Writing using various Idioms. The initial preparation included reading the newspaper and looking for the Idioms. They prepared an Idiom bank.

The teacher divided the class into eight groups. She gave them ten clue words to frame the story. They were also instructed to use Idioms wherever needed.  The students even did story mapping. The tasks were divided amongst the students according to their strengths.

This activity promoted their team spirit. The end result is worth appreciating. 


Choco pie activity

The ongoing English topic during the week 24th to 28th July for UKG was “ie” sound words. Therefore, while recapitulating the sound, an activity to make “Chocó pie” was done in the class. The students were asked to bring some biscuits, butter, powdered sugar and some gems to decorate it. They learnt how to make a delicious cake and enjoyed having a “pie” of it. They really had a great time having a “pie” filled with chocolate.


U.K.G Story time (Rooney’s Adventure)

In the second week of July, during their story period, the UKG children made an Octopus using paper cups and colourful strips of paper, as they heard a story about an Octopus. The name of the story was ‘Rooney’s Adventure’, which was related to cleanliness as the theme of the week was cleanliness. They really enjoyed making the octopus and had great fun.



World of insects

English Speaking Activity(4C)

A speaking activity was conducted on 17th April 2017, in the class-4C to enhance their imaginative skills, vocabulary and speaking skills. Students were asked to gather information related to insects; viz- appearance, eating habits, seasonal changes, amazing facts and uses. Later, they acted like the insects and shared their information in the class using the first person narrative. They gave interesting names to their insects. Along with this, attractive headbands were made by them to enrich their performance.


Speaking Activity

Animal Kingdom

The students of class IV A and IV B were given an oppurtunity to speak from the prespective of the animals and the birds.The students shared a lot of interesting facts and information about the animals and the birds.The props, handbands and headbands prepared by the students were the added attraction.It was indeed an enriching and informative session.



The story of the week was 'The Blue Jackal' .U.K.G students took keen interest in listening the story and dramatized it as well. As they have learnt about different colours in E.V.S,  the same was recapitulated through a story. They did' tear & paste' in the cut out of a jackal to make it 'A Blue Jackal.'They enjoyed the activity and had lots of fun.


Making Headgears

On 31st March the children of U.K.G made a headgear which was related to the concept of colours.The origami sheets were cut into different shapes and the children pasted them on it. They were then made to wear the headgears, which they enjoyed a lot.


Biscuit & gems Activity

On 6th April, the children of UKG had brought biscuit, gems & jam to do the activity related to shapes and colour.The teacher taught the children to make a cake using these things. They put the jam on the biscuits & decorated it with gems. Later they had a yummy treat.







On 24th March the children of U.K.G learnt the concept of primary and secondary colours using the poster colours.Their hands were painted in different colours .The children were excited when they could see a new colour on their palm after rubbing the two primary colours.This helped them to learn and differentiate between primary and secondary colours.






Class I-A learning ‘a’ and ‘an’

On 25th March’17 the students of class I A had a great fun activity to learn the usage of ‘a’ and ‘an’. The children had 2 baskets labelled as- ‘a’ and ‘an’. Relating the concept with the on-going Science topic- Fruits and Vegetables, the teacher asked the children to arrange and organize various fruits and vegetables into their respective baskets. The children enjoyed it thoroughly.



Learning Conjunctions through fun

On 2nd Feb’17, the students of class IA were taken out, into the ground to learn Conjunctions. Since the on-going unit is –Universe, the students were taken out and were asked to pick 2-3 objects and then create sentences on their own using a conjunction. The children were very creative and thought beyond their expectations. It was a thrilling experience for them. 



The L.K.G children had made a duckling using their hand impression and a paper plate as they heard the story “AN UGLY DUCKLING”. They liked the story very much and enjoyed doing that activity.




The L.K.G children had made a “KENNEL " using ice cream sticks as they had heard a story with the letter “K”(Koko the Kangroo). They colored and pasted the ice-cream sticks and had fun while doing the activity.


Milk Activity

On 30th Sept. the children of LKG and UKG visited the MILK BOOTH and saw different milk products. They also saw the milk dispenser and understood the concept of getting milk from the booth. In the school the children enjoyed the flavored milk too.




Cleaning the classroom

The children of L.K.G were made aware of the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and they were asked to bring a cloth duster for the same. On 15th Sept the children and the teacher cleaned off the littering in and around the classes and learnt about the importance of cleanliness. They enjoyed the activity and did their best to clean their area.



(Shapes pattern activity)

On 12th & 15th of Sept, the children of LKG did activities related to the shapes pattern. For this they made a lamp, a fish & a pattern game. The children not only enjoyed but also learned to arrange the shapes in a pattern.


The Fruit Salad Party

The EVS topic from 3rd Oct. to 7th Oct. was FRUITS. The children of LKG and UKG celebrated ‘FRUIT WEEK’. To summarize the week, there was a Fruit Salad Party on 7th Oct. The children brought different fruits and made fruit salad with the help of the teachers and enjoyed a lot.


