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Staff Picnic 2017
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Staff Picnic 2017

On 14th February, 2017, the Directors , the principal and the entire staff of Arwachin took time out for an excursion to the Mughal Garden. It is one of the most significant historical gardens in Delhi. After a waking cup of tea and nourishing refreshment we set out for the Mughal Garden with songs on our lips and spring in our steps. The journey hardly seemed to have taken any time as we were there to see and enjoy it all.

Mughal Garden is located inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan Complex. It is famous for the wide variety of flowers, some of which are rare and extinct. It is distinct from other gardens in the sense that it comprises of a large variety of trees and flowers such as marigold, rose, bougainvillea, sweet william, viscaria, etc. Mughal Garden is open for public visit only in the months of February and March when the flowers are in their full bloom. We all witnessed the nature’s majestic beauty. You cannot take off your eyes away from its lush greenery. Moreover, the colorful flowers add up to the pleasure of your eyes. All the teachers and other staff members got themselves photographed in order to carry back memories. It was indeed a treat to see such a beautiful place.

After that we all went to Andhra Bhawan canteen for lunch. The food served there was tasty and fresh. All the teachers and staff members relisg-hed the lunch and enjoyed it to the fullest. We all assembled in the lush green garden area of the India Gate after the lunch for the game session. There were many games that were organized in which the teachers enjoyed to the fullest. The day ended with lots of fun.

    A Visit by Japan foundation Officials

    The Japan Foundation is always working in the direction of updating and guiding the teachers of Japanese language teaching in schools  by conducting regular inspection.

    For this purpose Ms. Yuiko Wakana (Japanese Language Advisor), Ms. Sonu Gupta ( PROGRAMME COORDINATOR) and Mr.Masahito Kaneko ( Japanese Language Advisor-China)  visited our school on 8th February 2017  to observe   our classes. They observed class X and XI and gave their valuable feedback to the teachers. They also played educative learning games with the students to promote their interest in class.  The teachers gave a brief demonstration of the methodology they use while teaching Japanese.

    It was a learning experience for both the teachers and the students of our school.

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