An activity of cleanliness in the school was conducted. The students were taken around various classes and were asked to pick the bits of papers. This inculcated the sense of responsibility and cleanliness.



The students were asked to prepare posters on dengue and chikungunia. They enquired about these diseases and wrote about the precautions and the preventive measures to be taken. These informative posters were them put up in the school corridors to create awareness amongst the children. The activity was enjoyable and at the same time informative.



Classes – 1 to 3

To beat the scorching summer heat, the members of the Health and Wellness Club prepared cool lemonade under the guidance of their teachers and shared with everyone present there.  They discussed the nutritive value of lemonade and its other benefits among themselves.  The activity generated fun & excitement and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.




An activity of making “Health Card” was organized for the students of classes 1 to 3 during Health & Wellness club.  They were asked to enquire about their blood group or any allergic diseases. During the club, the teachers checked their height and weight and they enjoyed preparing their health card.



The Eco Club and the Health and Wellness club of Arwachin International school organized an anti cracker campaign before Diwali on 27th Oct 16. As we know that the air quality of Delhi has declined to a very dangerous level it was an initiative taken by the students to sensitize the society about the need of reducing the use of crackers. Students made anti cracker posters and slogans and conducted a rally in Dilshad Garden. A street play was prepared by the students which drew a lot of public attention.


  A Rally for the Awareness of

Celebrating Eco-Friendly Diwali

Arwachinians are never away from their duty to protect our mother nature. In solidarity with the Government of Delhi, we also joined our hands to empower the campaign to reduce the use of crackers this Diwali. The ‘Eco – club’ and the ‘Health and Wellness club’ of our school jointly organized a rally in Dilshad Garden on 7th November, 2015 to sensitize the citizens about the harmful effects of crackers.

Children made posters and banners with slogans written on them. These slogans explained how the use of crackers cause noise and air pollution and how it makes the life difficult for people like patients with respiratory diseases, babies, old citizens and even animals and birds.

Our efforts were highly appreciated by the people of the area. 




Dengue fever, also known as the break bone fever, is a mosquito –borne disease caused by the dengue virus. It is transmitted by several species of mosquito within the genus Adese. Its symptoms include fever, headache vomiting, muscle and joint pain.

The Indian capital, Delhi, is in the grip of the worst outbreak of dengue in the last five years. More than 6000 cases have been recorded this year and are yet to increase. In several cases, it develops into a life threatening fever resulting in continuous bleeding, low level platelets, dangerously low blood pressure and damage of brain and immune system.

The students of AIS took the initiative at their level to create awareness for the prevention of Dengue fever. They designed meaningful posters through which they described the ways of preventing dengue like using mosquito repellents on all exposed areas , cleaning the coolers regularly, using  covered dustbins etc.

The students of AIS wear long sleeves and full trousers regularly to school.

Prevention is better than cure. So knowing the worth of life, we should try to spread awareness to prevent the harmful effects of dengue


                      HEALTH & WELLNESS CLUB

                                      (10th Sept. 2015)

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience and good health.  Keeping this in mind the students of health and wellness club prepared two dishes under the guidance of their teachers as a part of their club activity. The students prepared Mango split and sour & Sweet gram. The mango split was full of mango pulp and  ice-cream which is  a rich source of milk protein and fruit  contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients essential for growing children .It was topped with nuts like almonds, raisins etc. which are  great sources of calcium and protein. Protein helps to build muscles, aid in with the mood, stress, anxiety and even depression and calcium is good for bones.  The students also made gram chat and to make it healthier home- made curd was added to it.  The students were also encouraged to write a healthy tip on the health cards made by them for their teachers. The students of the club participated in the activity with enthusiasm and zeal and relished the dishes.



    Classes – 1 to 3

To beat the scorching summer heat, the members of the Health and Wellness Club prepared cool lemonade under the guidance of their teachers and shared with everyone present there.  They discussed the nutritious value of lemonade and its other benefits among themselves.  The activity generated fun & excitement and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


Swachch Bharat Abhiyan

Cleanliness is next to  Godliness. Keeping this saying  in mind the students of the Health & Wellness club planned to visit the neighbouring slum area to educate the people residing there and make them aware of the need of a clean environment. On 1st December after cleaning the school grounds they formed small groups and went to the neighbouring slum area. They interacted with many shopkeepers, house wives and children. They told them about  Swachch Bharat Abhiyan that was launched by the Prime Minister on 2nd October 2014. They motivated them to keep the surroundings clean by telling them how it helps them to stay healthy. 



On 25th July 2014 the students of the Health and Wellness Club  & the Eco Club of  Arwachin International School celebrated the Vanmahotsava.   Earlier During their club periods they had already made  posters and slogans on the theme Save Trees.

On 25th July they planted 4 saplings of Arjun tree in the school premises and went out of the school to plant 16 more

 saplings of Arjun tree in a neighbouring park.  Our Academic Director Mrs. S. Swarupencouraged the children by

 planting the first tree in the school premises. The students also tried to motivate the general public by chanting slogans on the need to save trees.

The teachers also motivated them to own the trees and take care of them. Students were very delighted to do their bit to save trees in order to make the earth greener.


Tasty Treat

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body and surely food is an essential part of good health.  Keeping this in mind the students of Health and Wellness club  prepared two dishes under the guidance of their teachers during the club periods on 3rd of September,2014 . They chose to make Mixed Fruit Trifle and Sour and Sweet Gram. The criterion to select the dishes was very simple. The dish had to be healthy and tasty. The trifle was full of fruits and milk protein and was topped  with a   sponge cake. Gram  is a good source of protein and to make it more healthy , home-made cheese was added to it along with sweet and sour chutney. The whole wheat ‘Khakhra’ was also added to give it a crunchy taste.

Students also made greeting cards and wrote a healthy tip inside each card for their teachers. Everybody enjoyed the food and the bonhomie that ensued.

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