Poster Making Activity

Posters provide a logical and cost-effective way of communicating to a particular target market. When placed correctly, attractive posters can lure nearby people into a specific event and alert them of an upcoming product or service. Posters have the ability to stick to viewers' minds and can be a great tool to increase brand awareness. A poster speaks for itself. It is therefore possible to reach a broader audience.

The students of class 6A did an individual activity of Poster making on SAVE ANIMALS. The learners drafted visually appealing posters on animal rights. They were presented very colourfully. Each poster had a catchy slogan. The learners made posters on marine life to birds, tigers, cheetah, rhinoceros to elephants.

It was a very interesting session where the students don their imaginative hat and tried their level best to spread awareness amongst the society members to protect animals to protect our mother nature.


Organizations for Animal Rights

The students of class 6 A did a group activity in English. The class was divided into six groups. Each group chose an organization which is actively working for animal rights all over the world and researched on it. Organizations like PETA i.e People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, WSPA i.e World society for the Protection of Animals, BFA i.e Best Friends of Animal Rights, CFA i.e Care for Animals were chosen by the students. These organizations have been vociferously campaigning for animal rights. They inspire several individual and groups to stand for animal rights.

The learners researched on the origin and motto of these organizations and the steps taken by them to provide a better life to animals. The learners even made a list of important people associated with these prestigious organizations.

This activity was very informative for the learners and the teacher. 




On 8th Sept, 2016, the students of L.K.G pasted pencil shavings on the picture of the building of the school and did paper (origami)  folding to show the windows and doors. All the children were encouraged to speak at least 4-5 sentences on “My School”. They enjoyed this activity a lot.





The L.K.G children had made a worm by using old socks and by filling cotton n newspaper in it and had made a web of “W” words also by pasting pictures with the letter “W” on the web, they  used wool also. Later on they tasted walnut. All these activities helped them to enhance their vocabulary and they had fun also as they had leant new words while doing activities.



On 30th Aug the children of LKG pasted origami sheets in the form of a kite. They then wrote numbers 1 – 10 on the origami sheets and pasted stars and mirrors according to the numbers on it.




The students of L.K G had been demonstrated “VOLCANO “in the class. The teacher showed them how it erupted from the mountains. They were very excited and happy to see it. This activity helped them to learn a new word “V-VOLCANO”. Later on they made it on a big sheet using cutout of letter “V” and paper ribbons to give the effect of fire.


My house (EVS)   

On 19th August the students of L.K.G made a house with the help of rectangles and circle shaped sheets and did finger printing on it. They enjoyed the activity a lot.



Food Activity

Food is the basic necessity of life. Unit- 5 of CBSE I dealt with food. This unit correlated the different food components and their importance in daily life.

Classes 1 to 5 exhibited their displays related to food. The themes varied from salad decoration to different food groups, perishable and non perishable food to cash and Kharif crops, deficiency food caused due to lack of nutrition to food made on special occasions and festivals.

Class 3 proudly presented different utensils used for cooking. They even shared their knowledge on different forms of cooking. Class 4A 1 and 4A 2 adorned themselves in different cultural attire and even danced to the tunes of songs related to different religion.

Students learning Japanese, French and Sanskrit also integrated with other subjects and presented food and utensils.

Hats off to the teachers who prepared the learners so well. Mr Arun Sharma, our honourable director and Mrs. Peter, our beloved principal, were mesmerized by the confidence displayed by the young learners.  They also appreciated the effort put in by the teachers to make it grand. 




The students of L.K.G made an ‘ALLIGATOR’ using stripes of green paper, they rolled them and joined them to make its body as the story of the week was “Allie –The Alligator”. They were amazed to see the work done by them. They enjoyed and had fun in the class while doing this activity. They also sang the song “Ants and alligators ……all are eating apples”. Along with that they had” Apple Juice” in their second break .These activities helped them to enhance their vocabulary for the letter “A”.




The children of LKG performed various activities in the oval shape on 17th August. LKG A children decorated the mirror with flowers, LKG B children pasted triangle shaped papers on the pine apple and LKG C children did lady finger printing in the balloon. All of them had a great time doing the activity and were amazed to see their work with shapes.




The L.K.G children had done an activity on 12th August 2016 on account of Independence Day. They made ‘A  PEACOCK—The   NATIONAL BIRD OF INDIA ‘with their hand impression .Later the National symbols of India were discussed in the class. They were very excited to have a beautiful bird pinned up on their kurtas  .



My  Family Train (E.V.S)

On 11th August the students of L.K.G. recapitulated the theme of my family by pasting their photographs on a train made out of shoebox. They were very excited to see their photographs on the train.





The students of L.K.G made the family of a fish as they had the story “LEO-A LITTLE FISH “, who lived in the sea with her family. They folded the paper to make the fish with the help of the teacher .Later on, they added fins, tail and eyes to it. This story helped them to revise the concept of “MY FAMILY” of E.V.S.



Letter Z  (English)

On the 10th of August the students of L.K.G made a ‘ZOO’ with disposable plates, cut out of animals and broom stick to revise the concept of the letter Z. They were very happy while doing the activity. They also sat down and ran in ‘ZIG-ZAG’ manner as they have learnt a new word ‘ZIG-ZAG’ .It was really fun for them.



Swan Activity (Math)

On 1st August, the children of L.K.G crumbled the news paper and pasted that in the form of a Swan. Then they pasted the cotton on it. All the children participated in this activity as it taught them the real formation of NUMBER – 2.Later they pasted shreds of wool to give the effect of water.



Role Play on the theme  “Plants”

Class 4 A1

Role Play provides an opportunity to the students to express themselves as well as to articulate their thoughts. Role Play is a great way to learn various life skills like decision making, problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork.

The students of class 4A1 enthusiastically enacted the short skit on the theme ‘Plants’. The class was divided into five groups. Each group came up with impressive ideas and thought provoking messages. The face masks and the flashcards prepared by the students were the added attraction. In the process, they also learned about the importance of trees and plants in our lives. It was an entertaining and enriching session.



Three Golden Words

On 3rd August, the children of L.K.G did tearing and pasting in the bold cut-outs of Thank you, Sorry and Please in different colours.The children enjoyed doing this activity and at the same time they learned the use of these golden words.




The L.K.G children had fun in the class as they had made a " MUSHROOM " using paper plates, bits of paper and cotton. . The letter of the week ‘M’ was reinforced too. The children had brought mango for the second (fruit) break to enjoy ‘M’ ….MANGO.  Later they enjoyed the activity of paper cutting and pasting on ‘M’…. mango as well. 


(Art & Craft)


The L.K.G students enjoyed the activity of finger puppets on “MY FAMILY” and also sang the song “papa finger ”. They enjoyed preparing finger puppets of mother and father by paper folding and using the cut outs.


Letter “N”

As the letter of the week was “N”, the children enjoyed making a nest with the newspaper base and dry grass over it on 29th July. The children also put the cutout of a ‘Nightingale’ along with three eggs in it and revised the concept of number three.  




 Brushing the teeth

On 28th July, the L.K.G students enjoyed the activity of brushing the teeth and also learnt the importance of cleaning the teeth twice a day. The children were also demonstrated the right way of brushing the teeth.




On 26th July the L.K.G children had fun in the class as they had made a bird ‘NIGHTINGALE’ .They colored the cut out of a bird and added wings to it by paper folding. The letter of the week ‘N’ was reinforced too. The children had brought noodles for the first break to enjoy ‘N’ ….NOODLES on 29th July.



Class Activity (3A)

Report on Endangered Animals

A group activity was conducted in class 3A. The students searched for the information on ‘Endangered Animals’ prior to the activity. They enthusiastically presented a detailed report, telling about the appearance, eating habits, habitat and interesting facts about various endangered species like Blue Whale, Platypus, Dodo and Liger etc. The activity was an enriching experience for the students. It not only enhanced their knowledge about endangered animals, but also developed their presentation and speaking skills.


Alphabetical Order By class II A

In the first week of April’16, the students of II A got together to arrange the cut-outs of body parts in Alphabetical order. The children worked in groups and created charts for the same. A true spirit of team work and effort reflected in this activity. The end product of the activity by each was judged by the other groups and marked on the basis of- presentation, information and team work. The activity was great fun for them.



Ice –cream party.

The children had brought Rs 5 for  ice-cream on 22nd July as it was related to the topic of sense organs. They learnt the use of tongue i.e. taste, cold. The children enjoyed the ice-cream party and had fun.



Story  (The donkey and the merchant)

On 22nd July the L.K.G children had made a hand puppet of a donkey and enjoyed listening and watching the story “The donkey and the merchant”. It was really a great fun for them.




Story (Letter “E” Story)

 On 20th July the L.K.G children made an envelope to add a new word to their vocabulary and use of an envelope as the letter of the week was “E”.. They had fun in the class and made a small card as well to put it in the envelope.




Story (The  frog and the crow)

On 18th July the L.K.G children enjoyed making a frog and a crow using paper cups as the story of the week was “The frog and the crow”. They enjoyed the story as well as the activity.


A  Visit to the Post Office


On 15.7.16 the students of classes 2B & 2C visited a nearby post office with reference to the topic Places in the Neighbourhood. The student’s had a hand written letter which they took along with them to the post office. The letters were posted later. The children had the experience of stamping the letters & knowing how the letters are segregated and posted. The postmaster was excited & showed the children around. It was a beautiful learning experience for the children to meet the postmen and learn about its role and importance in today’s world. The visit ended with a nice photo session with the Post Master and the Postman. At the End they gave sweets to the children.


Little scientists

Research on scientists was concluded successfully by the students of class 6 A on 18.07.16. The theme followed in English was “Inventions”. The students were divided into small groups. Each group was allotted a scientist like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Michael Faraday and Aryabhat.

