Karate is one of the physical activity clubs. It is categorized in 2 groups.

  1. Class 4-6
  2. Class 7-11


 (1) Class 4-6 Karate Club

There are 56 students in this club. They learn the skills of Kihon, Kumite & Kata. The club activity starts with Basic skills. Then they start to learn the advance skills. Payal, Sambhav, Anirudh, Akshat & Atharva perform  Heian  Shodan  Kata well. Abhimanyu, Bhoomi, Samiksha, Risabh, Rohan, Nidhi, Sejal & Ansh deliver Kumite skills with great expertise. Similarly Kirti, Kunal, Taresh execute Kihon skills beautifully. Recently some of the students of this club won the medals in the Renmei Cup Traditional Karate Tournament.













(2)Karate Class 7-11 Club

There are 22 students in this club. All of them learn Kihon,Kata & Kumite skills actively.They also do all the exercises which help to develop flexibility, endurance, strength, speed & co-ordination. On 16th October a group of this club- Abhishek, Sarthak, Gaurav, Stuti & Mohak performed Heian Yondan Kata amazingly well. Different Katas were individually demonstrated by Khushi, Manashwani, Sarvan, Muskan & Akshit. Parinita, Prakhar, Akshit, Anirudh & Abhishek are the medal winner of Renmei Cup Traditional Karate Tournament








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