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    Arwachinians in Japanese Newspaper

     A very renowned dance performer from Japan Ms. Yuko Nojima, visited Arwachin International School in the month of January to share her culture through Yasugi Bushi. Along with her outstanding dance workshop, she gave a present to our students.  It was a box full of warm letters and origami works sent by the students of Shanichi elementary school where she works as a teacher.  In return our students wrote a few letters and made beautiful Indian gifts for them.

     This International Exchange between Arwachin International School and Shanichi Elementary School was introduced in a Japanese newspaper, Sanin-chuoshinpo.  According to the article, students of Shanichi elementary school were very impressed to get the gift from our students.  One of the students, Mizuki Kishi (9 years old) said, “I want to know more about India.  I want to meet Arwachin students.”  

     We will continue to have this International exchange activity in the coming years as it gives a platform to our students to interact with the students in Japan, and learn new things about Japan, Japanese people, their lifestyle and culture.






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