Basically the learners researched about their childhood, inspiration and achievements. Each team presented their scientist. The group presenting Archimedes and Faraday even presented small skits to prove their point to the audience. This improved their creative skills.

It was a very informative week for the learners where they got to understand the importance of Science, Math and English. They also drew conclusions about the change that all these great scientists have brought in our lives.

A very big salute to all the scientists who worked day in and day out just to bring a change in our lives.


Biscuit & gems Activity.

The children of LKG had brought biscuit,  gems & jam to do this activity on 12th July. The children were taught how to make a cake using these things. The children put the  jam on the biscuits & decorated it with gems. Later they had a yummy treat.



Mother’s Day Activity

The children made cards for their mother on 6th May 2016 for Mother’s Day. They decorated the card with stars, mirrors, and bindis on it. The creativity of the children could be seen on the cards.



Making  softy  with tissue paper

The children did finger printing in the model of a cone on 4th May. The children had brought pink colour tissue paper which they crumbled and pasted it on the cone.



Circle activity

The children had brought bangles, bindis, stars; buttons to do the activity of circle shape on 21st April. The children pasted them on the strips to make a hanging. They were very excited & did it very enthusiastically.




Little Master Chefs

On 03.05.16 English period was full of fun, frolic and learning for the students of class 6 A. The class was transformed in to Master Chef Kitchen and the students got hands on experience of making dishes without fire. There was a wide range of sandwiches to dishes made with biscuits. One of the students made veg kathi roll. Some students made drinks like lemonade and spicy paani puri drink. A few students even made sweeteners like choco fruit punch and milkmaid yoghurt.

The most interesting part was the plating of their dishes as well as the catchy names of the dishes like Biscuite au Chocolat, Monacco crunch, Sandwicheto, Dreamy Delight, Biscuit Tower and many other. Some students firmly believed that their dishes were better than their mother’s whereas the ones who struggled realized the importance of their mothers.

Later a session of recipe writing was taken up. The vocabulary related to cooking was provided to all the learners beforehand.

Dear Mommies, Please note - Now your children are independent in terms of feeding themselves in times of need.


Tearing & pasting Activity.

The children did tearing & pasting work on the big cut-outs of clouds, flowers and leaves on 28th April. This activity was done to show the concept of up & down & related it with the colours done in the class.



Stars & moon Activity

To clear the concept of day and night the L.K.G children pasted  stars on  the big cutout of a cloud on 8th April. They were very excited while pasting stars .The children also did tearing & pasting on the big cut-out of the Sun.




The children of class-II B had a salad making activity related to the topic – FOOD (protective foods).The children brought various fruits, vegetables and made salad in the classroom. The objective of the activity was to understand the importance of protective food in our diet and to inculcate the habit of healthy eating food.



In today’s world of Emails, Social Networking and advanced mode of communications, Students are not even aware of postcards or sending letters. The Topic – Means of communications was reinforced in class 4B with the help of the Postcard Writing activity. After a brief discussion on the various means of communication, their importance and their role in today’s world, the children wrote a message to their loved ones on postcards. Later the post cards were posted.


Parts of Speech

Class 5 A was divided into 8 groups. Each group was named after a part of speech like Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb etc. Firstly the students played Fire in the Mountain game where they made a circle and ran. When the teacher spoke a word related to any part of speech, those students had to sit.“Grammarian” poem related to different parts of the speech was also taught to the learners.They even brought different cutouts from various magazines and newspapers and build the vocabulary wall related to their group.

The concept is crystal clear to the learners.


Treasure Hunt

The learners of class 5 A were segregated in a group of four and were taken to the field. Prior to this, the teacher hid the green slips with various kinds of Tenses written on them. The students had to search them. Once found, they wrote ten sentences related to the Tense mentioned in the slip. It was activity full of fun and learning.


Aap ki Adalat

Class 6 A was converted into Aap Ki Adalat. The students were very excited to act as their favourite celebrity. Most of the boys idolized sportspersons like Virat Kohli, Srikant, Sehwag etc. Some even acted as WWF Wrestlers. Actresses and Fashion designers were the favourites of the girls. A few even acted as detective agents and doctors. Many questions were asked from each celebrity. They even answered the questions of the audience with ease. This activity gave the learners head start to face the audience and tackle their questions confidently. 



 Building the word wall

Vocabulary building is an essential essence of any language. The students of class 6 A wrote new words on the small cards with their meanings at the back. A quiz was organized related to the same. The teacher acted as a quiz master. She spoke the meanings and the children had to identify the word and Vice Versa. . They even framed their own sentences. This session left the students rich with addition of new words to their vocabulary.



Tom Sawyer abroad

The students of class 6 A read the extract of Tom Sawyer Abroad. The students were divided into two groups. Each group was allotted a scene to illustrate. Finally in the end, the entire story was put together. This activity acted as a great tool of learning for the visual and kinesthetic learners.

The students were divided into three groups. Each group enacted the play “Tom Sawyer Abroad”. They were very excited to explore their creative skills. Pratham Gupta and Parth Kaushal were adjudged the best actors of the day. 


