The Computer Club Report

(Session- 2016-17)

The Computer club for Classes 1, 2 and 3 has the aim to train the very young learners to be able to handle computer and its parts properly. They are taught here the basic skills and etiquettes of using computer along with few softwares which promote the logical thinking, the creativity, the arithmetic skills and  problem solving skills of these young brains. The children work on Tux paint ,  G compris and  Wordpad. The session began with an audio visual presentation on the history of computers where in the children were made aware of the very first calculating machines known as first generation till the third generation modern computers.  

 In Tux Paint  - The little hands work upon Tux paint which enables them to explore their creativity. The teachers select the themes as per the ongoing month, which may include current events and special events for example -August- Independence day. These children also explore the various creative tools of tux paint to draw sceneries for the given theme and to give special effects. they use effects of rain, rainbow, ripples, blur, twin, grass, types of various objects, color mixing , bricks, railway tracks, confetti, emboss, flip, foam, kaleidoscope, mosaic etc. They also name their drawing.

   In G Compris - They try their little hands on various educational games on G Compris which include all the skills required to develop their little brains. Some of the games practiced so far are related to arithmetic skills, logical thinking, problem solving, brainstorming, games improving typing speed, and improving hand and eye coordination.  Few examples of such games are- chess, weighing game, join the dots, completing the words with sound, the sequence game, memory game and finding the differences.

The children are also encouraged to work on Wordpad which allows them to improve their typing skills. Generally a topic is given, discussed and then the children are given a chance to express their ideas through typing. Some of the activities done so far are:- paragraph writing on ‘myself ’ and ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of computer lab etc.  

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