G.K. Quiz(Classes 3-5)

“Time to recall and enrich our knowledge bank”


Arwachin International School conducted an Inter-house G.K. Quiz competition for classes 3-5 on 28 December, 2016 to test the general knowledge of the students. The quiz competition consisted of three rounds, viz :- Knowledge Testing round, Identification round and Rapid Fire round.

In the first round students were asked various questions according to their level, related to our socio-political environment. Followed by this was Audio-Visual round. Students were asked to identify various songs, writer name and famous personalities and cartoon characters.

Next was the Rapid Fire round. Maximum correct answers in 20 minutes fetched maximum marks in this round.

The audience of the respective houses cheered and boosted the confidence level of the participants. Audience round was conducted, which allowed the non-participant to support and gain marks for their house.

At the end was the moment of triumph, when the winning teams were announced.

Tilak House won the quiz, followed by Shastri House on the second position. Tagore House landed on the third position while fourth position was given to Bose House.

 The show came to an end with the blessings and appreciation showered by our respected Principal, Mrs. Peter. The hardwork and collaborated work of teachers and students made the show successful.



    “The pursuit of knowledge is never ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.”

    Keeping this noble thought in mind Arwachin International School organized an Inter House GK Quiz for Classes 1 and 2 on December 26, 2016. The four different houses with four fervent participants in each house gave tough battle to each other. The participants had to go through different mind boggling rounds consisting of questions related to current affairs, science, mathematics, sports, and many more. Bose house and Shastri house scored 140 points each and secured first position, followed by Tagore house with 130 points and Tilak house with 115 points.

    It was a very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. The students displayed ecstatic spirit and enjoyed the quiz to the fullest.





      The chill is in the air and to celebrate the advent of winter, ARWACHIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,  hosted the Annual Fete on 23rd December,2016 in the school premises. The school ground wore a festive and colourful look and the bright sunny weather made the day a perfect one for fun, frolic and gaiety. The large number of games stalls like PLAY WITH PEBBLES, STACK ATTACK, HOLD THE BRICK, RACE THE CAR, LUCKY SEVEN, LIGHT THE CANDLES, LUCKY DIP, TREASURE HUNT, LOCK AND KEY, COIN IN THE BUCKET  and many others gave the huge crowd ample opportunity to try out their luck while the hot, sumptuous food items dished out at the numerous food stalls satiated their hunger pangs. The RAFFLE DRAW was a big attraction and the music played by the DJ added to the spirit of celebration. For the shopaholics , there were the stalls displaying cosmetics and jewellery and for the more adventurous there were the thrilling Computer Games. It was a wonderful day filled with much laughter, fun and community spirit building activities.  The teachers worked tirelessly to prepare for the day and made it successful.  Overall the Fete had something for everyone and it was enjoyed by one and all.


        Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden, celebrated Christmas on the 23rd of December, 2016 with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. The children presented programme prepared with lots of endeavor and toil.

        The Christmas celebration was enjoyed to the hilt by the pre-primary students and teachers alike.

        To begin with, a dance drama was presented by LKG on ‘Must be Santa’. It was followed by a beautiful – Indian Music song, ‘Khushi Khushi Manao’ and a lovely dance on – ‘Dancing Trees’, performance by LKG. The UKG children presented a skit, ‘The shoe maker’. LKG children sang a beautiful song, ‘Stuti Aradhna’. It was then followed by the song – ‘Open your heart’ – a western music, by UKG.

        Last and definitely not the least, the children of UKG presented a Medley. After which the Santa entered the hall and distributed toffees to the children. The children enjoyed dancing with the Santa very much.

        The gathering departed after the national anthem and earsplitting cheering of


          Christmas day

          ‘Christmas is more than just presents, it is love and harmony.’

          Christmas day was celebrated in a grand manner at Arwachin International School on 23 December 2016. The program began with the lighting of the lamp by the principal. The students enthralled the audience by enacting the play ‘ The Elf and The Shoemaker’, highlighting the spirit of Christmas, emphasizing the importance of caring and sharing and spreading goodness all around.

          Celebration of Christmas is incomplete without Christmas carols. The carols were sung by the students with great enthusiasm and they performed enthralling dances adding to the festive atmosphere.

          At the end of the program Santa Claus arrived and filled the entire crowd with joy and danced with everyone with great enthusiasm.

          Mrs. Peter the principal expressed her delight on seeing such enthusiasm in the children who brought the spirit of Christmas to life. She shared a short story with the message, ‘The spirit of caring and sharing are the important aspects in celebrating Christmas meaningfully.’

            All India Rashtrabhasha Hindi Pratiyogita- Exam.

            (first session) 2016

             All India Rashtrabhasha Hindi Pratiyogita- Examination was conducted on 9th September, 2016 at 'Arwachin International School` , which assessed the children on the basis of their 'HINDI LANGUAGE SKILLS'.The result was declared on 19th December, 2016.The students of our school from classes 1 to 10 participated and performed extremely well in the examination.The students who have secured different positions are:

                  Class         Position        Name   

                    I                   I              Shreyansha

                    X-C              II             Preeti Thapiyal

                    X-B              III            Mansi Lohia

            The students who got Ist Division are the following:

                    Class        Students Name

                      II           Sanskriti

                     III          Avni Garg

                    III           Shruti Sharma

                    IV           Yashika Mathur

                     IV           Mohd. Mazhar

                     V            S.Samshiya Bano

                    VI           Aastha Chauhan

                    VI           Prachi Garg

                    VII          Aditi   Pragya

                    VII           M.Gauri

                    VIII         Avni Gupta

                      IX          Nupur  Singh

                      IX           Himanshi Sharma                                


              Participation of Arwachinians in

              Inter school Japanese Language Festival- Nihon no Kaori 2016


              A group of 17 students along with their Japanese language teachers, Mrs. Jain & Mrs. Tiwari participated in an interschool Japanese Language Festival- Nihon no Kaori 2016, organized by DPS Society. The event was hosted by DPS Rohini on Saturday, 17th December 2016.