Ad Mad World

These days we live in the world of advertisement right from Billboards, handouts to pamphlets. It has completely captured the mass media. It is the easiest source of approaching the masses. It is the quintessential step to promote any product in the market.

The students of 6A wore their thinking caps and became ad gurus. They created advertisements for various health products. Right from Boost, milk, fruit juices, to ghee and calorie free sugar. Three cheers to all the students who created new tag lines for all the health products. It was really amazing to watch young force in action.



An array of interesting activities were conducted in class 6 A to clear the concept of Idioms. Specific situations were given to the learners where they had to fit in the appropriate Idiom. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air when they had to illustrate the Idiom of their choice which made the learning so much fun. Finally they were at their creative best when they were paired up to write a short story using as many Idioms as possible. On the whole, the teacher and the students enjoyed the funny side of the language.


Search the suitable picture (Idioms)

A recapitulation activity for Idioms was conducted in class-4A2 on 7th April,2016. Students were given placards having idioms written on it. They were asked to search the correct picture representing the literal meaning of the idiom. Objectives of the activity were identification of the correct idiom and understanding the actual meaning of the same. Students enjoyed and performed the activity very well.




The students of class 3 A1 made eco-friendly houses as part of activity of Unit 7 (Shelter and community). While making the houses they kept in mind the following features:

  • The house should be energy efficient i.e., using solar energy for electricity, using double glazed windows to avoid loss of energy.
  • Using green and blue bins for biodegradable and non biodegradable waste.
  • Making green roof tops to keep the house cool etc.


Shadow making activity

class 2B

The students of class 2B made the model of trees and their shadows using thermacole and cutouts on 2nd November 2015. It was a group activity to find the size and direction of shadows in the morning, evening and midday. All the students participated very enthusiastically. Through this activity they learnt that shadows are slanting and long  in the morning and evening , straight and short  at midday.



Shadow making activity

class 2C

The students of class 2C made the model of trees and their shadows using thermacol and cutouts on 2nd November 2015. It was a group activity to find the size and direction of shadows in the morning, evening and midday. All the students participated very enthusiastically. Through this activity they learnt that shadows are slanting and long  in the morning and evening , straight and short  at midday.



 CLASS - 1B(3rd Nov 2015)

Class 1 B enjoyed the activity of making lemonade as a part of chapter 10 (Water). They brought glass, spoon, sugar powder and lemon. They followed the instructions given by the teacher and made lemonade accordingly. Then they asked the teacher to taste it. After that they enjoyed the drink. They even made it themselves again for their friends who have not brought the materials. Through this activity they learned about uses of water and also sharing.



CLASS - 1C(3rd Nov 2015)

Class 1 C enjoyed the activity of making lemonade as a part of chapter 10 (Water). They brought glass, spoon, sugar powder and lemon. They followed the instructions given by the teacher and made lemonade accordingly. Then they asked the teacher to taste it. After that they enjoyed the drink. They even made it themselves again for their friends who have not brought the materials. Through this activity they learned about uses of water and also sharing.


Class activity of 5 A


English drama activity was conducted in 5 A on 14.10. 15. It was a group activity of Formative 3. The students were divided into 3 groups. They were acquainted with the success criteria in advance. They displayed their acting skills efficiently and brought Iife to the story. The performance given by Pratham Gupta was outstanding and he was adjudged as the best actor of the day. It was an enjoyable session for the students.



Houses Coming Alive

The students of class 3A2 made three dimensional models of different types of houses. The students conceptualized various ideas within their group well in advance. They executed their ideas with great zeal and enthusiasm and showed a great sense of team spirit. The activity not just enlightened the students with the knowledge of various houses like apartments, igloo, stilt house etc but also helped them sharpen their creative skills.


Class Activity of 4 A

Dramatization is an important means of stimulating CREATIVITY in children. It can CHALLENGE STUDENTS' PERCEPTIONS about their world and about themselves. Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express. 

On 12.10.2015, the students of 4 A presented a series of drama based on the chapter ‘The shoe maker and the elves ‘. The entire class was divided into 4 groups. Each group presented the story in an interesting way. Group 1 presented their props very creatively. The students thoroughly enjoyed and learnt at the same time.



Keeping Our Surroundings Clean

I-A(16th Sept.)

The students of class I-A participated in a fun activity of Keeping Our Surroundings Clean. This was inter-related with their on-going SEWA project-Child Labour. The main aim of this project was to make the children aware of the importance of clean surroundings and the dignity of labour. They were introduced to the concept, with the help of a very interesting educational video. The students thoroughly enjoyed watching it. This was followed by a home assignment where the parents were asked to make the children meet and talk to any child/person who might be a labour. The intention was to make the children aware that the people who work for them, have to work very hard and don’t have many comforts like the students have. Following this was a class discussion on the same. The students were encouraged to talk about their meeting with the labour and tell his/her friends how they felt about it. Many students had even clicked pictures for this.

