(CLASS: 1-6)



Reading Club is a wonderful way to engage the students and contribute to the reading culture and develop various life skills at the school. It opens up new avenues  and gives us a chance to enhance our life skills.Some of the life skills which our children keep learning through the reading club are critical thinking,self realization,inter-personal skills,creativity,communication skills. Some of the activities to promote these lifeskills are:-


Class 1-3

  • Reading fairytales and storybooks and finding new vocabulary word meanings using dictionary.
  • Developing interpersonal skills through solving puzzles in small groups on topics of antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, math, sentence building, transport and communication etc.
  • To learn to cope with  stress they read poetry of famous authors on various topics like nature humour,animals,universe,seasons,transport.Children of class 3 were taught to create their own poems on those topics.
  • Children engaged in a Wordhunt from books related to  grammar after reading  stories on empathy  from Panchatantra and Aesop fables.
  • Children celebrated Friendship Day understanding the true meaning of friendship through character building stories and understood the meaning of sharing and caring for others.
  • They read Mythology and stories of Krishna on the occasion of Janmasthami.
  • Engaged in BINGO SIGHT WORD  game where children had to read and mark the words according to their level.


Class 4-6

  • Dumb charades of famous book characters after reading their favourite books  on them.
  • Children read stories inspired by movies  and had a discussion on their favourite part of the book and understood the importance of developing  critical thinking on comparison of books and movies.
  • They read articles from newspapers and magazines.
  • Read a book on their favourite hobbies like music ,sports etc.
  • They enacted a read aloud play  based on  true life stories of famous personalities which inspired self realization.
  • They will be reading adventure and thrillers will have a story retelling  just  a minute on stories read .



CLASS: 7-10


Reading helps us to increase our imagination, awareness as well as our knowledge. The students of reading club read different types of books in the library such as:

They have read about famous people through biographies. After reading the struggle of famous people, they were highly motivated and learnt to deal with stress and become self reliant.

They read fiction of their own choice. After that, they played Dumb Charades,in which they had to enact and narrate the summary of the book. This helped them to develop their communication skills.

The students were asked to read the books on the following topics: Great Indian men and women, Inventions and Inventors .They enjoyed reading them and learnt about new discoveries and unique facts.

Books on Science and space were read by them .They learnt many new terms and facts about space.

They had also played Mind Power Games. It helped in enhancing their memory and improved their concentration .It was a powerful tool for mental workout. Along with these activities reading club always tries to inculcate reading habit among them.



During the reading club the activities on cleanliness were taken up for classes 1 to 12.

1. Children of classes 1 to 3 read books on cleanliness and made pop-up cards on the value of cleanliness.

2. Class 4 to 6 children wrote slogans on how to keep the library clean. All the posters were displayed in the library.

3. Children of classes 7 to10 were made aware on how to arrange the library books on the shelves subject wise


Inter-house G.K. Quiz Competition

The inter-house General Knowledge quiz competition was held at Arwachin International School on 18th November 2014. There were six participants in each house from classes VI to XI.

There were four rounds in the Competition. The first round was “Take Your Pick” in which students had to choose one colour out of four. The four colours represented the following topics: Science and Technology, Language and Literature, The world around us and the natural world. The students were then asked questions based on the topics that they had selected.

The second round was an audio visual round in which 4 audio tracks based on Sports were played and 4 visuals were shown in which students had to recognize the singer and the sportsperson.

The third round was based on Current Affairs and latest who’s who of the Indian politics.

 The fourth round was a Rapid fire round in which each house was asked 10 questions within the duration of 1 minute.

There was an audience round as well based on IQ.

The quiz was a great success, all the participants’ answered enthusiastically. The final scores are as follows:

                                                  Bose:       110

                                                  Tagore:   105

                                                  Tilak:     70

                                                  Shastri:    05



Newspaper fun

Reading and quiz club helps to create proficient readers. It also enhances their thinking ability. They get to know about the literature that they read. Newspaper is a great way to improve summarization skill, learn more about the world events, and work with real-life reading materials at the same time. The students of Class 4 to 6 were instructeds to read the newspaper each day and summarize the articles in the categories of:

  • Science facts
  • Sports
  • World and
  • Photographs 

They created a collage out of the collected articles. The best collage was displayed on the library bulletin board. Every student showed keen interest in doing this activity.


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