To develop the life skills of children, the art club is the great help. Students get a lot of exposure to display their creative ideas. Throughout the year the art club gives a lot of opportunities and freedom to the students to try new things. We always help them to come with innovative ideas. Every student tries to get evolved in activities. Guide them to be on the right path to achieve the success, through group activities and individual activities. 100% involvement is shown during the Exhibition students show their art work. During Exhibition their art work develops aesthetical sense n imaginative skills in them. Students and their artwork are also send for the completion. Such exhibitions and competitions helps students to be more involved into art club. While doing the creative work their art skills develop. 



The students create eye-catching drawings on different themes like drawings on Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, and Dussehra etc. The students enjoy doing all the art activities like drawing, colouring, origami activities, collage activities etc. in which they showcase their creativity and talent. Art club helps them in developing their creative skills. The students use paints, oil pastels, origami sheets, fevicol and lots of other things in the drawings .The students have a great time in learning lots of new skills and techniques and they produce some wonderful art work too. The art club serves as a nice supplement for the students who can’t cope up with art in their regular periods . It also allows more opportunities and freedom to try new things with the students.


ART and CRAFT club

Classes (7-10)


Art club caters to the creative skills of students as they get an opportunity to express their imagination and enrich their aesthetic ability as well.

In the month of April the children of the Art Club made Birthday cards. After the summer vacation ,in the month of July children were taught to make big tri colour flower which were used for decorating the school hall and they also helped in making beautiful greeting cards for Teachers’ Day.

Later in the month of August they did the decoration for Janamashtami and Independence day, they  also learned how to make rangoli. Gradually by the end of August they learned to make big Rose flowers and Pencils for decorating the school premises for Teachers’ Day.

Now, at present they are making Lampshades with wool and Paper lanterns for Diwali decoration.

They are also learning various crepe paper flowers for decoration purpose and some of them are doing embroidery (like Satin stitch and cross stitch) on bed covers, mirror work on saree and fabric painting on bed sheets.

Irrespective of this,art club always motivates senior and junior graders to participate in the state level and National level painting competitions so that they get a chance to exhibit their talent on a better platform.




ART CLUB (4-6) Class


Art club of ARWACHIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. The students learn from one another and share their skill in different aspects of art .Through their fine arts classes they have understood the importance of expressive, harmonious and beautiful hand writing which can be used for different purposes such as in preparing props for school functions, greetings cards, posters, memorial documents invitation cards and so on. As part of their club activity the students learn Brush & Ink drawing, shading with pencil, water color, posters, graphics designing etc. Great artists often say that nature is the best teacher. It develops observation skills and aesthetic sense. Each student should try to connect with the nature to explore its beauty.










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