Up next was a class activity where the students were asked to bring articles which help in cleaning our surroundings. Each class had its duty assigned to clean the class room and the corridor after the break-time. The students brought various items like- brooms, duster, cleaning brushes etc.  The students enjoyed being part of the activity and also learnt that all jobs, no matter how small, should be respected and the people doing those jobs deserve respect too.



Flash Card Making

On 16th Sep’15, the students of class II-A got together to make interesting flash cards on their on-going topic, ie. Conjunctions. The students worked in groups and created flash cards for words like- and, but, if, or. They also wrote sentences using these words. Later, each group’s work was analyzed and marked by the other groups. The marking criteria were- Presentation, Quality of sentences and Team work. It was a great activity, full of fun and a spirit of competition. 


 An Educational Trip to Spencer’s

      “It’s better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times.”

Every expedition made is an experience which leaves the students pondering and implores them to think.

In order to give hands on experience on the topic ‘Shelter and Community’On 3rdOctober, 2015, the students of class I to III (i-sections) were taken to Spencer’s, one of the convenience stores in Kaushambi.

The questionnaires were prepared and handed over to the students. The students spent almost two hours at the store and saw lots of significant household items and groceries under one roof. Each and every item was significantly stocked. The children keenly observed the different sections in the store, neatly stacked with similar items. The students went from one counter to another. The excitement was high for the tiny-tots when they saw assorted range of toffees and chocolates. The staff at the store answered the queries of our students patiently. The teachers briefed the students about various kinds of items kept in the store and helped them to complete their questionnaires. In this way, the students got better understanding of the subject as well as its application to their own life and community.

It was a remarkable and fun-filled experience for the kids as they came back with a smile on their faces.


 Number names plant

 To recapitulate number names, on 17th September the children of UKG were given the cut outs of flowers & leaves. The children pasted colourful crumbled papers on them. Then they wrote the spellings in the centre of the flowers & leaves. They enjoyed doing the activity as they wanted to show their best.


Hindi letter “sh” 

On 1st September 2015, an attractive activity was done to teach the Hindi letter “sh” in the class of U.KG. A hexagon shaped box was decorated with the help of six colourful papers by tearing & pasting .

On the other side, the children pasted the flowers of different colours on which two letter Hindi words were written. They recapitulated Maths topic Shape “HEXAGON”.


Milk activity

The children of U.K.G are encouraged to take milk everyday. On 11th Sept’15, with the help of a very interesting activity the same concept was put into action. They were served chilled flavoured milk “Elachi”, ”Kesar”, “Pista”. The children enjoyed milk very much and promised that they will drink milk everyday as it will make them taller, stronger and smarter.


Keeping safe

On 15th Sept’15, the children of U.K.G learnt about the concept of traffic rules for which they made the traffic light using shoe boxes. The children then made the traffic light by tearing and pasting the origami sheets on a circular cut-out as per the colours of the light and pasted it. The children enjoyed the activity and learnt the traffic rules as well.


  My school

The children of U.K.G were made aware of the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and they were asked to bring a cloth duster for the same. On 24th Aug’15, the children and the teacher cleaned the litter in and around the classes and learnt about the importance of cleanliness. They enjoyed the activity and did their best to clean their area.


My house

The U.K.G children did an activity on 13th Aug’15 while learning about "My House". They made houses out of the shoeboxes and ice-cream sticks in the class. They learnt about the various rooms in their house and could differentiate between ‘Kuchcha house and Pucca house’.


                           Keeping clean

On 10 thJuly’15, the children of U.K.G. learned about the importance of the hygienic ways of life through an activity wherein they brought the material required to keep themselves clean like soap, shampoo, comb etc. They pasted all the material on a chart to display outside their classroom and they discussed about the importance of being clean and tidy.                        


Family cube

On 28th July, the children had brought the photographs of their family members to paste them on a cube. They were very excited to see their parents’ photographs on the cube as they had done the topic of My family in EVS too. The cube was then fixed on a stick so that the children could rotate the cube & see the photographs.


Ice - cream party

While learning Sense organs, an ice-cream party was organised on 3rd July’15 for the children of U.K.G . The children enjoyed different flavours of icecream, which helped them to learn the names of the different sense organs and their uses. They also learnt that we eat cold things in warm weather. The children relished and enjoyed the ice-cream party.



On 17thApril’15, the children of U.K.G learnt the concept of primary and secondary colours using the poster colours. Their hands were painted in different colours .The children were excited when they could see a new colour on their palm after rubbing the two primary colours. Through this, the children learnt that by mixing two primary colours, we get a secondary colour. The children loved playing with the colours.


‘U’ sound words

To introduce the topic of English ‘U’ sound words, the Sun making activity was done in UKG on 20th July’15. The children loved doing finger printing on a big cut-out of ‘SUN’. Later, all the ‘U’ sound words were written. The children loved waiting for their turns & were super excited to show their talent. 




The students of UKG made a spin wheel of ‘a, e, i, o, u‘ sound words from cardboard on 3rd July’15. They had to spin the wheel & wait for it to stop & then read the displayed word. The students enthusiastically waited for their turn.