               The festival involved many on-line competitions like movie, mask & fan making, designing a travelogue & gift wrapping sheet. The on-site competitions were group song, quiz, story on cards & presentation of Japanese meal. Our students displayed their language skills and cultural knowledge very precisely.

               Bhanu Teowatia , Lakshya Agarwal, Vansh Gupta & Pratham Kapoor stood 1st in the movie making competition.

               Our students  Arnav Gupta, Manaswani Joshi & Nishank Garg stood 2nd in the quiz.  

                Annual Sports Day (Primary)

                Young Athletes of Arwachin


                Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination and hard work.


                Games and sports are the integral part of our lives. It teaches us discipline, inculcates leadership qualities, develops teamwork and the spirit of sportsmanship.

                The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on Friday 16th December. Our respected Director, Mr Sharma and Principal, Mrs Peter graced the occasion with their presence. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the spectacular March Past, followed by an oath taking ceremony.
                The students displayed a wide array of colourful events such as ribbon drill, yoga, aerobics and rope jump.
                 Once the races began, the air
                was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes
                .  They mesmerized the audience with their energetic performances.  
                The day ended with congratulating the winners with the medals

                and trophies. All the schoolmates enjoyed themselves and had an unforgettable Sports Day. The school principal applauded the effort of the students and the teachers for making the event a huge success

                  ZONAL LEVEL  SCIENCE   QUIZ

                  Three students of class XII, Sneha Aggarwal, Kavi Sharma and Neha Gupta  participated in the zonal level science quiz competition in September 2016  and bagged  the first position. They  qualified  for the district  level which was held on 16 November 2016 at B.S.B.V  Preet Vihar  Delhi. They were  declared  winners at center level also,which qualified  them for the next  state  level of competition.

                    WESTERN MUSIC COMPETITION (15-12-20 16).

                    The Western Music Competition of L.K.G and U.K.G was held on 15th December 2016.The children participated with great enthusiasm and sang beautifully. Respected Principal Mrs. Peter graced the occasion with her presence.

                    The honourable judges for L.K.G were Mrs. Thaniya , Mrs. Karuna Nanda and Mrs. Usha Chauhan .

                    Group performances by L.K.G

                           I.          L.K.G – A                    OUT IN THE GARDEN….

                         II.          L.K.G – C                    WHEELS OF THE BUS….

                       III.          L.K.G – B                    CHURMURA….

                    The honourable judges for U.K.G were Mrs.Thaniya, Mrs. Karuna Nanda and Mrs. Priya Pathak.

                    Solo performances by U.K.G

                           I.          Manvi   khatri                           I HAVE A FAMILY…..             U.K.G - B

                         II.          Raghav Panwar                        SPRING IS HERE…….            U.K.G - C

                       III.          Aarav   Tyagi                                 IT’S MY JOB…….              U.K.G - A

                    Group performances by U.K.G

                           I.          U.K.G – B                    FAMILY…….

                         II.          U.K.G – C                    SCHOOL SONG….

                       III.          U.K.G – A                    HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING……

                    Mrs. Peter and the judges applauded the participants and congratulated them for their effort .The competition was called after the National Anthem.


                      ANNUAL EXHIBITION (2016-17)

                      The Annual Exhibition for Pre-Primary and Primary wing was held on 10th Dec’16. It was inaugurated by Sh. Sanjeev Kumar (SHO Seelampur). Our Director Mr. Sharma and our Principal Mrs. Peter added grace to the occasion with their presence. 

                      The theme for the same was INDIA. Each class represented a state. The children did research on the state of their choice (know your country) under the guidance of their class teacher and co-class teacher, presented a magnificent presentation. A few volunteers from each class came forward and it was commendable to see them guide the guests and the parents and inform them about their state.  

                      The creativity and hard work of the students and the teachers was evident. All the parents appreciated the effort. It was indeed a very informative as well as a fulfilled affair.

                      The result is awaited.

                        Pre Primary Exhibition Report

                        The pre- primary and the primary wing of the Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden, organized an exhibition on the 10th of December, 2016. It was inaugurated by Sh. Sanjeev Kumar ( SHO Seelampur). Our Director Mr. Sharma and our Principal Mrs. Peter added grace to the occasion with their presence. 

                        The entire Primary wing had taken up different States of India as the Theme. The Pre–Primary flaunted an integrated creative work of the tiny- tots done in their academic session (2016-17).

                        It was very encouraging as well as surprising to see the creativity put on display and the confidence with which the young ones were explaining the details of the things exhibited, to the parents, teachers and the guests.  The expert guidance and the efforts put in by the teachers were abundantly visible all over. There were individual as well as integrated projects and activities on display.

                        Karuna Nanda.

                          Audio On
                          "No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley "