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Our Experience in Japan
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Our Experience in Japan

We, Arnav Gupta, Anushka and Jhanvi Sharma, the students of Arwachin International School got a golden opportunity to visit Japan this year through JENESYS Programme, conducted by JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center) in the month of February. We were in Japan from 14th Feb 2017 to 21st Feb 2017 .We felt lucky to be selected for this trip by our school, and also thought that it would be a wonderful experience, because the language we had been studying for so long will eventually help us in learning the lifestyle and culture practically.

As for the programme , this was a unique one with a unique theme as well .The theme for this programme was   “PEACE BUILDING” among all the nations so as to prevent any kind of war and establish Peace and Harmony in the World  and to justify it JICE invited students from twelve countries in all, each having a group of 10 students with one supervisor. We three along with Ms. Thanya Yohanan our School counselor and six students from two other schools went there as the Indian group.

There we were divided into five groups , comprising of 24 students each. The day we reached ,we were taken to the conference hall of the hotel ,where we were divided into groups and were introduced to other group members from other countries. We were very excited to meet them and soon we became friends.

Anushka of Class X-C was in Group A, Jhanvi Sharma of Class X-A was in Group B and Arnav Gupta of Class X-C was in Group C. The next day all the groups were together and we went to the “EDO MUSEUM” to get a deep insight of early Tokyo. Next we visited the ‘SENSOU JI” temple, which also proved to be an excellent shopping destination for us. The next day we parted our ways and the groups went to the cities of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Saga respectively. There we spent the most important part of our trip and felt that we are one step closer to the country. We got to see the peace parks and Atomic bomb memorials. We met the survivors of the Atomic blasts and realized how important “Peace” was. We also experienced home stay with Japanese families and were delighted to experience their culture deeply. It was hard to say goodbye to our host families. Those were the best days of our lives. After that we came back to Tokyo and all the groups discussed their “Action plan” about “How to establish peace between the countries?”

Thus, our wonderful trip to “The Land of the Rising Sun “came to an end. After staying there we realized that, as humans, we have a lot to learn from the Japanese.

ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU ……………………….                            By- Arnav  Gupta XI-A


                             ARWACHINIANS  SHINE IN HINDI OLYMPIAD

    The students of Arwachin International School once again did their best in the SilverZone Hindi Olympiad held on 20th December, 2016. Altogether 24 students achieved state ranks . It is a matter of pride for all Arwachinians.The result was declared on 5th April,2017.Heartiest Congratulations to all of them!

    S.NO.    NAME           CLASS    %         STATE RANK    CLASS RANK    


    1)       ANUJ                  3      85.3                 37                                1

    2)     KESHAV             3      84                    47                               2

    3)      KUSHAGRA      3      83.2                 54                               3


    4)      HIMAGN G.        4      90. 6               20                              1

    5)      JAI SAHAY         4     89.8                 21                              2

    6)       AVISHI               4      85.8                48                              3


    7)   ANSHIKA SH.     5        89.3               17                           1

    8)     RAHUL               5       82.7                43                           2

    9)    PRANAY               5         75.7                95                         3



     S.NO.            NAME                 CLASS             %           STATE RANK         CLASS Rank    

    10)         HARSHIT   JAIN            6                 89.3                        9                                  1

    11)        PRACHI  GARG              6                78.7                         63                                   2

    12)          APOORV MITTAL      6                 77.4                         76                                   3 

    13)       KEYUR SHARMA          7               77.4                            89                                 1     

    14)         GAURI  M                        7                75.2                          130                              2

    15)         TANISHA                         7                  71.1                         205                              3 

    16)       PIYUSH                            8                 77.8                          130                                1

    17)       KUMAR ATHARVA        8                 68.2                          310                               2

    18)   BHAVYA VASHISHTHA     8                63.7                           427                              3  

    19)     ANWESHA                        9                87%                          11                                  1

    20)   SHOHINI                             9                76                             51                                   2

    21)   MANU                                 9               74.4                          60                                     3 

    22) SANSKRITI                          10              91                                4                                   1

    23)   SAUMYA                          10              81 .4                            86                                    2

    24)  ANUSHKA                         10               80.9                             89                                  3                               



      JALSTA and JF Mini-workshop
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      JALSTA and JF Mini-workshop

      The Japanese Language School Teachers Association (JALSTA), with the support of the Japan Foundation, New Delhi (JFND) conducted a workshop for Japanese Language teachers in Delhi/NCR, on 8th April, 2017. Our Japanese language teachers Mrs. Kanika Tiwari and Mrs. Vandana Jain attended the workshop to gauge the knowledge about the latest development in the area of Japanese learning and improve their language skills.

      It was a day long workshop which was divided into two sessions, “Session by JALSTA” and “Session by JFND”.

      In the first session we learned about the Japanese culture through “Furoshiki-Art of wrapping things with a cloth” and “Japanese Table laying” followed by a session on “Let’s write speeches in Japanese” by Ms. Anju Raghav, Language Advisor at JF. The second session was organized by Ms. Wakana, Language Advisor JF on “Let’s speak in Japanese”.

       The main objectives of the JALSTA workshop were to brush up teachers’ Japanese language skills, to teach methodologies along with Japanese culture, and to train teachers on how to use the prescribed text books effectively while teaching.

      Teachers were enlightened and learnt various new ways and methods of teaching and learning and also wish to be a part of such workshops in future as well.

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