On 14th Sept’15, the students of UKG made a big truck with the shoe boxes & wheels. The truck was decorated with colourful papers by tearing & pasting and it was loaded with the small paper cards on which ‘sl’ sound words were written by the children. The students had a general discussion related to the ‘Road safety’ too.


Story : Ron’s Birthday

A story named Ron’s birthday was dramatized in the classroom by the students of UKG on      13th Aug’15. The class was decorated with the balloons by the children. The children enjoyed celebrating Ron’s birthday by blowing the candles & cutting the cake.


‘NK’ sound words (A visit to AIS Bank / Tank )

In English, the children of UKG were learning ‘NK’ sound words so a visit to AIS Bank was organized on 23rd July’15. The children were taught about depositing money in the bank using dummy notes & withdrawl through dummy cheque. They were told about the importance of saving money as well.

On 24th July’15, the children enjoyed integrating Maths & English together. They wrote the counting 1-50 on coloured sheets and pasted them on a big bottle in the shape of a tank. Like this, they recapitulated ‘nk’ sound words even in their Maths period.


A rainy day

After the hot days of June, on 9th July’15, a rainy day was welcomed by the UKG children. To enjoy that moment in the school, they made a paper boat & sailed it in the water. To add more fun to it, the students wrote little messages on the boats and floated them in the little pool.


“O” SE “OTH” (LIPS) 

on 5th May 2015,an interesting activity was organized to teach “O” SE “OTH” (LIPS) to the U.K.G children. The teacher applied the lipstick on the lips of the children, then they gave the lip impression on the cutout of “OTH” (LIPS).The children enjoyed putting lipstick on their lips .Through this, they recapitulated the E.V.S topic “My Body”.



The Students of 1-A had a fun,dance presentation of all the 'sh' sound words.


            Sandwich making activity

Sandwich making activity was conducted in 4 A as the unit “Food” is in progress. The entire class was turned into a kitchen. It was so flavorful. The tiny hands were eager to master the technique of making vegetable sandwich. The little chefs took great care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the classroom. Different sandwiches were made by the students ranging from club sandwich to chocolate sandwich to cake rusk sandwich. Few students used healthier option by using hung curd as the base instead of mayonnaise. The chefs relished their preparation. Each one of them gave an interesting name to their delicacy. Later they wrote the recipe of their sandwich.

This activity was enjoyed by everyone. The students even realized the effort put in by their mothers for their loved ones.


Alphabetical order

To teach the concept of Alphabetical Order, the students of Class II-A were asked to bring pictures/cut outs of Part of Body. On 25th March’15, the children got together in groups and arranged those pictures in alphabetical order and pasted them on their respective group’s chart. The activity was full of fun and excitement as the groups had to compete to win and present - the most well presented work, the best team-work, the team with the maximum words included and the most organized group.

On the basis of these points- Group A stood first, Group B stood second and Group C stood third.


A visit to the milk booth

The children of UKG, under the supervision of the teachers, were taken to a Milk Booth, Dilshad Garden on 10-02-15. The activity was organised in order to incorporate the ‘oo’ sound being done in their English subject integrated with the E.V.S. where in the teacher showed the children how and from where the milk is bought and what other milk products can be bought from the booth. The other concept given to the children was of ‘more and less’. They were introduced to the symbol of ‘Mother Dairy’( the blue-white drop).The children bought milk from the booth themselves, which was later boiled & served at the school with dissolved dark-chocolate. The hot milk with chocolate was enjoyed & liked by all the students.  


An Educational Tour

 On 9-02-15 the children of UKG were taken out on an educational tour on 09-02-15. The children were filled with keenness and eagerness. The objective was to introduce the children to the important places around them and to help them develop a view of the city they live in andalso to open up a petite vista of the places around them. They were very excited to go for the educational tour which was conducted as an integrated activity of English and E.V.S. The map decided for the short go round was as follows:

  • G.T.B.  (HOSPITAL)
  • BANK


Making the model of the water cycle

(26 Dec 2014)

Students of class 4 A put on their thinking caps and tried to make a model of the water cycle using simple things like a coffee mug, a big bowl and a clean wrap. They were able to observe evaporation and condensation and were ecstatic to get clear rain water in their mugs after a little while !


Designing my own vehicle 

(26 Dec 2014)

 Students of class 3 A utilized their creative instinct and designed their own vehicles making use of waste and discarded bottles, old toys and empty cartons. It was an absolute delight to see the movable vehicles made by them.


Best out of waste activity   

(26 Dec 2014)

Class 3 A students tried their hands on making a wise reuse of waste when they used old and discarded CDs, fibre bags and plastic spoons to make decorative items. In this way they not only succeeded in reducing the waste but also were able to brush up their creativity


Dream House Activity

(On 17th Oct 2014)

The students of class 4 A conducted an activity of Social Science. The students illustrated their dream house, a house they would like to live in. The students were instructed to be innovative enough to create an eco friendly house. Some of them were outstandingly creative to build a house of the 21st  century which could even contribute to reduce global warming. They kept climatic conditions of the place also in mind.



A.I.S Food Court Activity

On 23th Sep’14 the students of classes I-A, II-A1 and II-A2 had a fun filled activity. The children brought various food items like fruits, sprouted pulses, onions, tomatoes, bread, cucumber etc. They sat in groups and made yummy snacks like- Sprouts salad, Fruits’ salad, Veg Sandwich and Smilies, out of these food items. These delicious snacks were displayed and presented in a Food Court where all these children got together and served themselves.

Topics like cooking hygiene, personal hygiene and healthy/junk food were discussed by the English and E.V.S. teachers and while the giving and taking of money (addition and subtraction), number names and quantity etc. were discussed by the Maths teachers. The children were super-excited to be dressed like chefs and making snacks for each other. They loved the entire experience.


Dream House Activity

(12th Aug 2014)

An activity called “My Dream House” related to “Shelter and Community” unit was conducted in class 4 A. This topic was first discussed with the students. They wore their thinking caps and thought of various styles of houses that they would like to live in once they grow up. The emphasis was on how to make the house eco friendly. The students shared many ideas right from using water harvesting methods to glazed windows, light colours on the walls, lot of greenery around the house, solar panels, ventilation and many other ideas. This was first conceptualized in words then the students drew them. Some of them were outstandingly creative to build a house of the 21st century which could even contribute to reduce global warming. They kept climatic conditions of the place also in mindIt was a wonderful experience to see how far they can think.


Advertisement Activity

(12th Aug 2014)

Advertisement has a great role to play in our lives these days. An advertisement activity was organized in 4A. The students were guided to create their own advertisements. The success criterion was shared with them. The focus was on imagination, creation and colourful representation of the product. The students did an amazing job. 


                      MY FAMILY

On 12th August’14 the English topic – the letter ‘F’ and the EVS topic ‘My family’ were inter-linked when the babies of LKG came dressed-up as the different members of the family and spoke a few sentences about that person.


Adverb activity

(11th Aug 2014)

Adverb activity was organized for the students of class 4 A. The students were divided in groups and were asked to bring the cutouts of various pictures. They framed sentences using Adverb of manner, place and time. Later on they had to present their work to the other groups. The students of other groups cross questioned them and acted as judges.




The Hindi Recitation Competition was held on 24th July 2014. It was conducted for the U.K.G classes. The children participated with enthusiasm & enjoyed the experience.

The participants were selected from their classes on the basis of their presentation, actions, articulations, expressions, pronunciation & confidence. The students recited the rhymes that were based on social awareness, environment, patriotism, birds & animals.

The honorable judges for U.K.G were Ms. Natasha Sharma , Mrs. Shuchi Kaushik & Mrs. Gayitree. The results were announced there & the performances of the students were appreciated.


             HAPPY FACE SANDWICH  

           ACTIVITY(5th Aug 2014)

A Happy face sandwich activity was organized to recapitulate the concept of the letter “ H”. The children brought slices of circular shaped  brown bread , honey and  jam. The children spread some honey on the bread and made a happy face on the bread using jam, with their teacher’s assistance. Yummy sandwiches were served and enjoyed by all the children.



(9th Jul 2014)

A Lemonade activity was organized to recapitulate the concept of the letter “L”. The children brought lemon, sugar and salt. They helped their teacher to make lemonade and everyone enjoyed the refreshing drink in the hot weather.



Sandwich and lemonade making

Activity  (9th Jul 2014)

The learners of 4 A learnt to make mouth watering sandwiches and lip smacking lemonade to help their mums at home. This activity was done keeping in view the amount of work done by each mother and to prepare our students to share a little bit of responsibility in the household chores.






On 8th May’14 an activity was organized to introduce the Hindi counting through a fun activity. The children had to put their figure impression on the flash cards of the Hindi numbers. Through this, they learn to recognize the numbers in Hindi.


First aid activity

 (15th Apr 2014)

The students of 4 A assembled the things to prepare their first aid box. First aid techniques were also shared with them.



Card making activity

 (10th Apr 2014)

The students of 4A enthusiastically prepared cards for their mothers as a mark of love and respect for them under the theme “My Family.”



Asking Questions

(9th Apr 2014)

The students of class II-A-2 were given a task to interview a person. They were asked to prepare questions, on their own, and act like a reporter interviewing a person about his/her life style. They invited a helper from our school and interviewed her with great zeal. The interview included an array of questions ranging from her choice of food to the number of years she has been working in the school. The entire experience was overwhelming for the lady and for the children too. 



Alphabectical Order

 (28th Mar 2014)




The students of class II A-1 had an activity where they got together in groups and arranged various parts of the body (E.V.S.) in alphabetical order (English). Each group had their own  cut-outs and chart and worked together towards completing the task to the best of their ability. The students were well told about the criteria, i.e. presentation, neatness, group work/teamwork, content, etc. on the basis of which the best group’s work would be selected. It was a great learning experience for all of them.



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